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  • Lisk Release Version 0.7.0



    • Merged #425. Implemented test coverage report. Closes #408. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #428. Updated project dependenices to latest versions. Closes #426. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #430. Setup eslint as linter and formatter. Closes #430. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #438. Improved /api/transactions API endpoint. @4miners
      • Changed fromTimestamp and toTimestamp behaviour, now referencing Lisk epoch instead of unix time. Closes #432.
      • Added fromUnixTime and toUnixTime params, referencing unix time. Closes #431.
    • Merged #439. Using ceil for round calculations. Closes #427. @4miners
    • Merged #444. Updated README.md to include new Node.js version. @Isabello
    • Merged #445. Changed travis node package installer to npm. Closes #44. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #440. Added genesis block loading indicator. Closes #290. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #442. Added further protections against transactions ever being sent from genesis account. Closes #290. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #450. Using BigNumber.js for round calculations. Closes #447. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #409. Moved peers management to memory instead of database. Closes #409. @4miners
    • Merged #453. Improved peer logic, fixed SQL errors during peers dbSave. @4miners
    • Merged #454. Reduced limit of GET /peer/blocks from 1440 to 34.
    • Merged #461. Improved performance when counting all blocks. Closes #342. @4miners
    • Merged #460. Fixed stability of dapps test, fixed waitUntilBlockchainReady function. Closes #400. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #463. Improved sync negoiation speed. Closes #462. @4miners
    • Merged #464. Fixed performance of aggregateBlocksReward SQL query. Closes #427. @4miners
    • Merged #466. Extended test timeout. Closes #400. @MaciejBaj
    • Merged #466. Removing unused grunt-jsdox.
    • Merged #473. Addressing #409. Updating peer object properly. @4miners
    • Merged #475. Added new mechanism to disable APIs and toggle whitelists. @Isabello
    • Merged #480. Moved maxTxsPerQueue constant to config.json. Allowing per node configuration. @MaciejBaj



  • Lisk-JS 0.3 — A grand overhaul

    The LiskHQ has been very serious about the security and integrity of the Lisk platform since the beginning of it’s inception. Lisk-JS continues to embody these values and provides every developer working with Lisk a standardised set of tools to interact with the blockchain. The Lisk-JS library now contains an API Wrapper, cryptographic tools, helper functions for developers to make their application more secure. This complete package makes it easy for anyone new to the system to start using Lisk. It has been written with the developer in mind, making the sending of transactions, and obtaining information from the Lisk blockchain simple and easy.

    Until now, Lisk-JS has played a lesser role in development. Last month we dedicated a lot of time on it in order to increase its functionalities and offer more amazing tools for the developer. The newly released Lisk-JS is now set to play a pivotal role in the development of our Lisk user-interfaces and third party applications.

    What’s New

    We have added numerous new features and tools to Lisk-JS. One major improvement was made by building a wrapper around all of the functions. This makes it easier and more secure for developers to start working with Lisk. The included API wrapper now allows you to get information from the Lisk blockchain using a range of simple function calls, removing the need to run a dedicated Lisk node to receive API requests. Please take a look at our documentation to learn more about the things you can achieve with Lisk-JS.

    The most important security feature added is the capability to locally sign transaction objects automatically. For example, when a developer uses POST or PUT requests to broadcast transactions to the Lisk network via Lisk-JS, the library makes sure that your passphrase never leaves your system. Transactions are now wrapped on-the-fly, signed by the library and then submitted as signed hashes to the network. After that point the passphrase is not needed anymore because any party can verify the integrity of the transaction.

    Finally, we have added several API functions and cryptographic enhancements, including the possibility to sign and verify messages with your Lisk passphrase. This is very useful for a “Proof of Account Ownership” or for escrow services.

    The full change log is available at: https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-js/releases/tag/0.3.0.

    The Future of Lisk-JS

    With regard to existing functionality, we have enhanced the usability by implementing more helper functions, improved the performance of existing functions, and added some new cryptographic tools.

    In the coming months, we expect changes in the Lisk core and Lisk-JS will become more radical. Therefore, we recommend everyone who is actively using Lisk-JS to keep an eye out for updates at: https://www.npmjs.com/package/lisk-js.

    In order to stay informed about updates, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of our website.

    Enjoy the new features and get connected with Lisk!

    About the Author

    Tobias Schwarz is a full stack developer at lightcurve who is working on the Lisk project. Before he has been working for/with Nxt, Waves, Komodo and other Blockchain Softwares. Main interests are Cryptography, Blockchain, Javascript, NodeJS, Python, PHP and several other topics related to IOT and programming.

    Contact Details   Github: GitHub.com/tosch110 Twitter: https://twitter.com/toschdev Email: [email protected]

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  • Community Engagement Rewarded!

    The Lisk Foundation is grateful on the efforts from individual people around the world. It’s truly astonishing to see how our technology has impacted community growth worldwide. Also, it’s great to see that many people are using it, and on top of that they are also building on top of it. We’ve seen an increase of meetups introducing the Lisk platform these past few months and we’re very excited about it.

    As a token of our appreciation, we are rewarding the efforts from community members who have publicly showed their commitment and efforts to the project by distributing LSK from our Bounty Fund.

    In order to claim your rewards, send a Direct Message to Joel through Lisk.Chat with a Lisk address and we will swiftly send you the reward.

    If your contribution was not included into this blog post please contact Joel to have it reviewed.

    Community Members with Unparalleled Efforts

    We want to personally thank Pierre Cavin (SherlockStd) and Andrea Speziale (Liskit) for their efforts to improve the Lisk ecosystem and spread awareness. For their ongoing contributions, these individuals will receive a total reward of 5000 LSK.

    Pierre Cavin (SherlockStd)

    Andrea Speziale (Liskit)

    Country Ambassadors and Alpha Testers

    Thanks for your continued support. Ambassadors receive 2500 LSK each while alpha testers receive 1250 LSK each.

    Ambassadors (2500 LSK)

    • Stefan Neagu (atreides)
    • Daniel Vassilev (danvass)
    • John Cortesi (bitbanksy)
    • Kostyantyn Ahafontsev (lamar)
    • Luiz Chen (luiz)
    • Daniel B. (punkrock)
    • Denis Smirnov (densmirnov)

    Alpha Testers (1250 LSK)

    • carolina
    • wannabe_R0teBaron
    • MrV
    • Nerigal
    • SherlockStd
    • tharude
    • nerigal
    • StellarDynamic
    • atreides
    • cc001
    • gr33ndrag0n
    • metal494
    • punkrock
    • slasheks

    Additional Community Engagement

    This section collects people who’ve been working on a Lisk related project, have spoken on a meetup/conference introducing the Lisk Platform or have contributed in any other way.

    Projects/Moderators (1000 LSK)


    • Creator of liskstats.net (provides live network visuals).
    • Testing of network during stress test of broadcasting blocks and transactions.



    • Provides Lisk Sub-Reddit bi-weekly development updates.


    • Owns several Lisk related projects.
    • Contributed to Lisk-UI.



    Presentations/Community Outreach(750 LSK)

    Denis Smirnov (densmirnov)

    • Presented Lisk on Blockchain Technologies conference in Moscow, Russia.

    Stefan Neagu (atreides)

    • Presented and introduced Lisk to BucharestJS Meetup.

    Lisk Italian Group Presentation on Torino Bitcoin Meetup (500 LSK)

    • Liskit
    • Corsaro
    • Gregorst
    • Redsn0w
    • Ondin
    • Splatters
    • Anamix
    • Dakk

    Lisk Wiki Contributors (500 LSK)

    • wannabe_RoteBaron
    • MrV
    • Redsn0w

    Loyal Community Service (375 LSK)

    • Bcboilermaker
    • StellarDynamic
    • anamix
    • staticinstance

    About the Author

    Joel Fernández is the Chief Operations Officer of lightcurve while also being deeply entrenched in the community management of the Lisk Platform. He’s a blockchain enthusiasts for over five years and is actively seeking to grow the blockchain community.

    Contact Details

    Twitter: @bigcabrito Email: [email protected]

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