[ANN] [SHM] Saham | ISO | PoW/PoS | A Real Business, Long Term Income

  • I’m using WalletBuilder service
    No technical coin development
    I choose to use my primary account, rather than making a newbie account.
    I got negative trust for a claim that was not proven. Claims for things that I never did.
    My 1st project still running well today and the history of negative trust here :


    If you are looking for a coin with development above the sky with latest technology, please avoid this thread. This is not the right place.
    But if you are looking for an alternative to get long-term income, maybe you can consider to continue reading this thread

    aham is similar meaning with stock or share. The main purpose of this coin is to fund my project in real life. There is no technical development, just standart feature of ordinary coin. The main feature is the development in the real life, by create a business that will provide a regular income each month. Coin only to simplify the parts count and as evidence of investor participation in real life business.That’s why I’m using walletbuilder.

    Project Proposal Here :


    Algorithm : Scrypt
    Type : PoW / PoS
    Coin Abbreviation : SHM
    RPC Port : 7898
    P2P Port : 7897
    Max Supply : 49000000
    Premine : 70 %
    Premine Amount : 34300000
    PoS : 6 %
    Last PoW Block : 200000
    Coinbase Maturity : 20 blocks
    Target Spacing : 64 seconds
    Transaction Confirmations : 6 blocks

    Mined first 20 blocks to ensure the good functioning



    Exchanges will be live a few days after ISO end










    ISO period is 7 days and can be extended until the coin sold out. But we all hope that all on schedule

    ISO Address



    Send me a PM with tx id and your SHM address after send bitcoin to address above,
    SHM will be sent soon to the address you provide

    Do not send BTC to qouted address, only send to address in OP.

    30 million coin will be sold through the ISO at 100 satoshi each and 1500000 SHM for ISO bonus.


    1st 10 BTC = 11000000 SHM
    2nd 10 BTC = 10500000 SHM
    3rd 10 BTC = 10000000 SHM

    If the ISO is sold out, it will be collected 30 BTC and will be used with the following details :

    25 BTC will be used to fund projects
    3 BTC will be used to buy service, like exchange
    2 BTC will be used to place a buy order at exchange, at ISO price, this is to protect the investors

    This is a unique feature. My profits from the business in the real world, will be used to place a buy order at exchange.

    Every 1st of the month, I will place a buy order with ask price 104 satoshi for 1st year, and 106 satoshi for 2nd year and next. Buy orders values each month varies, between 0.5 BTC to 1.5 BTC, depending on the business benefits

    FAUCET : http://application.id/faucet/index.php?view=saham&do=mine

    2800000 SHM will reserve for bounties.
    This bounty fund will not be spent at all, but will be used gradually as needed.

    1st Mining pool = 100000
    2nd Mining pool = 75000 Reserved for Tekyboy
    3rd Mining pool = 50000 Reserved for MaxMiners
    Block explorer with richlist = 100000
    Maq wallet = 100000
    Game / Faucet = 50000
    Translations = 20000 each
    Blog and media post = 2500

    Twitter Bounty = Follow and Retweet = 1000

    oogle Form


    Google Docs


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