Antminer C1 - 1 TH/s

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    Bitmain's AntMiner C1 combines two Antminer S3's into the same compact case of the S3. This is made possible by the addition of watercooling [purchased separately] which significantly lowers temperatures and noise levels. 64 BM1382 chips are spread across four hashing boards with each waterblock cooling two boards in a sandwich. C1s require assembly but do not require an external controller.

    Specification :

    Chips: 64x Bitmain BM1382 Gen2

    Rated Hash Rate: ~1000GH

    Rated Voltage: 12V

    Rated Current: 68A

    Power Consumption: 820W


    C1's do not come with a power supply, and you will need a typical computer PSU with 8xPCI-E 6 pin power connectors. Strictly only 4 PCI-E connectors are required at stock speeds, however it will reduce cable temperatures by utilising all 8. We also need to tell the PSU to always be on, as there isn't a motherboard to do this. Cut a paperclip into a U and insert it into the green wire and either black wire to the side of the green wire. Tape it up for safety. The power supply will now be controlled by its switch on the rear socket.


    A single, high static pressure 120mm fan is used to cool the central aluminium core. Noise levels are reasonable considering the 900W of heat being removed with a single fan. If construction instructions were following correctly, the fan should be in a pull arrangement.

    It is noteworthy that the end closest to the fan may become very hot to the touch extremely hot to the touch (including the handles) during operation, so please be careful during handling and maintenance.

    Bitmain Antminer C1 Setup Guide

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