Neon Exchange (NEX) - A High Performance Decentralized Trade and Payment Platform

  • NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation

    What is NEX?

    And how is it better than current decentralized exchanges?

    NEX leverages an off-chain matching engine to enable faster and more complex trades across multiple blockchains such as NEO and Ethereum

    High volume

    NEX handles enormous trade volume through its unique publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine.

    Payment service

    The NEX payment service enables third-party smart contracts on NEO to
    send and receive global assets such as NEO and GAS as part of their

    Complex trades

    NEX handles complex order types that aren’t currently available on other
    decentralized exchanges such as market and limit orders.

    NEX wallet extension

    The NEX wallet extension underpins the NEX ecosystem, allowing quick and seamless coordination between NEX, dApps and websites.
    Install NEX Extension

    Cross-chain trading

    NEX allows for performant trades between tokens based on the NEO and Ethereum networks.


    Q1 2018

    Web Extension Launch

    Launch of web extension for dApp integration with NEO blockchain and NEX exchange

    Framework release

    Release of an open source framework for conducting such sales, including smart contracts, wallet and extension integration, KYC, and backend website

    Banking partner API template release

    Open source framework and template for interaction with NEX banking partner APIs

    Q2 2018

    Token sale

    Participation for lottery winners in the NEX token sale

    Matching engine TestNet release

    Matching engine launch on NEO TestNet, along with v1 of exchange APIs for testing with our liquidity creation partners (e.g., trading bots)

    Trading interface TestNet release

    Trading interface launch on NEO TestNet: usability research and information gathering from alpha testers

    Cross-chain token support

    NEX web extension support for ETH and ERC20 tokens

    Token purchasing

    Buy and sell NEO, GAS, and RPX through banking partners

    API for dApps

    Release of v1 of web extension dApp APIs, for integration on client websites and smart contracts on ETH and NEO (e.g., APIs that allow websites to interact with smart contracts, or request payments in NEO or ETH or constituent tokens from a user)

    Q3 2018

    MainNet trading release

    Beginning of trading operations: Matching engine and trading user interface launched on MainNet with support for NEO, ETH, NEP5, and ERC20 tokens

    Cross-chain wallet conversion

    Cross-chain token conversion support in NEX extension wallet

    Staking contract release

    Launch of staking contract on NEO for holders of NEX to receive exchange revenue

    Q4 2018

    Trading features

    Advanced trading features

    Cross-chain support

    Cross-chain support for trading BTC, LTC, and RPX on NEX

    Index funds

    Launch of cross-chain cryptocurrency index fund, supported by the exchange and extension

    Token sale information

    Everything you need to know about the NEX token sale

    March 12th18:00 UTC

    NEX opens registration for the token sale lotteries
    In the first round, we will conduct lotteries
    among all registered users to select participants for the token sale.
    The first lottery draw, will select up to 25,000 participants to
    contribute up to $1,000 each. A second lottery draw will select
    participants from the remaining users to fill any gaps left by
    participants who failed to register or wished to contribute under the
    maximum individual limit.

    • To register for the lotteries you will need the following:
    • Your passport or national ID number — This information must match your KYC documents
    • The country issuing your document

    What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

    March 30th 18:00 UTC

    Lottery registration closes

    March 31st 18:00 UTC

    25,000 first lottery draw winners are announced on our site
    Winners of the first lottery draw will
    receive a number that identifies them uniquely in the KYC process. This
    number can be reproduced from a user's registration information using a
    deterministic algorithm that we will publish after the first lottery
    First round KYC process opens for winners of the first lottery draw
    All winners will be required to go through our KYC process.

    April 8th 16:00 UTC

    First round KYC closes for winners of the first lottery draw

    April 8th 18:00 UTC

    Second lottery draw winners announced
    Any unregistered spots from the first lottery will be filled through a second lottery draw and those winners will be announced.

    Second round KYC process opens for winners of the second lottery draw
    All winners will be required to go through our second round KYC process.

    April 14th

    First KYC closes for winners of the second lottery draw

    April 14 - 20

    A manual review of accounts we deem necessary. We will not accept email requests for manual reviews.

    April 21 - 30

    Second round of KYC begins for lottery winners who passed KYC round 1 and opted to participate in the second portion of the ICO.

    June TBA

    The NEX token sale begins

    Token sale specifics 

     Two rounds of sales for fair distribution

    We will accept NEO and GAS for the token sale

    The price of NEO and GAS will be calculated through a 10-day moving average on prices from the highest volume exchange at the time of publication of the token sale smart contract to NEO MainNet.

    We will accept NEO and GAS for the token sale

    The price of NEO and GAS will be calculated through a 10-day moving average on prices from the highest volume exchange at the time of publication of the token sale smart contract to NEO MainNet.

    The NEX Browser Extension 

    Designed and built with the user in mind Participate in our token sale using our newly designed and developed NEX beta wallet extension. This browser based wallet will allow users to interact with decentralized apps (dApps), as well as send and receive NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens.




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