[Airdrop] QAS - Masternode sale [Bounty]

  • QAS Project is a project developed to offer to every user the
    possibility of having a secure cryptocurrency earned for free or at
    small costs that can become an important asset in your portfolio.

    the first cryptocurrency with the possibility of setting up a master
    node on your own phone! Don't need to rent any more machines to run your
    node, with QAS you will be able to do it in real time on your phone and follow the mining in real time!

    Coin details:

    Alg: QUARK
    Type: POS/MasterNode
    Masternode collateral: 2000 QAS
    Total coin supply: 20.000.000 QAS + 1% early
    Last POW : 1000
    Pre-mine: 100.000 QAS
    Masternode collateral: 80%
    Block reward:

    POW reward until block 1000 - 2 QAS
    From block 1000 - 5 QAS
    From block 5000 - 40 QAS
    From block 50.000 - 70 QAS
    From block 400.000 - 31 QAS
    From block 600.000 - 12 QAS
    From block 1.000.000 - 5 QAS
    After block 2.000.000 - 1 QAS until end of the supply

    Early investors advantages:

    an early investor and take your high ROI right away. Until block 20.000
    only early investors will have access to POS/MASTERNODES.


    First 2 days: 0.1 BTC for each node.

    After 2 days to end of sale: 0.15 BTC each node.


    Share any type of information regarding QAS and get instant QAS. Up to 20.000 QAS will be distributed through a daily airdrop.

    say you are bringing 5 users to our discord channel and user y brings
    another 5 users. The daily airdrop will be divided to both users 50%

    Translation bounties:

    Are you a translator? We will offer up to 200 QAS for each translation followed by 10 to 50 QAS for future changes.

    Articles & Masternodes websites:

    Are you an article writer? Do you have a Master node website? If yes, we can offer up to 2000 QAS for your work.

    All bounties will be sent within a week

    Short 2018 roadmap:

    Q2 2018: QAS launch, Exchange listed, Masternodes profile website to be listed on.

    Q3 2018: Mobile wallets with Master node option on it.

    Q4 2018 - Q1 2019: FORK time( more to be announced ).

    Discord: https://discord.gg/7HMR3Tk
    Website: http://qas.press//

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