As soon as you get in you win. Benefit from day 1 with Leonardian ICO!

  • It may sound like an ad, but is the reality itself. Let us reveal it for you right now.

    Leonardian’s ICO follows the Dutch Auction model. What does it mean? In reality it is very simple. It allows investors to:

    • Choose the pledging price

    The token’s ICO price goes down every day. 

     It starts from: 1 LEON = 0.36 USD   to reach: 1 LEON = 0.09 USD

    You bid exactly what you think the token is worth by choosing which day of the ICO to enter and make an investment.

    • Benefit right after entering

    Each day the same amount of invested money brings you more LEONs because of the price decrease mechanism.

    It is like winning out of your investment from day 1. You always get tokens at the lowest possible price as soon as you get in.

    Once you place your bid, you declare your participation with the amount you placed. Then the price per token will be decreasing for you until the bid is closed. That is if you enter with 100 USD at day one on 0.36 USD per 1 LEON and the bid is closed at day 10 when the price per LEON is 0.28 USD, you will pay only 0.28 per LEON for your 100 USD.

    The auction ends either when the Hard Cap is reached or by selling all the tokens — whichever happens first.

    • What’s the risk?

    The only risk is being late. If you place your bid too late, you might be excluded because others have already “reserved” their participation before you.

    Read more: Dutch Auction

    The Winning Strategy

    Just get in!

    Postponing an investment for the end of the ICO might be in service of your doubts but you risk omitting the opportunity to enter at all. Have the business flair and courage to make a step ahead because tomorrow might be late.

    Save the date

    Time to remind you that our ICO starts on June 11, 2018. You can enter with ETH/BTC/FIAT.

    Be sure to follow Leonardian at your favorite social media and join our Telegram channel where we have great community and you can communicate directly with us.

    Leonardian Team

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