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    I can imagine you are wondering what 'Proof-Of-Play' is, Which is normal
    as it's never been tried before! We have been working hard to implement
    the blockchain into popular games that require gathering resources to
    improve your edge within the server.
    Our first server that will go
    live is for the game Rust - The idea is simple, Jump into the server and
    start axing those trees and mining those rocks and based on the amount
    of Resources you gather will determine how many coins you are rewarded

    All payments are automated, Simply link your SteamID with
    your wallet address that you have generated and our cutting edge payment
    system will do all the hard work for you.


    To keep the blockchain alive there will be a Proof Of Work element which works in the same way as standard GPU Mining.

    - Cryptonight-Fast
    - Supply : 18.4M
    - Linear Emission
    - Bulletproofing
    - LWMA Difficulty Algorithm

    Pre-Mine will consist of 15%, This may seem high and we know that but
    for this project to work a premine is required as these are the coins
    that will be paid to the players that are hard
    at work mining the resources in game.

    The Mission
    Coin developers want to give back to the gamers, They have had a rough
    few years when it comes to purchasing graphics cards due to the surge in
    Having Proof-of-Play gives all users the same opportunity to get involved.
    try and target games that are not heavily GPU intensive which allows
    those with onboard graphics chipsets to also mine Heimdall Coin.

    Future Implementations

    - In-game Stores allowing you to spend Heimdall Coin
    - Game Server Hosting paid with Heimdall Coin
    - Gaming Hardware Store with Heimdall Coin payment gateway
    - Further increase the games available

    Do you have this already built?
    Yes! We are ready to go live on Rust and want to Pre-Announce to see what you miners/gamers think of the concept


    Discord - https://discord.gg/6Ehu9wW
    Website - (Work in progress)

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