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    Hi dears, another interesting project is being started. First of all, for who missed the previous entry, what's a cryptocurrency? To be fast and concise, it is a digital medium of exchange. And the next question would be... What's your use? It is also easy to guarantee the security, integrity and balance of your financial statements by means of a network of agents (segmented file transfer or multisource file transfer) that verify (untrust) each other called miners, which are, for the most part, general public and actively protect the network (the web) by maintaining a high rate of algorithm processing, in order to have the opportunity to receive a small tip, which is distributed randomly. All this racket of cryptocurrency has been increasing exponentially, however, most people know nothing about how blockchain technology works, what a smart contract is and how it could be used. For this very reason, I will first of all carefully introduce this type of blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized general ledger. It is a computer network that has an identical copy of the database and changes its status (records) to a common agreement based on pure mathematics. All this means that there is no need for any central server or any entity we trust (e.g. central bank, notaries, banks, Paypal, etc.). The blockchain is the technological basis for all cryptocurrencies, whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. An important part of the blockchain is the smart contracts, a piece of code that is stored in the blockchain network (in each participant's database). It basically defines the conditions to which all parties using the contract agreement. Therefore, if the required conditions are met, certain actions are executed. Because the smart contract is stored on all computers on the network, everyone must run it and get the same result. This way users can be sure that the result is correct.


    After this brief introduction to the broad topic of Blockchain and Smart Contracts, we can already see that this technology opens many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries. For that reason, there is a lot of projects that are starting to use this new technology. However, not all of them are worth it. We have to read well what each project is dedicated to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified advisors, etc. As I said, blockchain technology has gained popularity due to the hype about cryptocurrencies which has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrencies even without convincing fundamentals. This trend has emerged because new entrants have been agiler in adopting emerging technologies compared to incumbents who are hampered by legacy systems. However, this competitiveness and this advantage enjoyed by the new players may be short-lived, as no economies of scale are taken into account.

    The new era of Big Data becomes the need for more data and often highly expensive and therefore puts an effective price on smaller businesses and new businesses outside of the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI). For this reason, the project I am going to present you is Bizavest, the main decentralized analytics and business intelligence platform, which aims to build a superior platform for conducting market studies, putting control and monetization of data in the hands of the people who generate it through the use of Blockchain and Computing to Preserve Privacy.

    Releasing the Power of Decentralized Analytics and Business Intelligence, Bizavest Analytics (Bizc) (https://bizavest.info/lang/en) becomes an intelligent platform where startups, small or large companies can achieve an efficient data implementation capacity at relatively affordable costs. Basically, it allows them to obtain relevant and valuable intelligence for businesses wherever they are with the ease of using social networks. Goals The main objective of Bizavest is to use highly advanced artificial intelligence and human participation to boost data mining and analytics, as well as to provide more accurate information for different use cases in an increasingly technological and information landscape. competitive.

    It starts when a business or individual wishes to use any of the services provided by or on the Bizavest Analytical Platform. First of all, they must pay with Bizacoin. Consultants and data providers must also collect their profits in Bizacoin before they can convert them to fiat. The amount to be paid will be determined by the nature of the task they wish to perform, for the value of Bizavest's platform in Fiat from the moment in which the transaction facilitates the acquisition of Bizavest as a result of the outstanding offer. The profit model we intend to implement is such that a user who has successfully completed a task and the task has been approved will be in their accounts. Bets will be matched to the amount of Bizacoin


    The following table sum up the features that makes Bizavest Analytics platform unique thanks to use of blockchain technology.

    1.pngHigh speedBizavest offers potential investors and business owners valuable information and advice in a short time. Compared to the traditional method, it is much faster.
    2.pngSecureWith the high level of security that Ethereum has, users can be very sure that the privacy and security of their data is in good hands.
    3.pngSmartThe system in full deployment will be cognitive and highly intelligent. It will serve to provide companies with high quality data information, from demographic information to information about consumer preferences, in order to facilitate business decision-making.
    4.pngEasy to useUsers do not need to make a data analyst to understand the result, since the results are generated taking into account that the community is full of different professionals and personality.
    5.pngAffordableBizavest has a very low price with a high quality detailed analysis and advice.
    6.pngEffectiveBizavest brings the best data and advice from experts to individuals and startups. It provides microscale companies with the tools to launch their businesses successfully with the minimum risk of failure. It is low cost, reliable, simple and fast.

    The project gives the opportunity to earn Bizavest (Bizc) tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into Bitcointalk Web Page. Here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4259945.2040) you can access to the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early Bizc contributor and start acquiring tokens.

    Doesn't that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here (https://www.bizavest.info/images/resource/Bizavest-Whitepaper-V1.2.pdf). You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group (https://t.me/bizavest), through their Facebook page(https://web.facebook.com/bizacoin/) or via Twitter (https://twitter.com/Bizacoin). I hope you liked the post and soon I'll send you new ones.


    2017 NovemberAnnounment/Launch. Token Generation Event
    2017 DecemberCommunity Building
    2018 JanuaryWebsite Launch Pre-Sale White paper Release
    2018 FebruaryListing Bizacoin on exchanges
    2018 AprilMain ICO Events Prototype Launch
    2018 May - DecemberBETA Testing. Blockchain development
    Q1 2019Third-party Integrations and Partnership Agreement
    Q2 2019Final User Testing
    Q3 2019Full Service Launch



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