RISE Newsletter — June 2018 - Technology Developments, Block Reward Reduction, RISE Monthly Statistics & more

  • Hello RISE Community,

    In this newsletter, we will give a roundup of what RISE has been up to in the month of June.

    Technology Developments

    • The team have been gearing up for a release of core 1.1.0 in July, which will have some significant enhancements to the RISE core. Andrea will give a detailed breakdown of what is expected in the new release and instructions for all RISE node operators/Delegates in a development update mid-July.
    • With reference to the RISE core blockchain repository in Github we have had 54 commits pushed to development and 101 commits to all branches. On development, 119 files have changed and there have been 5,548 additions and 2,908 deletions.
    • Jose has been adding comments to the RISE source code this month. The key idea behind this task is so that developers, whether they are familiar or not with RISE, can better understand how the core RISE technology is built. This is important as RISE is building tools for developers to build blockchain applications. Code comments add meaning to the source code, giving control over the core, allowing other developers to participate in the project easily and to audit the source code.
    • Matteo is focusing efforts on the Protocol Buffer API, which is now completed but in the process of being thoroughly tested. This will allow for more efficient communication between nodes and theoretically a much larger block size.
    • Mart has been working on the wallet designs and implementing the mock HTML for the account overview screen. We have also recruited for wallet testers this month and received 63 applications. On the RISE wallet repository, which is currently private, we have had 22 commits pushed to master and 29 commits to all branches. On master, 29 files have changed and there have been 2,397 additions and 1,181 deletions.
    • We are about to hire another awesome TypeScript developer who will be contributing to the development of RISE. Announcement will come in July.

    Block Reward Reduction

    As of 16th June 2018, or to be exact block 1054080, each block produced a reward of 15 RISE. Since block 1054080, each block produces 12 RISE. We can now safely say that the ‘reward reduction’ executed successfully without any fork or issues.

    Team Meet in Venice

    The team met in Venice to discuss many aspects of the RISE project. Top of the agenda was development, Andrea and the team gave a detailed breakdown of what to expect in the new release of the core and the future sidechain technology solution. There was also discussion of defining RISE’s value proposition and finalising our new ‘Lightpaper’. Last but not least, the team looked at our go to market strategy and ideas on how to build out our ecosystem through partnerships and influencers. During this month the community will start to see the results of these discussions and further refinement will be required based on community feedback. On a final note, as we are a remote team it was great to spend time together in person to review what has been accomplished this year and what is still required to ensure a successful project for the future.

    Left to Right: Anjalee (jolie), Jose (jguidos), Frank (mcventure), Andrea (vekexasia), Matteo (mcanever), Mart (roosmaa) & Lokesh (lokesh8).

    RISE at Events

    Developer Day

    RISE had the opportunity to present to a large UK developer community at Developer Day in the Microsoft UK HQ. It was fantastic to see the number of developers who were using TypeScript to write applications. We look forward to supporting more community events and creating opportunities for web developers to explore blockchain, in particular RISE.

    RISE presenting at Developer Day.

    Huobi London Summit

    RISE was invited to the Huobi Quant Trading Summit in Canary Wharf, London as they plan to scale up operations across Europe. It was an insightful event to network and gain a deeper understanding of how Huobi support various projects through their Global Elites Program, OTC Service and multiple platforms.

    Chief Strategy Officer, Kailong Cai discussing Huobi’s expansions plans to Europe.

    Saved by Tech

    RISE had the opportunity to speak on a panel discussing how artificial intelligence, quantum computing and blockchain will impact how technology will be used to positively impact society in the future.

    Anjalee from RISE on a panel at Saved By Tech.


    RISE also had the opportunity to give a keynote at Blockercon, presenting different types of consensus algorithms and how RISE uses its own unique Delegated Proof of Stake protocol to validate transactions in the RISE network.


    RISE speaking at Blockercon.

    Community Update

    We would like to introduce two new RISE Ambassadors, Daniel and Tash, to the RISE project, who have volunteered to help promote RISE in their local communities. In particular, they have been contacting influencers on our behalf to review RISE, introductions to developer communities for possible partnerships and media opportunities. If anyone else in the community would like to become a RISE Ambassador, please let one of the admins know on Telegram.

    Special mention to @oregonpop who has written some great content about RISE on Reddit recently and his continuous efforts in engaging the community. Another special mention to @MarkChoi for putting us in contact with a new exchange we plan to meet in Korea and creating the Rise Vision Korea Telegram group.

    RISE Monthly Statistics

    The below chart highlights 74.6% of RISE (94,253,200) voted to elect the 101 Delegates and 1.8% of RISE (2,271,723) on 101 to 202 Delegates securing the network. 23.6% of RISE (29,776,405) is non-voting.

    Total RISE Supply 126,301,328. Chart generated 30th June 2018.

    To close on this month, we thank the community for promoting RISE and we hope to give you more great news as we progress the vision of RISE.

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    RISE Vision PLC (token symbol RISE) is an ecosystem for developers, offering a platform for the development of decentralised applications powered by a community driven Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain.

    Disclaimer: RISE is not a security, and token holders are not investors. There is no guarantee you will make any money from holding RISE tokens, and you do not own any part of RISE VISION PLC or any entity as a result of owning RISE tokens.

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