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  • Lisk- Tembo's transparency report

    Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:47 pm

    December 2016

    Image Lisk Forged: 7900 LSK
    Image How Much Still Being Held: 5300 LSK

    How I Used These Funds?


    these early stages with no bapps I will donate to selected

    contributors, Community Fund and, following my delegate proposal, invest

    in core security and formal verification. For the time being I will do

    it by donating special amounts to @veriform (viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1227&p=9809). He is very talented and I intend to help him and his projects and if possible work together in the security area.

    Follow everything easily via Tembo delegate address: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/2433857930558702776L.

    Image Member Donations: 2400 LSK

    Isabella 100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/9925602087003181143
    Gr33nDrag0n 100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/10432961650232365645
    MrV 100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/7767778266361569394
    cc001 100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/1373418860185649382
    Veriform 2000 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/11924148495158437790

    Image Community Fund: 200 LSK

    100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/3944978590873852741
    100 LSK | https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/3019863974435348256


    also invest in LSK future value by not selling any at the moment. I

    keep LSK in delegate account, future projects fund or voting address,

    and pay server management and other expenses from my pocket:

    Image Server Management: 0 LSK
    Image My Expenses: 0 LSK

  • Grumlin Transparency Report

    Lisk Forged Since (The First Day You Began Forging):15500
    Image How Much Still Being Held:15500

    project Liskfund.online(will announced later)
    I bought domain, ssl certificate and making a concept

    How I used These Funds?
    Image Community Fund: (Lisk Amount)
    Image Member Donations: (Lisk Amount)
    Image Server Management: (Lisk Amount)
    Image My Expenses: (Lisk Amount)

    Funds/Transactions Details:
    Image Community Fund Tx's:
    Image Member Donations Tx's:
    Image Server Management Tx's:
    Image My Expenses Tx's:

    ImageLisk Eco-System Contributions


    Grumlin (Lisker)

    User avatar

  • Lisk v0.5.2 - Release Announcement


    The latest Lisk client v0.5.2 has been released, and is now available for download via our downloads server.

    This is an emergency patch release that addresses the following issue: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk/issues/381. All delegates are required to update asap.

    To install or update to Lisk v0.5.2 please read our official documentation.

    v0.5.2 Changelog


    • Closed #381. Verifying each vote in trs.asset.votes. Checking vote type, format and length.


    • Correcting help text for installLisk.sh.

    Please join our chat if you have any further questions, or are interested in supporting the network by running a node.
    For reference, you can always track our development progress via GitHub.

  • The Italian community organizes itself - LIG and FULIG

    Hi all, we are glad to inform all the Lisk community about the establishment of the Lisk Italian Group (LIG) .

    The LIG is composed by 8 Italian delegates working for the Lisk environment since March-April 2016 (after the end of Lisk ICO). Everyone is putting its own skills at disposal to improve Lisk everyday. The LIG members are:

    • Anamix
    • Dakk
    • Liskit
    • Corsaro
    • Gregorst
    • Redsn0w
    • Ondin
    • Splatters

    We are all committed to manage and maintain our nodes up h24, helping in the Lisk chat, sponsoring Lisk in our country and developing for Lisk (tools and core pull requests).

    Our goal is to fund projects related to Lisk like B-Apps (aka blockchain apps) or tools designed by us. We aim at reporting news and releases about those projects to the community.

    With a multi-signed address we’re going to create an official fund named FULIG to support these projects. Each month LIG members will be free to donate a percentage of their forged Lisk to the fund.

    To do this we will also release a website where everyone can check and track our progress and our developed projects. You can find the draft right here: https://dakk.github.io/lisk-it...

    There are also external contributors interested in Lisk and we will be their gateway for this amazing project.

    Thanks all!

    andreafs Lisker

    Delegate name: liskit My delegate proposal

  • cc001 - Transparency Report from 2016-12-22



    Distributions from delegate Account
    Transfers from Delegate Account

    Total: 9443.2452 LSK

    Proposal Prize

    • Donations Projects - 250 LSK - 10554299029505839463 - As promised in my proposal I will donate half of my prize I won for my proposal to great Lisk supporters (I split it to Users and Projects)
    • Donations Users - 250 LSK - 7463943941389839585 - As promised in my proposal I will donate half of my prize I won for my proposal to great Lisk supporters (I split it to Users and Projects)

    Donations to Lisk Community Fund 15841793714384967784L

    Total: 522.0873 LSK

    Donations to Users

    Total: 850 LSK

    Donations to Projects

    Total: 182.1 LSK

    Total Donations: 1554.1873 LSK

  • Community Meeting - January 29th, 2017

    Welcome to the New Year!

    We are holding our first 2017 Community Meeting on January 29th, 2017 at 18:00 CET. You can join us on the #General channel of Lisk Chat
    where you can discuss many different topics with the developers. If you
    can't make the meeting, no worries! A transcript of the meeting will be
    copied in this post, so stay tuned.

    Everyone is encouraged to participate, so if you have any detailed questions for us, please submit them to Joel (e-mail: [email protected], lisk.chat: joel). During the meeting, we will address as many questions as we possibly can.

    See you there!

  • atreides - Lisk Romania Country Ambassador Initiative

    according to my role as Lisk Country Ambassador, it's my duty to
    promote lisk. With this in mind I initiated contact with the biggest
    Romanian JS developers community(more the 1000 members) and on 21
    February I'll have a presentation about Lisk. I intend to offer to the
    participants 10 copies of a book about developing dapps DAPPS BOOK .
    Also, I want to sponsor 3 tickets for 3 members of this community to participate at the first Romanian blockchain conference that will take place between 21-22 February.
    If you feel like donating, I created an address named "liskromaniapromofund". The total amount required is 5500 LSK. Till now a couple of forging delegates donated:

    The total amount raised till now(16.01.2017) is 4,174.83243026 LSK

    If you are reading this, and have spare votes and/or have not voted yet for the delegates above please consider voting them..
    It is this type of behavior and this type of actions that will help
    spread the word about lisk, its value proposition so in the end we will
    all have blockchain developed on top of lisk, which in the end
    translates into a more valuable lisk. So if you are invested in lisk,
    you should vote.

    The deadline for participating in this
    initiative is Wednesday, EOD. In case the total amount is not raised by
    the end of day, Wednesday, Jan 18, me (atreides), isabella and wannabe
    will top up the amount so the funds will be enough to support this

    Later edit: The threshold is met. There are 8,247.13243026 LSK donated. Thank you all for participating.

  • Weekly Summary - 014



    • Released Lisk v0.5.2 to Mainnet.
    • Continued development work towards Core Sprint 01, 11 pull requests outstanding for review, 2 issues in progress.



    • Daily brainstorming on the Blockchain Application framework. First details will be revealed in a live stream from Silicon Valley.
    • Brainstorming on next versions and what focus they have.
    • Continuation of GitHub projects for all development oriented project management.
    • Training of new employees.


    • Announced the monthly community meeting.
    • Preparation of the Lisk America trip to Silicon Valley and New York City, presentations and meetings at both cities.


    • Lisk Foundation is now fully established and had its first board meeting in Zug.
    • Preparation of internal organisation and processes for 2017.
    • Change and configuration of internal software solutions for management.
    • Setup of fiat bank accounts. Begin of liquidation into fiat money. More details in the Financial Report at the end of the month.
    • First meeting with one of the best design agencies in Berlin. (We changed strategy and decided to go with a local agency.)
    • Made preparations for growth. (I.e. moved into a bigger office, started acquiring more hardware etc.)

    1st January - 21st January

  • Lisk Banner Contest

    Hello Liskers!

    I'm opening a new and simple community project: the Lisk Banner Contest :D

    Simply create and submit a banner that promote Lisk and win 100 LSK (Tot. 500 LSK) :o


    1) Contest opened to delegates only

    2) 1 Banner per contestant

    3) Banner must be 728x90

    4) Banner must promote any feature advertised on Lisk.io (for example: community forging, build incredible applications etc...)

    5) Banner must include the official Lisk logo & name

    6) Banner must be submitted in this thread before Jan. 31

    7) From Feb. 1, a 7 day community vote will start

    8) On Feb. 8, the creators of the 5 most voted banners will win 100 LSK each (total 500 LSK)

    8) The 5 winning banners will be randomly displayed on CoinMarketCap!

    9) Be creative! :geek:



  • Lisk France association

    With some friends, we are building the "Lisk France" association.

    Here is a mindmap of what we plan to do :

    A conference I will present is already planned with the Toulouse JS
    & Co community (about 300 passionated JS dev), and much more will
    come, throughout France.

    We need a base funds to start doing these actions, here is the detail :

    • Domains names: 400 LSK
    • Servers: 1000 LSK
    • Marketing & PR: 4000 LSK (Conferences arrangement, advertising, gift to offer during meetup -> Lisks, Lisk T-Shirts, Books)
    • Association establishment fees: 600 LSK

    I know that 6000 LSK is a large amount, but we plan to do large actions, and this can't be done without funds.

    Here is the definitive address for Lisk France association : 9485875898006061171L

    Account security :

    • Second passphrase activated
    • Not stored on any electronic system, just printed twice (one copy on me, the other sealed and securely stored)

    Thanks in advance for all donations !


    Amount received: 3200 / 6000 LSK (53%)

    Transactions details:

    Actually, Lisk France hold the following assets:

    • 695 LSK
    • 0.41132409 BTC

  • The Lisk Banner Contest Rewards have increased as follow: 

    1st prize: 1700 LSK
    2nd prize: 1000 LSK 
    3rd prize: 700 LSK

    Rewards SPONSORED by @Corsaro (1000 LSK), @Phoenix1969 (1000 LSK), @wariner-lisk.pool.sexy (200 LSK), @redsn0w (200 LSK) & myself (1000 LSK)

    Simply create and submit one or more banners that promote Lisk.io 


    1) Be creative! 

    2) Contest opened to everyone!

    3) 1 prize per contestant

    4) Banners must be 728x90 (still or animated gif images)

    5) Banners must promote any feature advertised on Lisk.io (for example: community forging, build incredible applications etc...)

    6) Banners must include the official Lisk logo & name

    7) Banners must be submitted in this thread before Jan. 31st

    8) From Feb. 1st, a 7 day community vote will start

    9) On Feb. 8th, the creators of the 3 most voted banners will win the prize

    10) The 3 winning banners will then be randomly displayed on CoinMarketCap!

  • postponing the community meeting two weeks in order to have the team available on our Berlin offices.
    The new date is February 11th, 2017

  • LiskfairShare #504 Fair Share Distribution


    HI all,

    i’m sousel a Portuguese crypto currency enthusiast submitting my a request to be an active LISK delegate.

    I am the founder of http://www.liskfairshare.com

    Since 2012 i’ve been following the cryptocurrency world, and became a bitcoin miner in 2015.

    have some technical skills regarding web and windows development, asp
    net, javascript and sql, and have developed a bot trader app for trading
    on poloniex (it still needs a little more work).

    regarding the
    lisk community, i’ve been keeping up with the updates since its
    beginning. It has been introduced to me by some active members that i
    know in person: gordo, ntelo, rmelo.

    I think that now is time to join this great community. I will appreciate your vote: LiskfareShare.com # 504.


    Server Specifications

    I have two nodes on the mainnet and other two on the testnet:

    Mainnet server - 2x dedicated 4 cores 8gb
    Testnet server - 2x dedicated 4 cores 8gb

    Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

    the contribution, and based on our model implementation, we will share
    the profit with the active members (monthly voted by the community) and
    the lisk Community fund or others.
    the lisk Community fund is enable by default address: 15841793714384967784L

    As a marketeer we will promote the lisk crypto currency bringing more liskers to the community.

    Delegate profit share 85%

    We have also a Weekly prize of 5% to a random voter


    you can see the model application results on the testnet:
    https://testnet-explorer.lisk.... ... 314715044L

    Ending Statement
    a ending statement we would like to say that we will do everything we
    can to make the lisk project great by bringing new ideas to the
    community and helping you out with yours.

    Contact Details

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Web Site: http://www.LiskFareShare.com

  • Weekly Summary - 015




    • Completed first explorer development sprint of 2017.


    • Daily brainstorming on the Blockchain Application framework. First details will be revealed in a Meetup in Silicon Valley. Structuring of the February sprint for core.


    • Post-poned the monthly community meeting to February, 11th.
    • On-going Lisk USA trip to Silicon Valley and New York City, presentations and meetings at both cities.
    • On-going calls with Lisk Ambassadors.


    • Announced collaboration with the lightcurve GmbH for on-going development, promotion and support. On-going preparation of internal organisation and processes for 2017. Change and configuration of internal software solutions for management. Second meeting with one of the best design agencies in Berlin.

  • Weekly Summary Russian (Итоги недели • 22 - 30 января)


  • Weekly Summary - 015 Franch  (Rapport Hebdomadaire LiskHQ #015)


  • The first version of Lisk Monitor for iOS has been released!

    Lisk Monitor GitHub: https://github.com/vrlc92/LiskMonitorhttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/lisk-monitor/id1201286522

    Thanks to Victor. RT: 

  • Lisk Android Monitor 

    Infos & Download: https://play.google.com/store/...

  • Lisk corsaro's Transparency Report - February 2017

    Feb. 4th, 2017

    My Productivity Data:

    Image Forged: 1469 LSK (from Feb. 1st, 2017 to Feb 4th 2017)
    Image Holds: 969 LSK (65%)

    These funds have been used on February 2017 in this way:
    Image Donations to Community Fund: 250 LSK
    Image Donation to other members for development and lisk promotion: 250 LSK
    Image Server Maintenance: 0 LSK
    Image Personal Expenses: 0 LSK


    7 LIsk nodes running 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year on Mainnet
    2 Lisk nodes running 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year on Testnet

    21117 forged LSK (forged since Dec. 1st 2016) with ~99,2% productivity

    Projects funded by me before forging started:
    183 LSK donated for development of desktop lisk wallet (http://desktop.lisk-wallet.com)

    My Public Lisk Wallet

    My Github with some useful bash scripts related to lisk

    Wallisk, a Windows Software coded by me related to lisk (alfa version)


    My thread on Bitcointalk to instruct italian community about lisk

    Below the details of my Feb. 2017 tx:

    250 forged LSK donated to the LiskHQ community fund:

    Development and LISK promotion:

    250 forged lisk donated to lisk_awareness

    Server Maintenance:
    0 forged LSK for server maintenance

    Personal expenses:
    0 forged LSK for personal expenses


    21117 forged LSK (forged since Dec. 1st 2016) actually hold on my lisk addresses:

    https://explorer.lisk.io/addre... corsaro (forging node)
    https://explorer.lisk.io/addre... corsaro_reserve_fund
    https://explorer.lisk.io/addre... corsaro_savings

    forged LSK (forged since Dec. 1st 2016) are hold for: reserve fund;
    savings; voting weight; future donations; development; personal
    expenses; server mainteinance

    Access to view my Delegate Statistics
    https://lisktools.io/accountIn... ... 248350807L

    delegate corsaro:

    My delegate candidatature proposal
    My public lisk wallet "https://liskworld.info" ( SSL by COMODO)
    Lisk related project funded by me:

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