Bitshares (BTS) Release Wallet 2.0.180720-rc1

  • This is Release Candidate 1 for the July 20th release. Please report any bugs using the Github issue system.

    ** Installing this build will replace your old version of Bitshares, whether it's a release candidate or regular release. If you want a stable version, use the latest production release **

    New features

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Various performance tweaks to render cycles
    • Fix #1671#1510: Adding API nodes for BitsharesDEX
    • Fix #1610#1577 - BSIP-0030 Implementation for margin position updates
    • #1530#1458 Update accounts dropdown label & icon (#1603#1631)
    • #1106#1529: Expiration Time tooltip in open orders (#1616#1618: Vertical orderbook missing translations
    • Add missing translations (no orders, no bids) (#1617#1609: React hot reload error for antd components

    BitShares Setup 2.0.180720-rc1.exe e575ab85549cabb75badc058619546fbec50ea32cc9ae141b8c6a0a8108c563d 

     BitShares2-light_2.0.180720-rc1_amd64.deb b2f91ecd5a93bbd856ff330af891d491a6257163b2fbe26d21fcdbefd3eb2dc9

    BitShares2-light-2.0.180720-rc1-x86_64.AppImage 6464cd35d4fafa7a0a60b137110fc97a25b67e56d99c8849f6a74e0783d1aeed 2c37d732f92bd640bbf279c59ca41e15c12de1f78be9e7b6c3ef1eff8eb62eee

    BitShares-2.0.180720-rc1.dmg 52d8f7637ee6792a0ceafad51aa1e055d1d698d0dfc9ee68b6f5db02312b486f bc267415095fe80671578dd7cdc3c0f7197a0e8a179423b908de84788fec51d8 095f2e5f7297eb08a3036eaaacbaa3d68a93de5416be6bed0f3f4fce6569c660


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