PopularCoin (POP) Release wallet Version 2.0

  • Popular Coin™ v2.0 Specifications: Scrypt Hybrid PoW/PoS

    Average Block Spacing: 180 Seconds

    2 Block Transaction Confirmations Difficulty Retarget Every Block 50 Confirmations for Minting

    Proof of Stake Block Spacing: 180 Seconds

    5% Annual Stake Minting Rewards

    Staking begins Within 2hrs With Wallet left Open Stake Weight Chance of Success Maximized at 30 days

    Proof of Work Block Spacing: 180 Seconds

    Base Reward:

    Block 500 – 87600 = 99 Coins per block (6 months)

    Block 87600 – 175200 = 49 Coins per block (6 months)

    Block 175200 – Indefinitely = 9 Coins per block (Indefinitely)

    POP Blocks X Rewards:

    SUPER POP 1000x every 10k blocks

    7 Per Hour 2x 2 Per Hour 5x 1 Per Hour 10x 12 Per Day 25x 1 Per Day 100x 1 Per Week 500x 1 Per Month 2500x 6 Per Year 5000x

    PopularCoin™ Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 Swap For directions on how to prepare for the upcoming swap follow this link: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/how-to-prepare-for-the-upcoming-popular-coin-swap-on-june-16



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