Waves Wesbite & Nodes Update

  • Development Update

    started the custom token implementation, which will be tested and
    launched soon after the full nodes release with latest POS
    implementation. In parallel we’re working on selecting a proper matching
    engine and finishing the concept of trustless HFT-enabled exchange
    combining off-chain order with on-chain settlement
    at the same time. In view of recent hacks at major exchanges it becomes
    especially important to create a fast, secure and trustless asset
    exchange solution.

    full node release candidate is going through a successful testing and
    we welcome feedback from anyone who wants to help with the process of
    ensuring the Waves network remains secure and stable. As always it is
    the priority number one. Consequently, the next of major changes to the
    UI will be occuring in time. After the most essential functionality is
    ready we`ll move to LPOS and this is going to be an industry-grade
    system enabling launching a banking like platforms and many other
    concepts based on Waves.

    Full Nodes on Testnet: Configuration

    You can find information on how to configure your Waves node for testnet at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/wiki/How-to-configure-Waves-node.
    If you need more information, you can ask for it on our Slack channel
    #testnet-maintainers. Bugs should be reported on our forum at https://wavestalk.org/technical-discussion/.

    Website Update

    New website https://wavesplatform.com/
    was launched including new faces in the team directory. You can get
    there an overview of most important and incoming Waves platform
    features. Please report any errors.

    Core Development Team

    Yuri Petrov(@gagarin55)
    is a developer with more than 15 years of experience in the field and
    proficient in a number of programming languages. He has been involved in
    the development of bank applications and financial projects, and is
    known for having collaborated with Scorex project code numerous times.

    Alexey Kiselev
    is a passionate programmer. Used to program an 8bit processors in the
    dawning age of computers. Graduated from the Moscow State Technical
    University at the end of 20th century, he worked as a software developer
    for different banks and payment system providers. Was a team leader and
    an owner of a small company, and a hobbyist long distance runner.

    Sergey Ishchenko(@beregovoy68)
    is a Software Engineer specialized in Java with over 10 years of
    experience. His portfolio contains Finance and Banking projects related
    to Transaction Processing and Payments. His main responsibility on WAVES
    project is Lite Client development and Distributed Team Coordination.
    He is a big fan of agile methodologies which is why he implemented SCRUM
    into the Lite Client team.

    Tobias Schwarz(@tosch)
    is currently finishing a Masters program in sociology at Berlin
    university. Experienced front-end developer, he was involved in the
    development of the lite wallet client for superNET, collaborating with
    superNET project leader JL777. Tobias was active in projects based on
    NXT cryptocurrency, having developed various plug-ins, and maintaining
    mynxt.info website.

    Carlos M. Parada(@waves.eth)
    is a multifaceted designer who converges a variety of skills, from
    architectural drawing and visualization to 3D digital prototyping,
    website/app design under HTML/CSS/JS, UI/UX developer, etc. He has
    collaborated in the past with names such as Hilton Hotels Group or
    Kompas Gramedia. In the crypto scene he’s known for developing the
    front-end of the first superNET’s Lite Client versions as well as its
    initial branding, and now focus his time to collaborate in WAVES
    platform. He leads the Brand Management as well as carrying on the
    overall General Design.

    Ivan Shcheglov
    after graduating from Moscow State Institute of Electronic Engineering,
    he moved to London in 2000 where he worked as an IT consultant for the
    number of leading investment banks including JP Morgan, Barclays,
    Deutsche Bank or Nomura focusing on the trading and market risk areas.
    He also holds master degrees in Business Analysis and Design from CASS
    in London and Mathematical Trading and Finance from CASS Business School
    London. His technical expertise in Java area is combined with the broad
    range of skills in finance and banking.


    need to deliver fully working technology to promote it. Assets should
    be done right, approach is being verified by major cryptographer and we
    hope to have a scientific press describing Waves platform approach.
    Assets and full nodes are major milestones for the Waves platform and we
    need to present innovative, complete solution to the world and solid
    partners, who are following the progress at the same time, if we want to
    see Waves being used in real world applications.

    You can always find the latest version of the client at https://wavesplatform.com and https://wavestalk.org.

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