CannabisCoin (CANN) MANDATORY UPGRADE v0.8.9.0 - HARD FORK - BLOCK 3,030,000


    • Generate 631,842 extra coins on block 3,030,000 for the two items below.
      • 451,896 coins to reimburse Bittrex for coins lost in 51% attack. ACP now enabled to prevent future attacks.
      • 179,946 coins to cover dev costs for coding this hard fork in this wallet and Android wallet, fixing sync issue in Android wallet and upgrading the Cannabiscoin source code from the Bitcoin 0.8 codebase to the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase to include Segregated Witness, CheckLockTimeVerify and CheckSequenceVerify. 0.13 will greatly improve the performance of this wallet and overall user experience.
    • Move halving slightly nearer to compensate for the extra coins and maintain maximum of 420 million coins.
    • Add internal miner, same as the Bitcoin 0.8 internal miner update for X11.
    • Set client name on the network as Cannabiscoin, not the default Satoshi.
    • Fix for building with newer version of UPNP library.


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