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  • What is Sparkster?

    Today, Sparkster is a platform of empowerment. We empower you to bring your ideas to life by building software without learning how to code. Use intuitive drag and drop interfaces and the ability to define business logic in plain English to build anything imaginable. Focus on WHAT you want to build, and let our platform transform your ideas into working software in seconds. Inspired by MIT Scratch, we take the position that if young children can build games with simple building blocks, then we can empower everybody to build enterprise grade applications in a similar manner.
    Innovation in the 21st Century is almost exclusively dependent on software development. One need not look far for a plethora of examples: emerging companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and Instagram are exclusively software companies. The Sparkster platform aims to democratize access to innovation, and make innovation in the 21st century accessible to everybody.

    The Sparkster platform is to software what Uber was to the taxi industry - a seismic disruption. Competitors such as Microsoft®, SAP®, Oracle® will have their business models fundamentally disrupted by the advent of user generated software, empowered by the Sparkster platform. We present the fastest, cheapest, easiest, most democratic and personalized way to build software, period.

    Now, we’re building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud that enables people to execute this software across a network of our community’s cell phones. This combined packaged is not only the cheapest, most democratic and fastest way to build software, but to run software too. A high performance decentralized cloud, as proposed by Sparkster, is necessary to mainstream blockchain adoption.

    Welcome to the Sparkster Platform

    Our Vision

    Ideas are the currency of the future. We envision a future in which everybody can bring their ideas to reality. In doing so, they create financial independence for themselves, while contributing to their society in the process.

    Mission Statement

    We aim to empower the dreamer within each of us to innovate. We will achieve this by democratizing access to the tools necessary for innovation in the 21st century: software development.

    Technical Implementation of the Sparkster Decentralized Community Network

    The Road to 10 Million+ TPS

    The introduction to the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud on page 20 is required reading to understand this section.

    Since the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is designed to be a specialized blockchain to be used only for the execution of Smart Software, we can eliminate some of the constraints imposed upon other blockchains. Given that clients desire to keep their company’s data private, we can eliminate the necessity of maintaining Global State. This is significant, because it allows us to shard our Distributed Hash Tables by client groups. Most importantly, one shard never needs to have any awareness of any other shard – a unique benefit afforded to us as the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is a specialized blockchain. Specifically, we’re afforded clients, isolation, a key factor in building high throughput systems.

    A useful analogy to explain what this means is to recall human cell division in a zygote. As the zygote grows and develops it splits and becomes an embryo – we now have two cells instead of one. The embryo continues to divide as it matures. Similarly, think of a blockchain cluster of nodes as a cell. Once there are a sufficiently large number of nodes in a particular cell, cell division can be induced. Let’s take our worst case scenario of 1,000 transactions per second among a cluster of nodes. Once cell division is induced, transaction rates are doubled to 2,000 transactions per second. Similarly, cell division can continue, given sufficient nodes, and transaction rates can be increased linearly without any limiting factor. This is possible because we do not need to maintain any global state. In practice, this means that one cell can have complete isolation from all other cells, and hence, there’s no performance penalty or overhead

    attributed to continued cell division. Isolation of node clusters is one of the core principles of building high throughput systems.

    Read White Paper:

    The Sparkster Platform: Sparkster Founder & CEO Sajjad Daya

    10 Million Transactions Per Second - The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud Explained in Detail

    Token Economic Value Model

    We have built a global Marketplace to bring authors together with innovators and makers via the Sparkster Platform. Authors can create components, for example an Ethereum Smart Contract for the automotive industry, and publish them to our Marketplace. Innovators and makers can discover these components from our Marketplace, and integrate them to build custom software solutions for the problem they are trying to solve.

    Our tools enable software to be built 100x faster than traditional software, but our Marketplace adds an order of magnitude improvement in efficiency and productivity. The SPARK token provides a vehicle for consumers of these authored components to compensate the author for their contribution, and gives authors an incentive to contribute to our Marketplace.

    The SPARK token facilitates micropayments that are not feasible using traditional fiat given exorbitant credit card transaction fees and minimum charges imposed by credit card merchant banks. Hence, the Sparkster token will be the only currency which will be accepted as compensation on the Sparkster platform, where authors will be able to publish their components and software in exchange for Sparkster tokens.

    In Q4 2018 we will launch our Decentralized Cloud where these components can be executed. “Miners” will make their cell phone and IOT devices available as Decentralized Compute environment for software authored on the Sparkster No Code Platform. These miners will be rewarded in SPARK tokens, hence providing an incentive to compete and provide their unused capacity at close to the marginal cost of this capacity - near negligible.

    Network effects result from our community’s participation, such that the cost of executing software on the Sparkster Cloud diminishes over time, hence, increasing client participation in the network over time. In addition, network effects result from our community contributing their creations to our Marketplace, making it faster and easier to build software on the Sparkster platform. We believe this will result in Sparkster being a market leader in the creation and development of Enterprise software.

    Token Purpose and Intent

    Our tokens are intended to facilitate trade between members of our community and provide an incentive for authors and innovators to contribute to the Marketplace. When publishing to our Marketplace, authors can opt to charge for the use of their contribution. While the author is free to choose the amount to charge, the payment will be made with Spark tokens.

    Sparkster will charge the author a discretionary platform fee for any paid transactions that occur on the Sparkster marketplace, this will be deducted automatically from any remittance to the author. There are no fees charged for contributions made to the Marketplace that are offered for free.

    The Sparkster Platform will be fully functional and available for use prior to any token sale.

    Once the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is released for public use, the SPARK token will be used to purchase execution on the Decentralized Cloud, and miners will be paid with these tokens. Miners will be required to stake tokens as collateral to ensure they do not cheat. Verification nodes check that these miners are honest, and if they’re found to be cheating, their stakes will be captured. Hence, the SPARK token is integral to the efficient operation of the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud.

    Token Distribution Platform

    Our token sale will be conducted on the Ethereum network. We will be using issuing standard ERC-20 tokens. You must NOT use wallets from an exchange such as Coinbase, Binance etc.

    Token Sale Procedure

    In order to participate in our token sale, you will need to:
    1) Have signed up to our whitelist, and received an email with confirmation of your allocation.
    2) Complete our KYC and AML verification procedure.
    3) Sign a SAFT and Token Sale Agreement
    4) Follow instructions provided via email to complete payment.
    Anybody interested in purchasing our tokens from us directly will be required to complete KYC and AML verification. US Persons, as defined by the SEC will not be permitted to purchase our tokens. Once we have verified that you qualify to purchase our tokens, we will authorize your Ethereum account request. From that point forward, you will be able to buy, sell and hold our tokens. Authorization will be revoked in the event that we determine that you are engaged in terrorist financing, or anything else that violates the guidelines provided by the SEC.

    Token Details

    Token Symbol:SPRK

    Circulating Supply:290,000,000

    Token Type:Utility

    Initial price:$0.15

    Technical Specifications:Ethereum ERC20

    Token Sale Date:TBA

    Token Distribution Strategy

    1% of total token supply will be distributed to our own charitable organization: The Dreamers Foundation. The mission of this organization is to promote education and technological innovation amongst the world’s poorest people, and to create technology that promotes their growth, independence and enhances their sense of self determination.

    10% of all tokens will be reserved to support our current and future team. These will be distributed as rewards, incentives, bonuses etc. to support our growth and development.

    20% of all tokens will be reserved for shareholders of Sparkster as compensation for their investment over many years to build the Sparkster platform.

    2% of tokens will be retained to facilitate liquidity for an exchange listing. An exchange listing is necessary to ensure that those wishing to use the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud have the ability to purchase tokens in order to do so. Any unsold tokens will be retained by Sparkster to facilitate exchange liquidity.

    Team and Initial Investor tokens will be vested for a period of 2 years.

    The remaining 67% of all tokens will eventually be sold via token sales in phases. In an effort to ensure that everybody is given a chance to own our tokens and not just those willing to pay exorbitant gas fees or those who show up right at the moment the sale begins, we will be maintaining a whitelist for all sales.

    Token Sale Structure

    Presale – 250 million Tokens
    A presale will be conducted to allow non US persons wishing to purchase more than $25,000 of tokens to do so. If you are interested in participating in our presale, please visit to join the whitelist.
    Crowd sale – Remaining 38 million Tokens
    The public crowd sale will only be open to non US persons. The specifics of the crowd sale will be determined in consultation with our Telegram community.

    Currencies Accepted

    You will be able to pay for your SPARK tokens in the equivalent value of Ethereum (ETH).

    Referral Rewards Program

    A token reward of up to 0.5% of referred token purchases will be offered for referrals of token buyers. A personal referral URL will be offered to all those who register for our token sale. The referrer will earn their bounty once a referred user makes payment for their tokens. Any token rewards earned will not be deducted from the token allocated in each phase, but rather will offered from the remaining unallocated balance. All token holders, including those who earn tokens via our bounty program will need to be approved via our KYC and AML process.

    Allocation of Token Proceeds

    The proceeds from our token sale will be allocated as follows. Following in Salesforce’s footsteps, we intend to allocate a significant portion of our proceeds to sales and marketing efforts. The amounts below are just a guide for how we intend to allocate proceeds.










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