Stox Partners with Gaming App ClanPlay for Sponsored ICO Predictions Launch

  • Stox and ClanPlay Partner for Two Sponsored Predictions

    Stox, the blockchain prediction markets platform has added another sponsored ICO Prediction series with ClanPlay, the highest rated messaging app for gamers.

    ClanPlay is introducing a new marketplace for in-game actions where anyone can pay players for services inside games. The underlying Good Game token will form new meritocratic ecosystem will emerge, where skill in games is financially valuable at large and any action that can be tracked, can be paid for in the marketplace.

    ClanPlay has been collaborating with game developers and was even featured inside Supercell’s smashit Clash Royale. They believe that the time has come for players to be directly compensated for trying out and playing new games, and that blockchain is the facilitating catalyst to drive this revolution forward. Through a smart contract that tracks player actions, time spent and contribution in games, they enable developers to pay users in proportion to how deeply they engaged with their games while doing so in a transparent and trust-less manner.

    Sponsored Predictions Include Crypto Prize Pool

    Launch of GG: The ClanPlay Token

    In a recent blog post, ClanPlay explained the issues gamers and advertisers face. Their new In-Game Actions Marketplace will solve two major problems, using the Good Game (GG) token:

    2.2 billion people play games every week, and a quarter of them have no bank account. Various parties have an interest in paying players for services inside games. However, there are no structured means to do so and unbanked gamers can’t be compensated for their skills.
    To advertise their games, developers paid in 2017 over $60B to a handful of media outlets. These outlets collect user data to share with advertisers and generally treat their users as assets to be sold in a bidding system.
    None of these colossal budgets went to the players who clicked on the ads. If even a small part of these funds went to these players, we would have a global transformation. And with it, a better distribution of wealth.

    The GG token marketplace will open up to any entity, that can prove its accurate access to game data (which is decentralized in nature), to participate as Authorizers. Based on the Authorizers’ data, parties interested in paying for in-game services will write GG contracts and eventually, players will engage with these contracts, fulfill the actions needed and get paid. GG will lead the way to a new meritocratic economy in which gamer skills have financial value, and any gamer, even unbanked, can get paid for playing awesomely.

    Leonard (Leo) Frankel, CEO of ClanPlay, commented on the partnership, stating, ‘’We’re excited to partner with Stox, and engage their gaming-savvy audience with our token sale. We believe the harnessing the Stox platform’s ‘wisdom of the crowd’ will help us achieve our financial goals and enhance our community.’’

    Niv Abramovich, CMO of Stox, commented on the partnership, stating, ’’Stox is excited to partner with ClanPlay as their product is able to innovate the gaming space in favor of gamers around the world. As a Marketer, I can personally appreciate the value ClanPlay can give to online marketers, as they are bringing a true revolution to game advertising.’’

    The hard cap is set at 20 Million EUR during their private sale with a soft cap set at 2 Million EUR. Log in to Stox and predict to win STX and GG tokens.

    To learn more about the GG token, ClanPlay and their token sale, visit their website, or follow them on Telegram.

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