GameCredits and MobileGO Development Report

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    Hello everyone — thanks for reading the latest GameCredits and MobileGo development report. We’ve been very busy in the past two weeks, so this update is a bit longer than the last one. We know many of you have been waiting patiently for Bittrex to come back online. In case you missed it, yesterday’s announcement covered all the latest Bittrex news. Thank you for your support!

    • Released version 0.9.5 of GShare. This update introduced a new application logo, introduced an optional autolaunch feature, introduced an automatic update feature, added email verification resend in case of any errors, fixed translation errors, resolved a notable Linux-specific bug, and made general bug fixes and optimizations.
    • Continued Lite Client development in preparation for initial release, expected in July 2018. Developers continue to focus on implementing back-end code and completing front-end design.
    • Worked with Komodo team to develop network update to create extra layer of security for GameCredits blockchain. Completed deployment and testing of update.
    • Helped mining pools and several exchanges update to newest network release to help secure users’ funds and enable trading once again.
    • Continued development on new back-end core services system aimed at replacing current back-end. This service will connect our various applications, such as GShare, GPlay, and our wallet systems.
    • Focused on GPlay dashboard updates, working on new UX/UI to optimize the app-upload process.
    • Redesigned future GShare features with a focus on upcoming charity options.
    • Finished defining the necessary components of our new back-end core services system.
    • Nearly completed GC Lite (Lite Wallet) development. The team is preparing QA and closed beta testing for the next two weeks.
    • Completed GPlay initial payment integration and pushed for testing. GNation ID has been completed, and will be integrated into our applications. This will allow users to access all products in GNation’s ecosystem with one ID profile.
    GameCredits network has become the interchain blockchain with Komodo

    As some of you will have heard, GameCredits has become the first blockchain to integrate with the Komodo platform. Komodo will now notarize GameCredits’ blockchain, greatly increasing our security and making it much more difficult for anyone to attack the network.

    Basically, every couple of blocks a GameCredits hash is stamped into the Komodo blockchain. At the same time, GameCredits’ blockchain records which block has been notarized by Komodo. This functionality means that the GameCredits network is secured by the Komodo network, making it much more difficult for attackers to manipulate GAME.

    The cryptocurrency world has recently seen top proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin Gold and Verge severely affected by 51% attacks. With this integration, GameCredits has an extra layer of security that virtually no other POW coins have. For more information regarding the Komodo integration, check out yesterday’s announcement.

    • GameCredits published a network update on GitHub, which was sent to exchanges/pools to update approximately one week ago. Note that Poloniex has already reopened deposits and withdrawals.
    • The GNation team has finalized everything regarding E3. As a reminder, GNation will have a booth at E3 this year in South Hall, booth 837, from 12–14 June. GNation will present GShare at E3, as well as showcasing and presenting a few of GPlay’s features.
    • GNation published an article explaining its new direction and plans for GShare, which is the main product within GNation’s ecosystem.
    • GPlay is in the final stages of testing and a closed beta is soon to be launched. Don’t forget to register for the closed beta at the GPlay landing page to be one of the first to use the application.
    • Web wallet users: ~25.8K
    • GShare downloads: ~8.3K
    • Discord members: 4.1K
    • GameCredits Telegram subscribers: 640
    • GameCredits Telegram group: 2.5K
    • Twitter followers: 32K
    • Facebook likes: 5.8K
    • GAME network hashrate: ~2,050 GH/s

    So before we go into MGO development, we want to talk about the MGO tournaments in Japan that were discussed in late March/April. As most of you are aware, we recently announced that MGO tokens would be used in prize pools for gaming tournaments in Japan. Despite all our efforts, we regret to inform you that this won’t be possible for the time being. There are several reasons why we decided to defer this event for a more appropriate time. Some of these reasons include unforseen legal and logistical hurdles that came up as we got closer to launching, but we also had strategic reasons for postponing this idea.

    Creating an ecosystem is daunting. Despite having an amazing team, pushing multiple products through the pipeline at the same time isn’t an easy task. In order for us to create an ecosystem that will bring positive change to both gamers and game developers, we need to focus and double down on all our efforts.

    Since we are approaching the release and completion of numerous products like GShare, GPlay, MGO swap, and esports, we need to focus on product development and promotion. More than ever, the team needs to function as one if we want to deliver GNation’s products. That being said, we don’t want follow through with something if we can’t give it our best effort and really sell our products and currencies.

    We apologize for having to make this unfortunate decision, but we want to remind everyone that our esports vision is still here. We’re preparing for the launch of GPlay with the first of its esports features, and we need all of your help and feedback to create the best application possible.

    In terms of MGO development, in the past two weeks we:

    • Finalized user stories for MGO swap platform, and continued development with a focus on front-end design completion. As it stands, the swap platform needs to have back-end code merged with front-end code before moving into QA/testing. The application’s design has been completed.
    • Completed development of leaderboard esports functionality in GPlay. The feature will allow users to earn money every week for being in the top ranks of a particular game.
    • Finished MGO web wallet integration. The integration allows users to store MGO tokens in the web wallet alongside GAME. Our development team expects to have this feature deployed to production in approximately one week.
    • We are currently in the final stages of developing and deploying a production version of our esports app. Right now there are no issues with the final Pixel Wars integration tests, and the esports leaderboard payout system is fully integrated with the game.

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