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    The latest Lisk client v0.5.0 has been released, and is now available for download via our downloads server.

    All node operators have to update at the earliest opportunity.

    To install or update to Lisk v0.5.0 please read our official documentation.

    v0.5.0 Changelog
    Closed #104. Implementing peer sweeper. Collecting peer changes and sweeping in batches.Closed #294. Loading unconfirmed transactions from "good" peer.Closed #284. Emitting delegates/fork event after forking.Closed #255. Matching genesis block with database.Closed #141. Attempting to load delegates on each cycle.Closed #297. Improved peers/chain selection reliability thanks to new broadhash implementation.Closed #298. Array items are not unique in Loader.prototype.onPeersReady.Closed #259. Mitigating against fork cause 2.
    - Restoring sane API behaviour for POST /peer/transactions.
    ·· Returning error on already processed transaction.
    ·· Returning error on already confirmed transaction.Fixed #253. Adding missing check on transaction.Closed #306. Implemented new transaction pool and broadcast queuing
    - Adding new API endpoints:
    ·· GET /api/transactions/multisignatures/get
    ·· GET /api/transactions/multisignatures
    ·· GET /api/transactions/queued/get
    ·· GET /api/transactions/queuedRewrote and refactored multisignature module.Increased default database connection pool size to 95.Merged #314. Prevent "TypeError: Cannot read property 'network' of undefined @TheGoldenEye.Closed #51. Fixing invalid getGenesis parameter.Closed #244. Adding minimal client version parameter.Closed #91. Validating config.json according to schema.Do not remove peer on ETIMEOUT, only ban for 10 minutes.Returning 500 status code upon incorrect network / version.Correcting ban on peers returning invalid common block request to 10 minutes.Fixed incorrect math operator in __private.checkDelegates.Disabling forced forging for known nethashes.Closed #316. Logging warning when delegate slot skipped.Increased gzip compression level on express middleware.Improved broadcast efficiency. Squashing queued broadcasts from many to one per route. Accepting collection or object on POST /peer/transactions and POST /peer/signatures.Implemented bundled transaction processing. Dramatically speeding up response times for POST /peer/transactions.Closed #307. Implementing auto recovery from forks.
    - Deleting last block on failed chain comparision and poor broadhash efficiency.
    - Deleting losing block in case of received fork 1 and 5.Merged #320. Allowing "+" char in os version check @4miners.Closed #307. Fixing broken backwards round tick.
    - Refactoring code. Adding __private.sumRound function.
    - Fixing property typo in Rounds.prototype.backwardTick.
    - Fixing property typo in Rounds.prototype.tick.
    - Fixing broken round changes on backwards tick.
    - Fixing broken missed blocks on backwards tick.
    - Fixing broken Rounds.prototype.directionSwap.
    - Summing round from blocks on forwards direction.
    - Do not flush round on direction swap.
    - Adding missing direction swaps.
    ·· Before/after Blocks.prototype.deleteLastBlock.
    ·· Before/after Blocks.prototype.deleteBlocksBefore.
    - Marking undone blocks in mem_accounts.
    ·· Excluding marked accounts from orphaned mem_accounts check.Closed #319. Fixing broadhash update reliability.Closed #323. Fixing bad setInterval strategy.Shortening various peer ban times from 60 to 10 minutes.Closes #322. Fixing multisignature processing.
    - Fixing incorrect message bus arguments.
    - Resetting u_multimin, u_multilifetime on startup.
    - Removing nested balancesSequence (causing timeouts).
    - Updating ready state after processing signature.
    - Fixing max keysgroup size check. Adding ability to add exceptions for existing transactions @TheGoldenEye.
    - Fixing erroneous check on account.multisignatures.
    - Determining multisignatures from sender or transaction asset.
    - Pushing senderPublicKey onto multisignatures.
    - Improving check on requester public key.
    - Improving error messages.
    Using jit-grunt to slightly speed up grunt @Alevale.Updating lisk-js dependency.
    Added PostgreSQL 9.6.x support to installLisk.sh.Added logrotation support for linux in installLisk.sh.Implemented updateConfig.js for automated config.json updates.Improved installLisk.sh installation efficiency.Add rebuild/url support to installLisk.sh for upgrade and install functions.

    Please join our chat if you have any further questions, or are interested in supporting the network by running a node.
    For reference, you can always track our development progress via GitHub.Please take a look at the Community Fund. It's an important project!

  • Lisk Nano v0.1.2 -  Release Announcement

    The latest Lisk Nano client v0.1.2 has been released, and is now available for download via our download servers.

    We make Lisk Nano available online, primary for our mobile users. To try it out, please proceed to https://m.lisk.io/. In the case of a desktop computer we recommend to download the client locally for maximum security.

    v0.1.2 Changelog

    Update lisk-js version.

    Fix TRANSACTION_HEADER_VERSION to work with Lisk v0.5.0.

    Disable mouse scroll and arrow buttons in transaction amount. Fix #18.

    Fix loading animation size.

    Fix generation of new passphrase from the smartphone. Fix #10.

    Remove links from transactions list. Fix #14.

    Bumping dependencies versions.

    Bumping electron versions.

    Add passphrase unhide possibility. Fix #6.

    Electron-prebuilt will be depreciated. (Merge pull request #13 from Citizen-X/patch-1)

    Lisk Nano 0.1.2 is available for all major computer platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) as one-click clients. Just head to our download page on Lisk.io and select the client for your operating system. You may also download the compressed source files from GitHub and open the HTML file with your browser of choice.

    If you experience any problems installing, please raise a support ticket.

  • Weekly Summary



    Released Lisk v0.5.0 to Mainnet.


    Enhanced delegate search.


    Released Lisk Nano v0.1.2.


    Had an interview with a cryptocurrency news outlet.


    Guided community members with the update to Lisk v0.5.0.0

    Replaced genesis delegates by community delegates.


    Conducted an interview with a front end developer

  • Professional nodes to secure the Lisk network and its sidechains


    My name is Daniel, born in the early 80s and I'm from Germany. I'm into computers since I can walk. ATARI, Commodore, Amiga,... . I'm running Windows since the early 90s, but since some years I'm more and more into Ubuntu & Debian. I'm a supporter and member of the Chaos Computer Club and very interested in any kind of computer-realted technology, system security and political topics.

    I have a successfully completed training as a media designer, am a musician with heart & soul and used to work as a bartender. I began mining late 2013. After I quit (ecologically questionable) mining, really great alternatives like NXT (PoS) came up and I supported them for some time by moderating forums, spreading the word and administrating a forging pool for everyone who wanted to participate. After a while I went over to NEM (New Economy Movement), where I set up a node and later a supernode to secure the network.

    Now I'm full-time into Lisk. It's the first project where I see that kind of professionalism I expect of a project which wants to be successful and I like the idea behind it as a decentralized platform for blockchain applications. I see huge potential for Lisk and that it's a great opportunity to build something big for the (crypto-)world.

    Server Specifications

    My setup consists of three available forging nodes and a managing node (secured by TLS 1.2). If the main node fails to forge because of a low block height, a low blockchain consensus or just because the client isn't running, my managing node switches to an available node. Beside this, every node runs a script itself, that checks the block height of the client compared to the network. If the block height is too low, it recovers itself by reloading or rebuilding the client. While this happens, the managing node disables forging and enables it on an available node. Kudos to our great community members, who are responsible for all the scripts in one or another way: MrV, cc001, isabella, Gr33nDrag0n, corsaro, liberspirita, wannabe_RoteBaron, hagie and everyone who's helping to make Lisk better!

    Further I'm monitoring all nodes with MONIT. This allows me to get a notifications within seconds directly on my smartphone and desktop PC. If all scripts fail to keep at least one server forging, I'm using ServerAudit (mobile) or MobaXterm (at home) to fix the problems as fast as possible. For me, this is one of most important aspects about being a delegate, beside supporting the development of Blochain Apps and our community and I'm taking this serious.

    Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem
    I'm an ambassador for Lisk Germany (Daniel B.). Therefore I'm doing constructive work for Lisk nearly every day, since Feb./March 2016. I'm administrating several social media accounts like Lisk_DE on Twitter, Lisk Deutschland on Facebook, LiskNews & LiskDelegates on Telegram. I've started a new Bitcointalk thread for german speaking users and in order to provide an online wallet for everyone, I'm running a public wallet at Lisknode.xyz. I'm helping with translations whenever I can (for example the Lisk Desktop/Mobile Wallet, which I've also co-financed with ~190 LSK). I'm a moderator in the Lisk.Chat, where I'm a discussing and helping day by day. I'm an alpha-tester for the testnet Lisk client and of course, I'm running a testnet server. As you can see, I'm a very active member of the Lisk Community and I'm definitely here to stay. As soon as developers start to publish their apps, I will offer my service to secure, stabilize and decentralize their sidechains. I also will support the Community Fund with 10% of all forged LSK. Oh, and did I mention, that I made T-Shirts, which I sold in a crowdsale for early Lisk adopters? Right.


    My Services:

    -Public Lisk Wallet (secured by TLS 1.2)

    -Public Blockchain Snapshot Server (secured by TLS 1.2)

    My Social Media Accounts to promote & support Lisk:

    Twitter (@Lisk_DE)

    Bitcointalk (Lisk_DE)

    Telegram (LiskNews)

    Facebook (Lisk Deutschland)

    Telegram (LiskDelegates)

    Donations I've made:

    250 LSK to Lisknode.io (gr33ndrag0n) for his work and his website

    190 LSK to fixcrypt for his Lisk Client

    Tutorials for the community:

    Easy monitoring your account balance with Distill

    How To: Upgrade your Lisk client with one command

    HowTo: Easy monitoring and notification system for your node (MONIT + Gmail + Missed Notifications Reminder)

    For me as a delegate and ambassador for Lisk, it is self-evident, that I will donate some forged LSK directly to our exceptionally active community members, who are helping with great contributions, like writing scripts, helping on GitHub and so on. That's why I decided to donate 5% of all forged LSK directly to those selected community members.

    Ending Statement

    I hope that everything I've stated above, is showing you that I am an excellent Delegate to vote for and I hope I can count on you and your vote. Anyway, I am only a mosaic in our great community. Only together, we can make Lisk successful. Thanks to everyone who is doing something for Lisk!

    Contact Details
    E-Mail: contact {at} lisknode.net
    GitHub: punkr0ck
    Reddit: -punkrock-
    BitcoinTalk.org: punkrock & Lisk_DE
    Twitter: @CryptoPunkrock
    LinkedIn: N/A

    Last edited by punkrock on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:43 am, edited 102 times in total.

    Delegate name: punkrock
    Address: 6853061742992593192L

    Daniel B. - Official Lisk Ambassador for Germany
    Website | Delegate & Introduction | Twitter | Bitcointalk

  • "How to forge" - A video tutorial by the Lisk delegate joeri.

  • Lisk v0.5.1 - Release Announcement

    The latest Lisk client v0.5.1 has been released, and is now available for download via our downloads server.

    To install or update to Lisk v0.5.1 please read our official documentation.

    v0.5.1 Changelog

    • Closes #327. Fixing / improving fork cause 1/5 recovery.
    • Closes #328. Fixing invalid total supply calculation.
    • Replaced js-nacl with libsodium library @4miners.
    • Added broadhash & consensus % info to /api/loaders/status/sync @4miners.
    • Added /api/delegates/getNextForgers endpoint @4miners.
    • Added votes to /api/transactions/get endpoint @4miners.

    • Closed LiskHQ/lisk #331. Setting max memory for high mem systems @Isabello.
    • Closed #56. Changing installLisk.sh to use pwd for location @Isabello.
    • Closed #58. Adding support for compiling libsodium / node-sodium.
    • Updated node/lisk-node to 0.12.17.

  • Delegate Proposal Contest — Winners Announced!

    Delegate Proposal Winners:

    MrV — 5000 LSK

    PolyCrypto— 5000 LSK

    Veriform — 5000 LSK

    Bitbanksy — 1000 LSK

    Cc00 — 1000 LSK

    Densmirnov — 1000 LSK

    Gr33ndragon — 1000 LSK

    GreXX — 1000 LSK

    Hmachado — 1000 LSK

    Jan — 1000 LSK

    LAP — 1000 LSK

    Liskit — 1000 LSK

    Slasheks— 1000 LSK

    f you’re on the list, send a PM to Joel with your Lisk Address. Congratulations!

    Read More ...

    Subscribe to the Lisk Subreddits:

    Lisk Reddit page!
    Lisk Market page!
    Lisk Delegates page!

    Vote for Jan

  • Liskit - Open API Lisk nodes explorer

    Hi all,
    this morning I was curious about how many Lisk open API nodes I was able to find starting from an open entry point like my node.
    So I wrote a little script that creates a little report in json format.

    If you are curious too and you want to try it, here is the repository:


    It's very simple to use and you can find all the instructions in the README.md file


    Delegate name: liskit

  • Lisk-fundsDistributor - automatically transfer your forged Lisk

    Mon Dec 12, 2016

    Hey Liskers!
    I created a script that simplifies the distribution of the forged delegate Lisk to different accounts.
    It is highly configurable and it can also be executed regularly by cron.
    It is also a good way to document you're transactions of the forged rewards.


    read first all the documentation and comments. Is is not very

    complicated, but you need to know how to configure it to get it run


    In general it works as follows:

    You define the

    account from which you want to send the transactions (most often your

    delegate account), with account number, publickey and passphrase(s).

    you define how much you want to distribute, by either giving a

    percentage like "distribute 95% of the current balance", or you say

    "distribute everything, except 100 LSK as a reserve"
    Then you define

    how much of this distributed amount is transferred to what accounts. You

    define the amounts with percentage values in the config.yml file.

    can also use groups and subgroubs, you even can nest groups and direct

    transactions into other groups. Meaning, you can define that you

    transfer 25% of all funds to the Donation-Group, which again makes the

    following distributions: 10% community fund, 30% user fund, 60% project

    Finally, the script will calculate, generate and execute a bunch of transactions.

    Check the following screenshot to get an idea how the script works and looks like.

    Right now, only percentage values are possible. Maybe I'll add fix amounts in a future version.


    complete configuration is done in the config.yml file. It is pretty

    easy once you get how it works. Please read the comments in the github,
    the explanations in the fundsDistributor.py and especially README_config.txt to know how to configure the script.

    I added in the default section a point which automatically transfers 1% of the distributed amount to my donation account
    If you don't like this, of course you can remove or modify it

    The script can be found here:

    If you have any question/suggestion/comment, don't hesitate to contact me, every feedback is very much appreciated.

    Simon aka cc001

  • Lisk Explorer v1.0.0 - Release Announcement

    The first full version of Lisk Explorer v1.0.0 has been released on GitHub. This release has been in development for quite some time so we are proud to finally release this first major version of the software.

    In order to run an Explorer node, please ensure that you have the latest Lisk installation on your system. Please read our official documentation if you need more details on how to install Lisk. For anyone interesting in running an Explorer node, installation instructions can be found here


    API Endpoints

    • Added /api/getDelegate endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getLastBlocks endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getLastBlock endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getLastestVotes endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getLastestRegistratons endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getStandby endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getActive endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/delegates/getLastBlock endpoint @karmacoma

    • Added /api/orders/getOrders endpoint @karmacoma

    • Changed /api/getBlocks/Count to /api/getBlockStatus @karmacoma

    • Removed /api/getFee endpoint @karmacoma

    • Changed /api/getLiskCourse to /api/getPriceTicker @karmacoma

    • Added /api/getSearch endpoint @isabello

    • Added /api/getHeight endpoint @isabello

    • Added /api/delegates/getNextForgers endpoint @4miners


    • Improved steps for installing explorer on ubuntu @isabello


    • Updated underscore to 1.8.3 @karmacoma
    • Updated momentjs to 2.10.3 @karmacoma
    • Updated bootstrap to 3.3.6 @karmacoma
    • Updated angular-bootstrap to ~0.13.4 @karmacoma
    • Updated angular-gettext to 2.1.0 @karmacoma
    • Updated angular to 1.4.3 @karmacoma
    • Required dependency angular-naturalsort 1.1.3 added @isabello


    • Implemented delegateMonitor service @karmacoma
    • Redesigned delegateMonitor to calculate forging status from block height @karmacoma
    • Implemented marketWatcher service @karmacoma
    • Added Orderbook to marketWatcher @karmacoma
    • Configured poloniex as the default marketWatcher source @karmacoma
    • Improved display of networkMonitor and added functionality to resolve IPs to DNS @karmacoma
    • Corrected networkMonitor service to display counters properly @isabello
    • Forced HTTPS on networkMonitor service @isabello
    • Recentered world map and fixed marker placement for networkMonitor @4miners

    User Interface

    • Numerous UI Improvements and optimizations @karmacoma
    • Rebranded colour scheme to Lisk standards @karmacoma
    • Changed entries of LISK to LSK @maxkk
    • Forging status and productivity display fixes for mobile browsers @slasheks
    • Corrected approval display @isabello
    • Fixed delegate column sorting on delegateMonitor.html @isabello
    • Added nethash to header @isabello
    • Implemented height and delegate searches for search box @isabello
    • Made supply % dynamic for /topAccounts end point @4miners
    • Many improvements to address/accounts page @4miners
    • Added delegate name display in various places where it wasn't present @4miners

    Please join our chat if you have any further questions, or are interested in supporting the network by running a node.
    For reference, you can always track our development progress via GitHub

  • Community Meeting - December 18th,2016

    On December 18th of 2016, we will be conducting the last monthly Community Meeting of the year on Lisk Chat, start time is 6:00PM (CET). Join us while the Lisk team answers as many questions as possible from the community. Make sure to keep track of this forum post as the meeting transcript will be included once the meeting is over.

    Following are some topics we would like to discuss with the community:

    Network stability, scalability

    • Delegates and their responsibilities
    • Next Steps in Development
    • Next Steps in Business

    Everyone is encouraged to participate, so if you have any detailed questions for us, please submit them to Joel (e-mail: [email protected], lisk.chat: joel). During the meeting, we will address as many questions as we possibly can.

    The meeting will take place in our Lisk chat, and will be held on December 18th, 2016 at 6:00 PM (CET).

  • Weekly Summary - 013






    • Lisk Foundation receives a commercial register entry.
    • Implementation of GitHub projects for all development oriented project management.
    • Began preparations of end of year accounting.
    • Wrote first revision of Lisk development handbook.

  • Liskit - Open API Lisk nodes explorer

    Hi all again,
    I've updated the script, now is working pretty cool as you can see (:

    Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.35.38 copia.png (234.96 KiB) Viewed 9 times

    Schermata 2016-12-19 alle 17.47.57 copia.png (199.63 KiB) Viewed 9 times

    I hope it can be helpful for a better understanding of the network!

    Delegate name: liskit

  • Lisk Foundation

    We are excited to announce the successful registration of the Lisk Stiftung, a non-profit foundation based in Zug, Switzerland. With the legal framework in place, it paves the way for a new beginning for the Lisk project. With the registration we now have guaranteed access to the ICO funding for hiring of employees, promotions and marketing campaigns, a full re-branding and future conference attendances.

    Since the conclusion of our ICO, we have made a number of strategic investments, all within a strict legal framework, and many of which have begun to pay off. We have moved the core team to offices in Berlin, added an extraordinary board of advisors, hired key developers from across the world, created contests to grow our pool of delegates, set and paid bounties to contributors, secured the services of prominent marketers, established a long-term Community Fund, and diversified the Lisk Foundation’s cryptocurrency portfolio. The Lisk Foundation is the last big achievement of 2016 in our extraordinary journey to become the leading blockchain application and sidechain platform in the world.A Financial Report for 2016 will be published soon and starting in 2017 we will publish monthly reports in our forums.

  • Dafricash Dapp Fund

    We are pleased to announce the creation of the Dafricash Dapp Fund.


    Dafricash Dapp Fund draws its resources from the active delegates

    rewards, acquired by the delegate DAFRICASH representing the North

    African community; Which currently ranks 26th. This position allows us

    to receive rewards, in order to secure the Lisk network as well as the

    commitment in the process of enrichment of the SIDECHAIN ecosystem.

    The delegate dafricash reserves 35% of the rewards received for funding

    Lisk dapps.

    Address: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/11141199307047295393L

    Lisk Community Fund

    30% of the dafricash_dapp_fund will be transferred periodically

    (bi-weekly) to the lisk community fund. This percentage is not fixed and

    will be adjusted according to the needs of the fund. The Community fund

    initiated by the founders of Lisk aims to guarantee the decentralized

    development of the Lisk ecosystem over the long term; The

    dafricash_dapp_fund contributes in this way to the well-being of the

    Lisk ecosystem.


    remaining 70% of the dafricash dapp fund is intended to accompany

    eligible developers, financially in the development of decentralized

    Lisk applications.

    In order to be eligible, each participant must

    make a proposal according to a predefined model. It will contain all

    the information on specifications, design and costs.
    A more detailed document will be available shortly on our website (https://liskafrica.com) describing the proposal template. To be eligible, each participant must send their proposal in PDF format to [email protected]


    proposals received will then be reviewed and a selection of the three

    best proposals will be made based on predefined criteria. The selection

    of the best proposals will be made by an active jury of delegates (We

    will make the announcement as soon as the jury is constituted). The next

    step will be to have a talk with developers whose proposals have been

    selected. Following this final selection, the amount of funding will be

    evaluated and validated by the same jury. We will of course follow the

    developer throughout the development period until the delivery of the

    dapp. It will obviously be open source and available on github.


    criteria will be taken into account when granting DAFRICASH funding,

    including originality, feasibility, clarity, creativity, cost, and

    developer’s references.

    At least 2500 LSK per month will be

    credited to the fund. This amount will change according to the rewards

    received for stabilizing the network. We will therefore have enough

    funds to fund the most deserving proposals once sidechains are


    More information will be made public once the jury has been constituted.

    French Announcement available on our website at https://liskafrica.com/actualites/annon ... -dapp-fund

  • shift_team - #782Lisk node Shiftnrg Dev Team

    Hi there! Our name are Jan & Ralfs and we are members of the Shiftnrg development team.

    there's so much overlap on both our projects we would like to be active

    members of Lisk as well. We think Shift and Lisk can help each other a

    lot with new features and ideas.

    Jan is responsible for the core

    nodes, load balancers, monitoring systems etc. so he knows how to setup

    and maintain active nodes ;-)
    Ralfs is one of the core developers so has inside knowledge of the source code and the (future) possibilities.

    Server Specifications Main Node
    CPU: 4
    RAM: 8GB
    Hosting: Microsoft Azure BizSpark
    Location: Amsterdam

    Server Specifications Backup Node
    CPU: 2
    RAM: 4GB
    Hosting: Microsoft Azure BizSpark
    Location: Amsterdam

    Contact Details
    Shiftnrg Slack: @jan && @ralfs
    Twitter: @lepetitjan

  • Lisk OffLine transaction signing tools - tutorial

    Signing offline transaction with my (bioly delegate) signing tool

    This tutorial shows how to sign transaction OFFLINE, what's mean that

    you can keep secure your passphrases at machine without Internet access.To show the process I will use my tool based on lisk-js and jquery

    1. Installation
    To start you should download the offline.zip for offline machine, copy on the memory stick and unzip at your machine. Optionally, you can prepare your own package (instruction on github).

    2. Open the offline.html with your favourite browser, and insert carefully your passphrases (or passphrase if you haven't second), amount and recipient:

    3. Click "Generate transaction".
    4. You will receive the result if everything is ok:

    5. Now accurately copy all results, safe them to memory stick and go back to machine with Internet access.
    6. Open the online.html (or use my site) and insert the data.
    7. If you correctly pasted all the data, you will receive message: "Your transaction was sent"

    Remember to insert the data correct otherwise the transaction will not be signed or will be signed for another account.

    bioly delegate - stable, secure, decentralized Lisk network
    Check my proposal! My Lisk blog

  • # Android App: Lisk Monitor ## Sponsors list updated! Thank you all! ## SpaceTrucker: https://explorer.lisknode.io/address/14 ... 746187777L - https://explorer.lisknode.io/tx/8193140799239304791 ## iii.element.iiir: https://explorer.lisknode.io/address/13 ... 405531820L - https://explorer.lisknode.io/tx/1170645564497310493 ## Liskgate (Lostsoul): https://explorer.lisknode.io/address/16 ... 140416854L - https://explorer.lisknode.io/tx/8154663828629077024 ## Techbytes: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/11410413026009516141L - https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/14938137990735949368 ## liberspirita: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/2004134067472288525L - https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/5230607167214497153 ## sgdias: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/10934306629196932988L - https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/6211403335671990996 ## samuray: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/8675947023277781177L - https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/959409584593552407 ## punkrock: https://explorer.lisk.io/address/6853061742992593192L - https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/18281992004301638331

  • # redsn0w's Transparency Report ### Lisk Forged Since December 31, 2016: 12610.55 LSK ### How Much Still Being Held: 11530.3 LSK (91%) ## How I used These Funds? ### Community Fund: 630.25 LSK ### Member Donations: 450 LSK ### Server Management: 0 LSK ### My Expenses: 0 LSK ## Funds/Transactions Details: ### Community Fund Tx's: ### • https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/17493460782263735706 • https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/13740618361343390842 ## Member Donations Tx's: ### • https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/13068027610716903457 ### • https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/7215888891625324948 ### • https://explorer.lisk.io/tx/16426495859004112263 ## Server Management Tx's:- ## My Expenses Tx's:- ## Delegate name: redsn0w ### [Check my Lisk delegate proposal](https://forum.lisk.io/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=185)

  • # Financial Report 2016 ### With the successful establishment of the Lisk Foundation in Zug we conclude this year with a Financial Report. Going forward in 2017 we will publish similar reports on a monthly basis. ![0_1483239087262_lf.jpeg](https://i.imgur.com/aKIBjjP.jpg) ### With the registration of the entity complete, we now open our funds for public inspection. Before the end of 2016, the Lisk Foundation controls the following assets for on-going operations and long-term storage: ### 12,293.93186454 BTC ### 4,420,068.17533416 LSK ### 17,377,989,853,045 bytes ## Additionally, it holds the following assets for bounties and advisers: ### 3,926,049.87211678 LSK (Bounty Balance) ### 771,745.97898046 LSK (Adviser Balance) # Diversification ### As you may already know from the ICO Statistics, the Lisk Foundation originally raised 14,052.4971 BTC which were worth $5,750,000 at that time. Currently, the Lisk Foundation’s assets consists of 12,293.93 BTC and 4,420,068.17 LSK for on-going operations as we’ve diversified our financial resources by acquiring LSK at market price. ### The Lisk Foundation also received 17,377,989,853,045 bytes during the ByteBall distribution; additionally it holds 3,926,049.87211678 LSK for bounties and 771,745.97898046 LSK for advisers. ## Diversifying the Lisk Foundation’s assets is essential to the growth of Lisk due to several reasons: ### -The Foundation needs to set proper incentive structures in LSK for employees and third-party contractors. ### -The bounty and adviser LSK already have clearly defined rules. Contractors who are directly contributing to the Lisk project shall have the option to receive LSK partially as a payment. ### -Future investments in promising Lisk blockchain applications. This enriches the Lisk Foundation’s investment portfolio, support Lisk projects and grows the Lisk ecosystem in multiple ways at the same time. ### -A hedge against BTC by buying into a cryptocurrency we work on every day to grow its value and use. ### -Setting a standard for diversification of the Lisk Foundation’s BTC holdings into promising assets. It’s still the early days for the Lisk project and it has a relatively low price. ## Expenditures ### Throughout the year the Lisk Foundation spent approximately 509 BTC for all operations. Below you can find an approximate breakdown of this years expenses sorted by the size of the expenditure. ### Marketing & PR: $85,000 (PR agencies, ads, press releases, job descriptions, videos, contest prizes, graphics, articles, sponsorships) ### Salaries: $60,000 ### Infrastructure: $50,000 (hardware, software, office space, servers, domains) ### Legal: $35,000 ### Conferences & Travels: $10,500 (transportations, hotels) ### Escrow costs: 70 BTC (for the initial coin offering) ### Not included are: Taxes, exchange fees, investments, smaller expenses throughout the year and dust. # Frequently Asked Questions ## Will you vote with the Foundation LSK? ### We might vote for individuals associated with the Lisk Foundation, i.e. country ambassadors, team members, contractors. ## Will you vote with the Bounty or Adviser LSK? ### Unless the security of the network demands it, we won’t vote with these funds. ## Why do I already see some outgoing transactions within the Bitcoin address? ### Within a very limited and well documented scope some of the expenditures could already be paid before the foundation was fully established. ## Will the monthly reports in 2017 be more detailed? ### Yes, we will break down the costs more. For example within PR & marketing we will exactly describe how much went into advertisements, press releases, public relations, contests and so on. They will also include a more precise breakdown of the assets the foundation is holding at any time.

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