EnkronosTokens (ENK) - A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data Driven Campaigns

  • What are Enkronos Apps

    Enkronos Apps” are a unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions. Enkronos Applications are driven by a focus to centralize the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers. Multiple applications, with each having a unique approach to engage their users, create an environment where the creators can quickly publish complex solutions. Each solution solves a different problem that, not only answers a specific issue for the company or the creator of the solution, but also reduces the time required to do this to a bare minimum.

    Enkronos Apps are built on a highly modular concept, where removing, adjust, scaling or improving any aspect is simple and clean. All applications of the environment use a centralized single sign-in (SSO) environment. This removes any authentication or data authorization issues that an application could have and eases the use of all applications throughout the world of Enkronos Applications.

    Creators of content on Enkronos Apps can see their feedback from all applications in a common cloud-based environment. They have the ability to manage all sources of data, which applications gather, from one single and easy to use dashboard.

    What you can do in Enkronos Apps

    • Centralized user database – Easy to import existing user databases in order to start managing your new centralized environment
      • Advanced user categorization on individual segmentations of interest
      • Creating automated actions on top of segments
    • Universal billing system – We are going to realize a payment system that will be universal everywhere while keeping full transparency of who the creators on Enkronos Apps are and who purchased Enkronos Credits or Tokens/Coins.
    • Loyalty campaigns and its management
    • Multiple contest creation channels
      • Contest walls
      • Combinations of contests
      • Location contests
      • Multiple types of contests (Art, Video, Music, Unique code, Location, Quiz, Survey)
    • Digital ticketing and distribution of passes
    • Couponing
    • E-commerce and its management
    • E-voting and E-Democracy
    • Wide area sensor monitoring
    • Location tracking
    • Augmented reality engagement
    • AI support on your decision making
    • Gaming platform
    • Crowdsourcing
    • In depth report generation of owning data
    • Combined popular Ad management – Creators can solve their problem of managing multiple ads by using Enkronos Apps solutions.
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Snapchat
      • Instagram

    Enkronos Apps will be open to Third Parties Apps

    Enkronos Apps allow and promote creation of applications that have no logic similarities apart from using the same and secure SSO environment and the RESTful API connection of Enkronos Apps. Any application that would like to integrate Enkronos Apps, can do that, by reading through our extensive documentation.

    By publishing your application, the app will be visible in the Enkronos Apps listing for all of its creators to use.

    A third-party application can choose which part they wish to use (they can use all, or nothing):

    • A secure and safe sign in environment (SSO) for each application they own
    • Access to extensive resources which solves problems

    We estimate that starting from 15 June 2018 third parties (developers and companies) will be able to release their apps in Enkronos Apps platform.



    Role of the ENK token 

    Important part of Enkronos Apps ecosystem is how ENK tokens are used to build the circulation of the currency and create supply and demand mechanisms. ENK will be used within the Crowdholding platform, but they won’t be limited by the platform in the future. ENK tokens can be used in the following ways on the platform: For Crowdholding  Fuel for the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding processes on the platform. For Businesses 

    - Payment for Enkronos Apps usage. For Supporters  Investing tokens into companies on the platform

    - Purchasing products/services on the Crowdholding marketplace with tokens.

    - Crowdholding bonuses paid in ENK tokens paid proportionally to all holders.

    Token supply 

    ENK will be the token used on Enkronos Apps platform. This token will be a token on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC20 token standard. For the actual implementation of the ENK token, Enkronos has developed a smart contract that will be publicly consultable on its Github before any phase of Tokensale will start. There will be no alterations to the contract so any interested party can have full confidence in the ENK token.

    ENK will be created prior to the Token Generation Event (“TGE”), and they will be capped, meaning we are not able to create any more in the future. No inflation is intended. The initial price is setted as published on our TGE web site, ico.enkronos.com. 500 million ENK tokens created. 255 million directly sold to public. Token supply is fixed, we create immediate deflationary currency that will be as valuable as our growing community (startups and crowd) in our ecosystem.

    Token Distribution The initial issue of ENK tokens is programmed by a smart contract and will be carried out in the following order:

    - Bounties (5%) - Bounty campaign promotion 

    - ENK reserve (10%) - Allocation for unforeseeable expenses (10%). We want to have the deposit of ENK that would be only used to solve the token-threatening situations. All our wallets will be auditable via a publicly shared address. 

    - Locked for future use (16%) - Kept as a reserve for future growth (16%). To be utilized for future partnerships or acquisitions.

    - Team & experts (18%) - Allocated to the current and future team members (6%), founders (6%) advisers and experts (6%). 

    - Pre-Sale & Public Sale (51%) - Crowdsale (51%) The success threshold is 2.500 ETH (Soft Cap). 

    - If the minimal amount of Soft Cap will not be reach during the TGE then any interested party will be able to retire their apport and will be reimbursed.

    Spending Allocation 

    The main focus of expenses will be on the technical development of the platform. However, marketing & sales will be allocated a growing importance, as the success of the platform depends on attracting the right supporters and businesses through diverse paid advertising tactics.

    Other expenses include paying for IT infrastructure, rent, patents & trademarks. Enkronos will be cash flow positive soon after the launch and will utilize additional capital to support international expansion and opening of new locations.

    - Development. Application and web-platform development, technical developments. Mainly dedicated to the expansion of new applications and business segments in “”Enkronos Apps”.

    - Internal Business. Business development and Employment hire/wages.
    - Integration. Worldwide integration of the platform
    - Advertising & PR. Inc. Marketing. This segment will be very important particularly to enter different international markets and launch single applications.
    - Legal. Set aside in case of any legal issues that arise.
    -  IT & Admin. Servers, Infrastructure and admin.

    Figures and Sales Phases TGE Figures













    white paper:https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-co...

    one pager:https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-co...

    pitch deck:https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-co...

    light paper:https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-co...


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