[ICO] BlockFollow - A brand new social service, that takes the crypto community to the next level.

  • BlockFollow is a brand new social platform, aiming to support cryptocurrencies
    getting widespread. Our goal is to provide useful services, educate people and
    stabilize crypto for the future, all by the power of the community. In a nutshell,
    we would like to be your homepage, when it comes to crypto. A reliable entry, a
    passage for everyone who is interested in the blockchain technology, with a huge
    database of information available on all languages, everyone can find the answer
    they were searching for. We reward anyone, who contributes to the community –
    great way to earn coins while helping others and doing your daily routine, it's a
    win-win situation. By simply holding BFN tokens, you'll get a cut from the income
    generated by the BlockFollow Network.

    Even though Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, began to operate nearly 10
    years ago, there are still barriers, that slow down it's spreading. BlockFollow will
    cover numerous missing elements. For someone who is lacking knowledge about
    blockchain technology, coins and the purpose of decentralization, it is really hard
    to understand the importance of it. We need to explain, teach and build this
    world together if the goal is to avoid crypto becoming a bubble. BlockFollow will
    provide various tools for rookie traders and professionals as well to help them
    make the best possible decisions.

    Our motto is „Revolutionize the crypto
    community with us!”. It is truly important
    for us to work together with people, who
    want to give something back to the society,
    that brings us to the next level. We want to
    give something big for YOU and the fellow
    investors, traders, and holders. We believe
    that communicating with the audience,
    asking for their opinion and integrating their
    ideas is the way we must follow.

    The Problem

    We are in the middle of a digital revolution. Centralized proprietary services
    are being replaced by decentralized ones. Blockchain technology offers
    possibilities we have never seen before. In the past years, Bitcoin was seen
    as a Ponzi, then as an enemy of the current, classic monetary system. It took
    a few years for the people to realize, how great potential it has. The money
    is pouring into the coins, and media started to talk about it. Banks are
    searching for ways to use the blockchain, CME launched Bitcoin Futures
    trading, it's getting recognized and accepted around the globe.

    Still, cryptocurrencies are unregulated and
    very fragile. A fake rumor can make a
    currency drop 30-50% of its value, if not
    more. There are a couple of reasons:
    market is still relatively small, so its easy to
    manipulate (for example, dotcom was 6.7
    trillion dollars, when it popped); people
    don't know, what they are investing in
    (they might be inexperienced in trading,
    following someone); last but not least, it is
    hard to gather information about a project and realise its advantages for
    someone, who has little to no technological knowledge. In the past years,
    only crypto-believers was trading. Now even our grandmothers are
    considering buying bitcoin. This grows FUD, that can cause a bubble.
    There isn't a gateway yet, that makes cryptocurrencies an everyday
    payment method and a long-term store of value. For an average person, it is
    even hard to purchase their first Bitcoin, Ethereum and I didn't even
    mention other alternative coins so far. Currently, only a small percentage of
    humanity knows about cryptocurrencies, and even less uses it. Our task to
    make them understand it's importance and help aid them from the first

    The Solution

    How to break down barriers? To help people, who are willing to invest or
    use cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions, we must arrange a safe, legal
    and fast way into the crypto-world, while making them a responsible
    user/trader and provide useful and valid information.

    How can we take crypto to the next level and make it mainstream?
    1. Finding solutions for merchants → Making cryptocurrencies easy and
    safe to use for businesses.
    2. Educating people → Have to reach younger and older generations as
    well, people must understand the opportunities blockchain can bring.
    3. Faster and cheaper transactions → An average bank outgoing transfer
    fee is $25 within the USA ($40+ for international wire transfer) and
    could take up to 2-3 days. Cryptocurrencies could cut the fees and
    time down radically.
    4. Government acceptance → We are on a good way now. Countries like
    Russia and Estonia are working on their own cryptocurrencies. This will
    bring regulations, but they are needed if we would like to see
    cryptocurrencies as an everyday payment method.
    5. Cutting down on energy usage → The Bitcoin-fever in the second half
    of 2017 have shown vulnerabilities and unpleasant problems. Each day
    we see more and more mining rigs starting to operate – and use so
    much energy its completely unsustainable. It must be cut down.
    6. Eliminating scams → According to investopedia.com, 80% of initial
    coin offerings (ICO) are scams. Millions of dollars are wiped out by
    fake projects every month and media outlets are the first to talk about
    it making millions of people fear to use cryptocurrencies.

    Why Should I Invest in BlockFollow?

    • We will provide useful and next-level tools: We will make
    communication, trading and making payments easy. BlockFollow will
    be an all-in-one platform when it comes to crypto.
    • We are transparent: We have nothing to hide. We won't run away.
    We are proud of this project and are here to help you. From the first
    to the last team member, you can check our identity. Credibility is very
    important to us.
    • We listen to your feedback and discuss your ideas: To provide the
    best possible platform for the audience, we ask everyone to be the
    part of it. We will ask if you like our tool or not; if our mobile app is
    easy to understand or not. Together we will make BlockFollow fit all
    your needs.
    • We will keep our promises: We will have regular updates from the
    very beginning of the project. We will inform you about the workflow
    and will deliver our product on time as it's written on the Roadmap.
    • Our success is your success: We appreciate your assistance to make
    BlockFollow possible. If you hold at least 25.000 BFN in our wallet, you
    will get a share of the platform income.
    • You can help cryptocurrencies getting widespread: Our mission is to
    make crypto understandable and accessible for anyone. That's a
    common purpose.
    • Charity: We believe that giving attention and aid for those who suffer
    can show the importance of decentralization to the world. We will
    help organizations raising awareness for important causes.

    BlockFollow Network (BFN) Token Specs and Implementation

    „BlockFollow Network” (shorter term: BFN) is the name of the currency we
    plan to distribute in order to make our services work. It is being developed,
    tested and deployed by our partner, the Espeo Software. BFN will be
    implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain and adhere to the ERC20
    protocol. This makes MyEtherWallet, Mist and other Ethereum wallets
    compatible with our token. BFN will have a limited max supply of
    210.000.000 (depending on the ICO, the supply could be in between the
    120.575.000-210.000.000 range). Maximum 57% will be distributed under
    the ICO, the rest will be used by the BlockFollow services and will be locked
    up for team members.
    BFN cannot be acquired directly by fiat money. Investors will have to use
    Ethereum to buy BFN token. The pre-ICO and ICO price is fixed. Between
    July 9th, 2018 and July 23th, 2018 early investors will get 50% more token
    compared to the ICO phase. The pre-ICO exchange rate is 1 ETH = 8333 BFN
    (0.00012 ETH / 1 BFN). In the ICO-phase, the price will increase to 1 ETH =
    5555 BFN (0.00018 ETH / 1 BFN). The crypto price volatility has zero impact
    on the price or token supply.
    We will switch to BFChain, our own blockchain at the end of March 2019 in
    order to provide fast and reliable services. BFN holders will be able to
    update their tokens in our official wallets.
    As the platform will provide a passive income after the official release for
    those, who hold at least 25.000 BFN, it is recommended to be kept on the
    web/desktop/mobile wallet. 50% of the platform income will automatically
    be shared among the investors. BFN will support the website functions and
    transactions. In the near future, we plan to open a built-in exchange with
    trading pairs, that will use our token, generating bigger volume.

    Pre-Sale and ICO Summary

    What does ICO mean? ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It's a
    fundraising mechanism where early backers can support a project and can
    acquire a certain amount of a new cryptocurrency/token in exchange for
    Bitcoin or Ethereum.
    What does KYC mean? KYC (know your customer) is a process of user
    identification. It's a defensive action, where companies verify their users. It's
    purpose to counter financial crimes such as money laundering and funding
    terrorism. It only takes a minute for our users, but KYC is a really important
    step to ensure that our ICO is legal.
    The BlockFollow Network’s (BFN) public sale will have two-phase: pre-ICO
    and ICO. Although everyone is allowed to participate in both phases without
    restrictions, there are significant differences in details. The „Soft Cap”
    means the minimum amount of raised ETH needed to fund the BlockFollow
    project. „Hard Cap” is the maximum amount of BFN can be sold at a phase.

    * Max Supply: 210.000.000 BFN
    * Max ICO cap: 20.000.000 + 100.000.000 BFN
    * Minimum investment: 0.05 ETH
    * After the phase 1 of distribution, the remaining Pre-ICO coins will be
    rolled to the ICO phase
    * After the phase 2 of distribution, the 75% of remaining ICO coins will
    be burned, 25% will be awarded to the previous investors
    * The BFN will be tradeable after the end of ICO
    *  We consider the ICO successful if we reach the soft cap

    The minimum BFN supply:
    80.000.000 (website functions) + 9.000.000 (team) + 2.100.000 (soft cap) + 29.475.000 (25% awarded)

    The maximum BFN supply:
    80.000.000 (website functions) + 9.000.000 (team) + 1.000.000 (bounty) + 20.000.000 (pre-ICO) +
    100.000.000 (ico)




    white paper:http://blockfollow.com/dl/whit...



    one pager:https://bit.ly/2yuf4Am

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