Is Status a potential cryptocurrency?

  • Investing digital currency has been a new invest trend, government already realized the advantage of the digital currency, the future society will step into the cryptocurrency era. Status innovates in social field via block chain technology and shows us its good performance, therefore, tracking Status token price also should pay attention to the value of its background.

    When comes to Status project the advantage and creativity in social field, people have to mention the decentration of communication. Status praise highly that use a peer to peer protocol, which does not rely on a central server, send transaction and smart contract to friends, enjoy the encryption chatting that was tacitly approve by setting. It can be said that it is the core application of Status, also help its develop.

    Source from Citicoins, Status price today traded up 0.62% of $0.095, has a market cap of $330,412,615 USD.

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