Leocoin Updated Details

  • Leocoin How to Rescan your Windows Wallet

    The Rescan command verifies all the transactions in the wallet. This is the last step in installing your new wallet.

  • Click Start -> Search
  • Type in Command Prompt

    3.Open Command Prompt Window

    4.Open the Windows Explorer.

    5.Navigate to Main Drive -> Program Files(x86) -> LEO -> LEOcoin Please refer to the sample directory below: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEO\LEOcoin

    6.Drag the LEOcoin-Qt Application to the Command Prompt Window

    7.Enter the rescan command:

    C:\Users\qapc1>"C:\Program Files (x86)\LEO\LEOcoin\LEOcoin-qt-64bit.exe" -rescan

    8.Press Enter.

    Once you have completed this step the installation of your new wallet is complete..

  • Leocoin Upgraded public blockchain is now Available

    If you hold all of your LEOcoin on external exchanges like Livecoin,
    DABTC or LEOxChange, then you do not need to do anything. Your LEOcoin
    will be automatically upgraded.

    If you hold any LEOcoin on an
    external desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, you need to download the new
    LEOcoin wallet. This new wallet is available for download at
    LEOcoin.org. Once you have a new wallet, you need to go to http://upgrade.leocoin.org/
    and swap your old LEOcoin for new LEOcoin. You must complete this
    process by 21 July 2017. If you are finding this process difficult then
    simply load your LEOcoin onto an exchange that you trust, like
    LEOxChange or DABTC or Livecoin, and your coins will be Upgraded during
    that process. There are also guides available on LEOCoin.org.

    For information about the Upgraded LEOcoin visit here:

    The Upgraded public blockchain is here: http://insight.leocoin.org/

    The Wallets are available here: http://www.leocoin.org/

    You can see more updates on the LEOcoin Facebook page and other social media channels.

    Leocoin What is the upgrade?

    • The new Blockchain is powered by PoSv3 protocol that brings security and simplicity to the consensus mechanism

    • New rich, simple design, that delivers tons of new and improved features

    • We are continuously improving the protocol and most importantly we are developing new cool stuff

    • LEOcoin is ready for mass adoption, it is built with a focus on the community values and the decentralization spirit

    • The new LEOcoin comes with ring sigs that power the Private transactions, which will improve your privacy

    • P2P Instant Messaging system utilizing state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep your communications private

  • How to Sign up as a LEOcoin Merchant

    Step by step guide on how to register your business and put a pin onthe map so that your customers can find you


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