How To Pick and Nitpick DotA 2 Betting Sites

  • Esports betting has gotten a whole lot easier since the emergence of Bitcoin. There are hundreds of online business giving platforms to bettors who want to earn money while watching their favorite competitive game in international arenas. Bitcoin sportsbooks have created a meeting ground for professional players, esports fans, and ambitious gamblers.

    Getting started with esports betting means encountering the oldest and most popular esports game today: DotA 2 betting. Below are the list of tips and tricks on how to choose the best DotA 2 betting sites to help you with your journey.

    Read Bitcoin Sportsbook Reviews

    Sports betting tools and resources are an important materials for a beginner like you. But aside from betting calculator, odds comparisons, and odds converter, you should first rely on online Bitcoin sportsbook reviews. These are the ones that can tell you everything you need to know about the betting site, including the company background. Try to find as much as possible about a sportsbook before placing any bets.

    Bonuses With Actual Benefits

    After finding out the company information in the reviews, check the current bonuses and promotions these DotA2 betting sites offer. Don’t fall for traps with too-good-to-be-true charisma.

    Avoid choosing sportsbooks  just because it grants the biggest welcome bonus. Always remember that there are sites with 100%, 200% or higher bonuses to new customers, but have heavy risks and strict terms and conditions. They are not scammers, but they’re not beneficial either.

    Easy Transactions

    Before registering, make sure that the site offers multiple payment methods or, if necessary, a site that is Bitcoin-powered. If you’re planning to use Bitcoin or fiat currencies, this is a very important consideration. Check the speed of their transactions, as well as the transaction fee for deposits and withdrawals.

    Markets Offered

    Dota Pro Circuit and The International are the most-anticipated tournaments every year. Make sure that the sportsbook cover these markets every season. They should be open to major and minor tournaments. A sportsbook with a big market offers bigger odds.

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