EOS Update v1.0.8 (security updates)

  • Introducing the EOSIO Contracts Repo

    The design of the EOSIO blockchain calls for a number of smart contracts that are run at a privileged permission level in order to support functions such as block producer registration and voting, token staking for CPU and network bandwidth, RAM purchasing, token transfer, multi-sig, etc. This repository is now the home of those contracts and they will be deleted from the eos repo once tests are fully migrated to using the new repo.

    Description of the Issues

    This release addresses these issues:

    eosiolib Fixes

    fixed bad return value for singleton::get_or_create (#4278). Thanks @laqiguy !

    Minor Usability Improvements

    Better error messaging when attempting to create an account with a name that already exists (#4346). Thanks @noisy !

    Better error messaging when attempting to delete an authority which is linked to an action (#4378)

    Corrected error message when referencing a permission that does not exist (#4354)

    Relaxed ABI aware serialization timeouts for cleos (#4403)

    Other Changes

    make install will now install various utility libraries which are helpful for contract developers to standard system paths (#4318)





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