[ICO] EmpowerYourWeb [EYW] - Pre-Sale 50% BONUS - 3% BOUNTY Pool

    - We offer the full 360 solution to the online world
    - Server Maintenance, Security, Hosting & Disaster Recovery Plans at an enterprise level
    Web & Application development, Database Management (Giblas is
    primary resource, but John is also Full Stack Dev but primary focus will
    be Marketing and business operations)
    - Digital Marketing; SEO, SEM,
    Social, Affiliate, E-Mail, CRO, BI Analytics and AI. (Primarily Mark,
    and contribution from John) - Business consultation and Strategy (Whole

    - Proper location to grow business, reputation and most important so the team can be in 1 place for collaboration
    Capital to finish and deploy 3 ecommerce websites that are cutting
    edge, and priced to destroy the competition (cannot share what they sell
    at this time, but it's common products with big demand and usually
    - Capital to hire additional staff to grow the team so that we can take on more and bigger contracts

    - GUARANTEED the amount you invest, plus bonus amount returned in FULL.
    - We will buy back tokens and destroy them at a minimum every quarter (ideally monthly).
    - Token will be listed on several exchanges with a coordinated launch to market to gain growth for everyone!
    - Again GUARANTEED minimum what you invest, plus bonus amount returned even if the token price falls below pre-sale & main-sale price!
    - Provide daily bonus payouts based on the performance of the coin and ecommerce websites which will be made public to all who participate at a minimum 1-2% per day!

    Pre-Sale happening right now with 50% BONUS!
    When the Pre-Sale is finished, there will be only 72 hours with 30% bonus.
    Follow by 1 week at 20% bonus, and finishing by the following week at 10% bonus.
    The initial offering is only for 45 days! So act fast.

    250 million tokens minted selling at 0.0001 ETH.
    With ONLY 10% being reserved, the rest will be sold.

    For the pre-sale we've set a minimum of 1 ETH.
    Once the main sale starts the minimum will be lowered to 0.5 ETH.

    Token Address

    Contract Address

    SEND ETH TO: 0x9486ab218c67fb1bb5c8781e4693fdc034d2ceec

    The campaign needs to reach a minimum of 5 ETH to be official, therefore you'll be certain to receive your tokens!



    a small start-up web agency located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We
    specialize in enterprise web solutions and digital marketing, each of us
    have well over 10+ years experience in the industry (Team of 5). The
    primary purpose to our ICO is to raise capital for our business model
    that is easily scaled, and continues to grow month after month!


    John Castell - Founder, Full Stack Marketing Specialist

    Mark Stephens - Director of Operations, Marketing Strategist

    Travis Northman - Chief Information Officer, Security & Systems Specialist

    Gilblas Ngunte Possi - Full Stack Developer

    Jesssica Vienneau - Public Relations

    Contract Details

    Presale Bonus 50>#/b###
    First Period 72 hours
    First Bonus 30% bonus

    Second Period 168 hours (1 week)
    Second Bonus 20% bonus

    Third Period 336 (2 weeks)
    Third Bonus 10% bonus

    Token Contract URL: https://etherscan.io/address/0...
    Token Name EmpowerYourWeb
    Token Symbol EYW
    Initial Supply 250,000,000

    ICO Contract

    Contribution Wallet Address 0xd0667bD306E14aC24E2C84A43efB0b0a23f49932
    Tokens for Team 25,000,000 (10%)

    Min Contribution Pre-Sale 1 ETH
    Min Contribution Main Sale 0.5 ETH
    Max Contribution 100 ETH

    Maximum Cap 190,000,000
    Minimum Cap 50,000

    Token Price in ETH 0.0001

    Campaign Duration 45 Days

    We will offer a 3% bounty pool!

    How it will work might be different than most, as we have incredible marketing capabilities to analyze social media data.

    will distribute the 3% based on the social impact each person provides,
    based on # of shares, # retweets, comments, and engagement.
    Extra points awarded for each blog post and social post. Please do not spam, and we've set a maximum of each that can qualify.

    Blog posts maximum of 6, and must be on different websites.
    Social Posts maximum of 12, with no more than 3 per social network.

    All these actions will be added together for each individual who participates creating a grand total of points.
    The 3% will be distributed to all participates based on their percentage (%) of all points accumulated by all users.

    Point System
    - Blog Post (50 points)
    - Social Post (20 points)
    - Each share of post or social post (10 points)
    - Each comment (8 points)
    - Each retweet (5 points)
    - Each engagement (likes, favorite, bookmark, etc) (3 points)

    In order to qualify the social actions, blog posts, etc must be posted on this thread.
    Bounty participation period ends same time the main sale ends (July 29th @ noon).
    Results will be posted day after on this thread of each participant to be transparent, and tokens released at that time.

    Get out there and spread the word!

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