[ANN] GoldenCoin [GOLD] POW/POS Hybrid - RARE - GOLD Store coming soon

  • GoldenCoin

    After a succesfull launch and a healthy network is acomplished, we will focus on getting services ready. Explorer, faucets, exchanges, and so on. Community involvement will be crucial in this, as we are currently only with 2 devs. The premine will be used to reward the community for their efforts. This will be done transperantly.

    When the goals above are acomplished, we will focus on getting the GOLD Store online. This will be a webshop where users can order physical GOLD with Bitcoin and GoldenCoin. If there is interest, other cryptocurrency's maybe added aswell.

    We are aware that there are allready projects running who offer this. But in our experience these shops are too expensive, and too slow.
    When users have to pay up to 2.5x the regular market price for gold, and have to wait for weeks for the delivery, something is wrong.

    We think it's a very good way to secure some part of your investment, by being able to exchange BTC or GoldenCoin to physical Gold quickly.

    Coin specs:

    Algorithm: Scrypt

    Type: PoW/PoS

    Coin name: GoldenCoin

    Coin ticker: GOLD

    RPC port 7964

    P2P port 7963

    Block reward 15 coins

    Total coin supply 6.3M

    Premine: 1%

    PoS percentage: 3% per year

    Last PoW block: block 10000

    Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks

    Target spacing: 64 seconds

    Target timespan: 1 block

    Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks

    Addnodes (Hardcoded in wallet):


    Windows Wallet - Virustotal

    Linux Wallet

    Sourcecode (Github later today)




    2000 GOLD bounty for the first exchange!





  • Goldencoin Added with Megacrypton.com Crypto Exchange Platform



    We also host ICO/IPO

    Currently Mpaycoin(MPC) ICO is available for buy wall


  • This post is deleted!

  • Goldencoin is BACK, and with a BLAST! 

    We've been quietly working behind the scenes on our much awaited Crypto <--> Gold store for quite some time now
    That's why we're VERY excited to announce the official Launch time! 
    More details will soon follow. For now, take a look at these never seen before features

    - Gold <---> Crypto gateway world wide delivery within 7 days
    - Instant payment using your favorite crypto with ver low fees
    - Fully anonymous
    - Gold Shop within wallet

    Stay tuned for more details!


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