BitClave Community Update —July 2, 2018

  • BitClave Community Update —July 2, 2018

    We launched the BitClave Developer Program last week at the Blockchain Summit in London. The program will allow developers to turn ideas into reality by using our platform — BASE (BitClave Active Search Ecosystem). Our COO Vadim Gore made the announcement in his speech titled, ‘The Value of Personal Data’.

    Vadim’s presentation was viewed by 150 attendees at the event and over 500 viewers on Twitter. We have received a lot of enquiries and the applications have already started coming in.

    Last week Our Head of Blockchain, Mark Shwartzman also released the demo video for the program and shared first glimpses of the BASE platform and how it can be used both by the ‘User’ as well as the ‘Business’. Developers who want to join the program can take advantage of this demo and come up with different ideas for their projects.

    To know more about BASE and the Developer Program, we suggest visiting the following website.

    Do let us know if you have any doubts on the program or the contest. We’d be happy to help you on the same.

    We’re also soon publishing an FAQ list for the program as well as the contest on Medium. Stay tuned!

    We leave you this week with a few pictures from the Blockchain Summit London. Our COO Vadim Gore, Head of Growth Pratik Gandhi and Events Manager Stanislav Liutenko were all in action.

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