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  • Leocoin How to Rescan your Windows Wallet

    The Rescan command verifies all the transactions in the wallet. This is the last step in installing your new wallet.

  • Click Start -> Search
  • Type in Command Prompt

    3.Open Command Prompt Window

    4.Open the Windows Explorer.

    5.Navigate to Main Drive -> Program Files(x86) -> LEO -> LEOcoin Please refer to the sample directory below: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEO\LEOcoin

    6.Drag the LEOcoin-Qt Application to the Command Prompt Window

    7.Enter the rescan command:

    C:\Users\qapc1>"C:\Program Files (x86)\LEO\LEOcoin\LEOcoin-qt-64bit.exe" -rescan

    8.Press Enter.

    Once you have completed this step the installation of your new wallet is complete..

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