​ Best Bitcoin Mining Calculator in 2018?

  • In 2018 Bitcoin has become very popular, leading to many dozens of websites offering tools like Bitcoin mining calculators - even us! This guide will go through several of these, and highlight the best across 3 categories: simple to use, customisation & predictions.

    Best Bitcoin mining calculator for beginners

    When you first get involved in Bitcoin mining, you can easily get overwhelmed with too much information as there are so many factors involved in mining profitability. Some calculators we like because they offer a very simple user interface:

    • CryptoCompare is the first result when you search for 'Bitcoin Mining Calculator', and for good reason. Their calculator offers default values for many things, but allows you to customise the hashpower, power consumption, cost per KWh and mining pool fee. Using these numbers it estimations for your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income. It does not take into account future difficulty changes though, so this calculator will potentially over-estimate mining profits.
    • Anything Crypto (us!) have a page listing the profitability of various Bitcoin ASIC miners, including optimistic/skeptical predictions for future profitability (taking into account price & difficulty changes).

    Read fulll here:

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