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  • About Bounty Angels

    Bounty Angels - is a project targeted at automation of marketing processes when promoting blockchain companies. Our task is to create automated platforms for each promotional media. This strategy will let us tackle the issue of business scalability and will help us create an organization that will occupy a substantial market share, as well as perform a large amount of orders. We chose creation of an automated platform for conduction and accounting of Bounty campaigns as our first official project. We are planning to focus on its creation and development during 2018. This choice was no accident. The team described below has its own background. All team members work in a very large international company that covers events in the cryptocurrency world. We are forbidden to disclose the name of this company by NDA provisions, thus it is also problematic to disclose the official work record and experience of the team. Our team analyzed ICO projects; that is why we are aware of the needs of this market. We revealed a number of problems in this area when Bounty campaigns were conducted for the ICOs. In future, we plan to attract artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists into our team to organize automated and semiautomated solutions for business processes. To make our aspirations real, we have decided to attract funding through the ICO because we believe this method to be the most effective one.


    •  Working directly with the ICO

    1. The customer's company forms a concept that
    serves as a basis for the ICO.
    2. The company contacts Bounty Angels.
    3. Bounty Angels security specialists analyze the
    company and make a decision about cooperation or
    rejection (in case of any suspicions about the company).
    4. Analysts of Bounty Angels create an efficient Bounty
    program tailored for specific needs of the specific ICO.
    5. The Bounty program is placed at the platform in
    accordance with various categories where each
    registered Bounty Hunter may start working with it.
    6. For the performed work, the customer transfers a set
    amount of tokens to the account of Bounty Angels.
    7. The Bounty Hunter sees incoming remuneration in
    his/her personal account and makes a choice about
    which tokens he/she wants to get this in – in BANG or in
    the customer's tokens.
    8. The customer gets a real benefit from the performed

    • Working with advertising agencies as a platform

    1. An ICO with a formed concept signs an agreement
    with an advertising agency.
    2. The advertising agency (AA) develops a Bounty
    3. The AA contacts Bounty Angels to get access to the
    platform (in case of previous cooperation, just publishes
    the program directly).
    4. Analysts of Bounty Angels analyze the ICO and make
    a decision whether to leave the option of remuneration
    in BANG for this campaign.
    5. The Bounty program is placed at the platform in
    accordance with various categories where each
    registered Bounty Hunter may start working with it.
    6. For the performed work, the customer transfers a set
    amount of tokens to the account of Bounty Angels.
    7. The Bounty Hunter sees incoming remuneration in
    his/her personal account and makes a choice about
    which tokens he/she wants to get this in – in BANG or in
    the customer's tokens.
    8. The customer and the AA get a real benefit from the
    performed work.

    • Working with advertising agencies under the intermediary scheme

    Similar to working directly with the ICO. The only difference is that the agency gets a partnership percent.



    Bounty Hunters face a large amount of issues as well. 

    First of all, no one can be one hundred percent sure that some token will go public, so in many cases Bounty Hunters will not receive a deserved reward for a well done job. It is difficult for a Bounty Hunter to show how valuable he/she is for the customer, and this is why in some cases he/she earns less than it could be possible.

     A situation, when a Bounty Hunter who artificially boosted the number of friends/subscribers/views gets more than a real account, is unfair. This way those Bounty Hunters, who really work effectively, lose.

    A novice faces similar problems, because on the one hand, a beginner will have few subscribers, but on the other hand, he or she may be doing a really good job. Also for Bounty Hunters, it is difficult to choose promising projects, they may regret their decision about participation in this or that project. 

    People who are only getting interested in becoming a Bounty Hunter often do not find the required information and stop their activities in this area after they get a negative experience and lose time.


    Those advertising agencies having conducted several Bounty campaigns know that this is very labor consuming work. They face the same problems as do the companies who conduct their Bounty campaigns by themselves: search for a sufficient number of Hunters, evaluation of the quality of their work and accounting issues.


    • ICO

    We plan to solve the issue of Bounty campaigns on a
    fundamental level and take care of all issues related to
    these campaigns. Our auditors will analyze the projects
    and define the level and format of the Bounty campaign
    in order to choose the most efficient one. Bounty
    Hunters will be hired via an automated platform, and
    this platform will also perform semiautomatic control. A
    ready-to-use database of loyal Bounty Hunters will
    facilitate quick preparation and efficient running of the


    We offer you a choice: to get your fee in our tokens or in
    project tokens. Each Bounty Hunter will have his/her
    personal account where it will be possible to track the
    work record and present it as one's own portfolio. Each
    personal account will also be assigned a trust rating
    having a direct impact on the earnings of the Bounty
    Hunter and that will encourage a more fair distribution
    of coins.

    Since in many cases we will have to pay remuneration
    with our tokens instead of tokens of companies, the
    frozen pool may be exhausted, and we will have to buy
    out our own tokens to pay the fees. We will be able to
    compensate our costs only from the money we get from
    exchange of customer tokens. This fact makes us highly
    motivated to work only with promising companies. This
    means that Hunters will trust our selection of projects
    admitted to the programs because we risk our own
    money and will not let everyone in.

    Also in the platform, we will grant access to manuals
    that will teach Hunters and will facilitate promotion of
    one's profile and help them make sure steps towards
    increased earnings from participation in Bounty


    Advertising agencies can participate in the partnership
    program. Two options are available to them:
    1. We organize everything for them by ourselves and
    they get a certain share of transactions.
    2. They can get administration access to the platform
    and manage the campaign in semiautomatic mode

    In both cases, partners will get a more
    efficient campaign where most wishes of
    their customers will be taken into account.
    They will also be provided with simplified
    access to trained Bounty Hunters and the
    system that will allow them to calculate
    the reward automatically or
    semiautomatically (depending on the
    campaign type).


    1. Token distribution just in one click

    You have certainly ever sent some payments with
    cryptowallets. These payments do not take much time
    and efforts. In ICO you have to make them for lots of
    people. Each participant gets different number of
    tokens. It is crucial not to make a mistake and get
    confused. The founders face this challenge when they
    distribute tokens, in particular, for Bounty campaigns.
    One of our tools is going to take care of this problem
    and make the processes easier, faster, and safer.

    2. KPI Analytics and KPI control

    Now Bounty campaigns are managed manually. Most of
    founders use MS Excel to record and systematize
    Bounty Hunters actions. That approach makes hard to
    define the benefits of each campaign. It does not allow
    to react quickly to overexpenditures and ineffective
    token distribution. Note that one ICO can make dozens
    of Bounty campaigns.
    Our platform is going to track Hunters activity in real
    time and organize the obtained data in dynamic shape
    reports. It will enable to adjust the prices and manage
    the campaigns. As a result, Bounty program will get
    more effective and tokens will not be wasted.

    3. Bounty Hunter's Account

    We faced up that most Bounty Hunters take part in
    numerous campaigns. Some campaigns are got lost.
    Sometimes Hunter doesn’t get full payment for work. In
    some cases, there are misunderstandings about the
    situation with campaigns that Bounty Hunter took part
    in. It takes a lot of time and efforts to deal with it.
    Private Account will demonstrate all the information
    about Bounty programs that Hunter is interested in.
    Bounty Hunters will see all chosen campaigns,
    confirmation of their activities, and the whole
    information about token payments. Also, they will be
    able to find the markets to change these tokens.

    4. Training guidelines

    One of our purposes is a blockchain community
    expansion. We are planning to form a course for
    everybody to take part in Bounty campaigns effectively.
    It will help people with financial problems and disabled.

    5. Rating system for Bounty Hunters

    At the moment Hunters participate in numerous
    campaigns on equal terms. Differentiation is
    determined by the number of subscribers and the
    account levels. Bounty Hunters do not have any
    motivation to provide improved services.
    We are going to make a rating system that will grade the
    quality and the effectiveness of activities automatically
    and semi-automatically. The rank will depend on KPI
    Payments will be in proportion to the rank. It will reward
    high-quality work and level up the services provided.

    6. Automatic search of activities

    In the later stages of our platform Bounty Hunters won’t
    have to send a lot of reports with links.
    The system will find Hunters activities for most
    campaigns and determine the conformity of works with
    the program. It will make Hunters work and Bounty
    programs management easier.

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