Stox Monthly Development Update - June 13 2018

  • Monthly Development Update

    June 13 2018

    Updates from our Development Team on our Progress

    What We Completed this Month

    1. World Cup Promotion Preparation

    On June 1st a campaigns for the World Cup event are coming to fruition with several sponsorships on brand new tournament that will be hosted on the website. Our ‘’World Tournament’’ currently underway will have predictions that offer the chance to win real STX tokens.

    2. Social Sharing Feature

    Now we can share a prediction via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram. This feature is very helpful for our entire Community, giving them the opportunity to share their favorite predictions in the easiest manner.

    Our Bounty Hunters will especially enjoy this feature as it will assist them with providing more interesting posts, with higher potential for conversions to our app.

    3. Development of Mobile Apps

    We just released our mobile app for our users, which is a first step release of many versions for our Android users. Our mobile app deployment is ahead of schedule, based on our original forecast in the Roadmap. We are still utilizing our mobile wrap app for web as well, but our first app has now launched and is available for download.

    4. Show predictions before login

    We made this feature in order for more people to view the excitement of prediction markets on the Stox platform without needing to log in to view the available predictions. This feature functions in conjunction with our marketing widget and share predictions app, allowing anyone to view a live prediction.

    5. Marketing Widget

    The work on completing our marketing widget to allow Stox predictions to be embedded on various news outlets, partners sites and other outlets has been completed. This widget is key in spreading the power of the Stox platform to as many channels as possible in real time. The widget is expected to be implemented on several sites in the coming weeks as we finish the initial testing stage.

    6. Update to GitHub

    We updated our work adding new elements of code that we released on the platform to Github. We understand these small updates are important to our technological Community, and we plan to release more information here more often.

    Ongoing Work

    1. World Cup Tournament and Month-long Events

    Our World Cup Tournament, sponsored by BetOnChart, started on June 1st and runs through July 15th. Keep an eye on the platform as we’ve added weekly and weekend specific challenges on certain predictions. These challenges give you an opportunity to boost your ranking points if you predict correctly, which will give you a higher ranking on the Leaderboard.

    You’ll hear the latest news about our exciting challenges by following our Telegram, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

    2. Fully Automated All Access to Blockchain

    Our internal system is currently automated. Now we are ready to begin work on all other actions such as automatic deposit and withdraw features. We’ve listened to the Community feedback on the amount of time it takes for these tasks to be done manually. As our platform use has grown exponentially over the last quarter, our system is now ready to function in an automated manner. Every month each batch of new work must be transferred to the blockchain on a continuous basis.

    3. Automatic Prize Distribution on the Blockchain

    This functionality improvement will help our Community’s demands to have prizes distributed faster and with greater accuracy. It’s important to note: You must enter your withdraw wallet if you haven’t done so on the Stox platform. It’s best not to wait until you earn real tokens to add your wallet. Ensuring that your wallet is registered on the platform also assists with our automatic prize distribution — accounts without wallets have no way to receive their prizes, and are automatically set to secondary review by Support.

    4. Automatic Withdraw on the Blockchain

    Similar to automatic prize distribution, automatic withdrawal functionality to the blockchain is now automated. Both elements allow us to move to a more decentralized solution giving us better support for our growing Community and the demands on the platform.

    5. Improved Internal Funnels

    These improvements allow us to better handle user acquisition/conversion and retention. In addition, these improvements create for a stronger platform to better handle the requirements for additional hourly, daily and monthly users.

    6. Add New Functionality

    Our new functionality allows us to provide better support for the Sponsored prediction highly growing line of business. This growing prediction category’s growth is especially beneficial for our Stox Community, as each Sponsored ICO Prediction is an opportunity to win real STX and other tokens. You can easily create, build and manage a cryptocurrency portfolio by predicting correctly on our Sponsored Predictions markets.

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