[ICO] EVO - Blockchain platform for assessing and developing human skills

  • The EVO project creates a decentralized platform for assessing the skills and development of a
    We combine the best partners’ tools and services that help a person to achieve his goals in career,
    personal life, interests. The user get the gamified application that motivate him to develop, achieve
    new levels in his skills and get tokens. Activity on personal development is entered in blockchain
    The digital portrait of the user is used in career, meetings, communities, groups and private clubs,
    bloggers etc.
    Two directions are consistently developed:
    - The EVO.Pro is the project direction on creation of the educational and recruitment platform to
    assess and develop professional skills and personal and business qualities (at the launch stage).
    - EVO.Live – project direction on human development in other areas of life, including leisure,
    sports, creativity, charity, personal development (launch in 2019).
    Documentation is focused on the EVO.Pro concept, which forms a large-scale self-sufficient
    solution for the professional sphere and education, and also creates the foundation for spreading
    the EVO.Live concept to all spheres of human life in the future.

    Mission of the project

    Our mission is to motivate as many people as possible to feel in themselves an inexhaustible source
    of energy, and to direct this energy in the right direction. In this life, we are all unique characters,
    each great in itself. Extremely simple in comprehension, but uniquely complex task of the person: to
    find oneself, to realize who we are, what our strength, what talent, concentrate on this effort, to feel
    the changes.
    Maturity can also occur in adolescence. To do this, it is enough to really know the answer to the
    question "Who are you and what will you become?". Happy is the person who knows why he lives,
    what is his destiny. Aspiring to fame among thousands of people, or considering it important to feel
    only for himself, that he is a person, a character, a unique one. At the same time, he is the person
    who knows and does his work is good, worthy, excellent. Surprisingly strong, purposeful, not raging
    in vain, going along a clear path. And we want to help to realize that it was a question of each of us
    Before us is a unique, incredible Game in which only we ourselves choose who to be. Our team only
    wants to help feel the beauty of this Game, all the boundless possibilities, the whole reality become
    the Great Hero of this continuous, beautiful 24-hour Online called Life.

    Business model

    Project monetization envisages sale of own services and earning on the service charges from the
    existing interactions and financial flows and those being established between the platform
    Application of the monetization methods relying on the platform's unique architecture create the
    foundation for the breakthrough solution: the platform enables to exempt small and medium
    businesses from payment for using the headhunting services, which would enable to quickly
    distribute the applied personnel recruitment model in the market (corporate solutions are charged

    • DMP-platform and targeted advertising

    Creation of digital traces in the process of interaction with the platform delivers the most efficient
    and targeted advertising for users. In this case, the platform's tokenomics will allow for introduction
    of new principles in demonstration of advertising: the platform plans to channel some advertising
    income to accounts of the users, to whom this advertising was broadcast.

    • Partner network and cashback

    Association of certification and educational centers and organizations allows to form a single
    partner network on the platform, for which the platform allows attracting customers, and users in
    turn receive discounts and cashback in tokens as material motivation.
    Facilities and benefits provided by the platform. You can earn on commissions from cash flows:
    - Payment by users for evaluation and partners training services.
    - Payment by companies for evaluation and training services for their employees.
    When a user or a company pays for the services of certification and educational centers, they can
    use either cashback or a discount, formed from the calculation of the economic feasibility of
    attracting customers.
    - When paying in a fiat currency, partners provide cashback in project tokens, from which the
    platform receives a commission fee. Partners actually apply a portion of their marketing
    budget in fiat currency in engagement of customers from their target audience for the
    platform's tokens.
    - In the case when a user or a company purchases services for the tokens purchased or
    earned as bonuses, an interaction through the platform takes place: the platform accepts
    tokens as payment and provides a service The company converts tokens into the fiat
    currency in the partner's jurisdiction and remits them to the partner, when buying the services
    provided to the customer from the partner. In this case, the cost of the partner's services for
    the user is equal to the cost less the cashback. The platform's commission for the partner is
    equal to the deductible commission from the cashback in the first case.

    Thus, it is equally beneficial for a user to purchase:
    - both in fiat currency through the platform, getting cashback,
    - and in tokens with a discount, included in the price at once.
    For a partner, the cost of services and the discount provided is the same. The platform receives the
    commission fee in both cases.

    • Platform services

    - Payment by centers of automated proctoring services certification. Due to a single platform
    foundation for partners in both certification and distance education, the automated
    proctoring service is in demand for the vast majority of interactions on training and skills
    assessment on the platform. Proctoring is already in demand on the market, and as distance
    learning dominates more and more, reliable verification of the result of knowledge
    assessment is not possible without this service. Auto proctoring allows you to significantly
    reduce costs and price for partners compared to manual proctoring. Existing systems, which

    are at the beginning of their development as convenient and applicable tools, are
    characterized by the locality and impossibility of application for any partners and programs.
    Universality of auto proctoring on the platform will allow to take the leading position on the
    global market of these services as the platform develops. Subsequent AI use in the nonpersonal
    data sets available to the platform will facility price reduction by times and allow for
    the earlier untaught for process automation.
    - Users' payment for certification services under the proprietary programs of the platform
    (company certification centers and remote certification). Passing tests under the certification
    programs developed by the platform together with the expert community becomes
    extremely easy and accessible from anywhere in the world for any program and any trainee.
    Therefore, the vast majority of certification services for programs created in new, demanded
    areas are sold through the platform to end consumers — a user or a company. About half of
    the income from this activity is transferred to experts or expert communities involved in the
    design and development of an appropriate certification program.

    • Ways of project promotion

    • PR and positioning the program as a modern lifestyle and career trend.
    • Channels (SEO, CPA, context, etc.)
    • SMM, thematic communities and networks
    • Bloggers, ambassadors in communities from major partners
    • Existing clients of partners participating in the program
    • Marketing budget for Q1–Q2 2018: $ 469,000.
    • Budget for Q3–Q4 2018 (after ICO): $2.55 million.

    • Channels for engaging users in the platform

    Users are registered and use the platform in the future:
    • On their own, by selecting the application as the tool for personal and professional
    • From employers who send job seekers and/or employees for testing or send employees to
    further training, with subsequent assessment of the training deliverables.
    • From assessment and certification partners whose customers get registered in the platform
    for remote testing, unless the partner itself provides such tools and pays to the platform for
    the tools as for a SaaS-solution.
    • From education partners, to be tested in the future on the results of training at the
    assessment and certification partners or on programs of the platform itself.
    • Users are engaged via companies and partners via operations of the b2b sales department
    and the project's marketing/ PR support. The application for users is additionally promoted.
    LTV: users become regular customers because their skill development and assessment needs are
    permanent, lifelong ones.


    Token issue, financing and budget

    Token and sale

    The project tokens are utility tokens – they are the token commodities to be used inside the
    project's business model. Tokens are not a security (security tokens). Party to the contract is a legal
    entity that issued tokens in the jurisdiction of Singapore.
    Name: Etalon (E-talon); ticker: ETALON.
    Token type: utility; platform: Ethereum (ERC20).

    Presale: approx. May 01 to July 31
    2 week: token price is $0.8 / 1 E-talon, + the bonus of 50% tokens that is frozen till 01.01.2019, the
    total of $0.8 / 1.5 E-talon.
    Post 2 weeks: token price is $0.8 / 1 E-talon, + the bonus of 30% tokens that is frozen till 01.01.2019,
    the total of $0.8 / 1.3 E-talon.
    Public Sale, round 1: approx. June 15 to July 15
    SoftCap – 4 million E-talons per $1.00,
    HardCap – 8,5 million E-talons per $1.00.
    The main development scenario is aimed on creating a complex solution in the Pro segment, as well
    as the entire core of the platform, which further allows to develop remaining segments on a readymade
    MinCap for Public Sale – 0.5М. The project has the scenario of SaaS-solution scenario in remote
    testing and auto proctoring for certification centers. If MinCap is not collected, the money
    collected in Public Sale will be refunded to the token buyers.
    Public Sale, round 2: Q3 2019.
    The structure of project means further development of segments Sport, World, Creative, Culture,
    Family, Humanity. At the same time, the platform created at the first stage will allow businesses from
    all of these segments to join.

    the future. For these purposes, the project freezes about 80% of the issue of tokens - 79,680,000
    E-talons - for the second stage of Public Sale after the successful completion of EVO.Pro
    If the Public Sale 2 stage is not conducted after the freezing period, these tokens will be burned.
    Partners and users Reserve
    This reserve is used for bonus payments to the first platform users for the progress in development
    and shaping the personal portrait and also for allocation of budgets to the first partners for bonus
    payment to users on their part. This would allow to achieve the sufficient estimated indicators of the
    quantity of the platform participants, to maintain the network effect:
    - The users get bonuses quickly and are motivated to development on the platform,
    - partners get a significant number of customers on the platform quickly
    - employers get a sufficient job seekers' base quickly, etc.
    70% tokens for the team, which are accrued based on Pubic Sale and are frozen for 1 year from the
    time they are accrued.
    Bounty and subcontractors
    The bounty campaign for the project promotion and payments with the number of contractors in
    Advisors and Experts
    Tokens used to engage advisors to the project as well as the first expert who will take part in setting
    the criteria and the systems of knowledge and skill assessment in the most relevant and demanded
    for areas. Actually, many advisors will be able to act as such experts and, on the contrary, when
    creating the scoring systems, bring the significant advisory contribution to the platform
    development. So these roles are frequently interrelated in the platform. Quick creation of own
    assessment systems developed jointly with the experts would allow not only to consolidate the
    existing systems but also to cover the most troublesome competence scoring areas in the market.
    Liquidity reserve in tokens

    This reserve applies to deliver the turnover between users and partners: employers and certification
    and training centers, to support the arrangements for settlements with partners in the fiat currency
    and, at the same time, to allow users to broadly apply the platform's tokens in the partner network.
    The reserves also secure the processability of tokenization of the relations for the platform
    participants and the automatic transition of the relations into smart contracts between participants.
    The fund of tokens and fiat currencies enables to nedge and secure fail-free financial flows on the
    platform: Users' payments in tokens via the platform, settlements of the platform with partners in the
    fiat currency, token sales to participants and token support to cashbacks, partners' payments to the
    platform in the fiat currency for cashbacks to users in tokens, etc.
    Stage-by-stage allocation of the issue stakes
    At Stage 1,Public Sale, the following issue stakes apply:
    - Partners and users Reserve
    - Team
    - Bounty and subcontractors
    - Advisors and Experts
    - Liquidity Reserve
    Are allocated in the quantity proportional to the quantity of sold tokens, so that the ratio of the
    tokens allocated relative to the tokens sold is unchanged and equal to the ratio of the shares of











    white paper:http://partners.evo.live/docs/...


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