Bitmark (BTM) Release Wallet v0.9.7.2

  • Bitmark Release v0.9.7.2

    bitmark.conf file now accepts either 'miningalgo' or simply 'algo' to specifiy choice for mining. Bump Network Protocol version to 70003. Facilitate distinction from pre-fork nodes.

    8 Proof-of-Work Algorithms (8 mPoW)

    { SCrypt,   SHA256d,   Yescrypt,   Argon2d,   X17,   Lyra2REv2,   EquiHash,   CryptoNight }

    Difficulty Adjustments: Dark Gravity Wave v3 (DGW v3)

    Each PoW algorithm is governed by custom DGWv3 to balance mining difficulty to network hashrate.

    • "Surge Supressor" triples difficulty if 9 blocks in-a-row are produced by the same algo.
    • "Resurrector" slices difficulty by 1/3 if an algo has not contributed in 160 min.

    Subsidy (Block Reward) varies according to Hash Rate

    Reward variation by Coin Emission Modulation algorithm (CEM v0.1) Modulates up to half of the block reward according to the ratio of currrent hashrate to peak hashrate. 50% of the block reward is scaled by the ratio (current_hr/peak_hr), the subsidy scaling factor (SSF), where:

    • peak hashrate (peak_hr) is highest hashrate in last year and
    • current hashrate (current_hr) is hash rate for algo over last 90 blocks

    90 blocks is the approximate daily output of blocks per algorithm. So, every 90 blocks (once a day), CEM looks back 365 of these 90 block periods to determine the highest hashrate for the algo in the past year, to use as the denominator of subsidy scaling factor (SSF). The numerator is the hashrate over the most recent 90 blocks, the current hashrate. This SSF is computed to determine the subsidy for that algo's next 90 blocks.

    Binaries: *Ubuntu ( 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus", 14.04 "Trusty Tahr") Note: binaries versions for both libsodium 23 (latest) and libsodium 18 (default for Ubuntu 16.04) *Windows ( 64 & 32 bit ) *MacOS ( El Capitán and above )

    Bitmark BlockChain: 'bootstrap.dat ' file up to block 471353

    Place the bootstrap.dat file in your ~/.bitmark directory (Linux) or C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Bitmark (Windows)

    Bitmark will automatically validate and import the "bootstrap.dat" file when it's placed in the data directory. or can explicity ask to load from it when the node is run:

    bitmarkd -loadblock=~/.bitmark/bootstrap.dat

    Note: once it has been used, 'bootstrap.dat' will automatically be re-named 'bootstrap.dat.old'

    Sha256 CheckSums: (shasum -a 256)

    f34a41ffdde828a07f2f9e3d4e969d8c82cf0f7b10207fee5634c0a3576ab06b  bitmark-cli.v0.9.7.2-Ubuntu16.04-Official.64b.s
    640cf5d7caf4e7db7b81429099274086230b01dcfe1252f7c2218d78b2900ec5  bitmarkd.v0.9.7.2-Ubuntu16.04-Official.64b.s
    6526d962a17ead0d1bfdfcb6f9969fa76193014dee872fde9c1f21b6f83b3119  bootstrap.dat
    253a5848a290ebfe4d832f585800500f21c1e1cb2662ed0ea6fc86304e63ab82  bitmark-


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