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  • I want to introduce you Basis Neuro, a neural platform for the implementation of neural technology products by external developers based on their own technological solutions, solving most of the current problems in the market of neural technologies.

    As I said before, Basis Neuro (BNST) ( is a neuronal platform consisting of a site for service companies and developers to create products and services using neural interfaces for business, education, high-tech industries, and various services and production. The main idea is that through the platform, developers obtain software for control and access to algorithms for reading brain signals, and an increasingly broad database of decoded patterns in order to create systems of health monitoring, smart devices, entertainment games, etc.

    The main goal of the Basis Neuro project is to create a neuronal interface capable of recording, analyzing and interpreting brain signals in real time for multiple purposes. With the mission of making neural interfaces part of everyday life, the Basis Neuro team aims to simplify its introduction and use in almost all aspects of the daily activity. As a secondary objective, the Basis Neuro project aims to create a mass market of everyday devices based on neural interfaces.

    The range of products currently consists of the following devices: user control and monitoring device, neural stimulator, VR headsets and control monitoring headphones for medical use. All of them are described in the following table.

    Headsets for monitoring and monitoring based on neural technologiesIt is the product key of Basis neuro. The headphones are a highly efficient neural interface capable of accurately reading brain signals, interpreting them and transmitting them instantly to connected devices. It avoids any additional tuning of connected equipment and is delivered ready to use and does not require any complex training due to the recognized brain signal patterns on which it is built. The device is used for the mental control of surrounding equipment and gadgets, as well as for reading the user's status and configuring devices and interfaces according to the health status and user behaviour.
    Neural stimulatorThe neural stimulator repeats the design features of the neural control interface and is designed so that daily use feels healthy. The headphones are designed taking into account modern trends in the design of permanent use devices. The neural stimulator has an effect on the wearer's brain using safe low-voltage current.
    Headphones VRThe company offers a separate and unique VR headset for the educational and gaming industry, as well as for any industry that may be interested in products based on virtual reality technology. When combined with neural technologies, VR shows impressive results and provides the widest range of absolutely new capabilities, such as use in single and multi-user games with a nonlinear argument that changes based on a real-time analysis of the user's state, the control of the gameplay through mental commands, among others.
    Headsets for monitoring and monitoring for medical useMedical use requires a precise and precise approach to solve complex problems related to ensuring the functionality of the body and make life worthwhile.
    Platform Neural Basis NeuroIn the near future, Basis Neuro will be able to provide a high-tech neural platform for the market that brings together developers and consumers of all levels. In addition, the Basis Neuro neural platform, as they believe, will serve as a starting point for the launch of a legitimate business in the field of neural technology for a large number of developers. As members of the Neuros Basis Neuro platform, they, like us, will have access to an impressive variety of data, hardware and expert support, as well as the ability to design, package and offer the market the best solution in their niche. For corporate and individual clients, the Neuros Basis Neuro platform acts as a market that offers a wide range of relevant and high quality products and services from the best representatives of the industry. In addition, there are plans to organize a personal space for consumers to store and process data related to the neural interfaces they use.
    Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4

    In conclusion, the Basis Neuro developments solve most of the problems in the market of neural technologies. It allows us to expand and improve the list of commands for a free control on almost all devices. The headphones developed by Basis Neuro are practical for everyday use. In addition, there are increasing opportunities to integrate neural devices into ordinary devices. In addition, Basis Neuro specialists created a more precise mechanism for reading brain signals and developed a conceptually new software environment for device control, and provide new learning algorithms capable of detecting human patterns reproduced by humans and using them as control commands that have developed very quickly. 

    The project gives the opportunity to earn Basis Neuro (BNST) tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the Bitcointalk Platform. Here (;topic=2860727.0) you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early BNST contributor and start acquiring tokens.

    Doesn't that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here ( You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group ( I hope you liked the post and soon I'll send you new ones.


    2017- Development and advance of a proprietary interface with the database, market launch. Develop a prototype of complete work. Develop sensors for the reading of neurological signals that operate without gel ("dry electrodes"). - Develop the Basis Neuro platform.
    2018- Create and implement a data storage and analysis system. To release the first version of the neural interface for home use. Br> - Smart headphones with a neural interface. - Develop a web portal to facilitate the interaction between the participants of the platform and initiate sales and online services. - Provide access to the beta version of the platform and its scaling (initial integration of blockchain technologies).
    2019- BrainFitness neural interface. Sleep monitoring interface. Neurocontrol in virtual reality. - Virtual reality monitoring / Non-linear parcel games. Create a laboratory for product developers.
    2020- Create a package of solutions to integrate with b2b: Efficiency monitoring. Solutions for dangerous work.
    2021- To integrate the neural interface with IoT devices. Obtain a medical license to use the interface for treatment and rehabilitation. Launch software and white label electronics for third-party developers. - Establish an association with the main game developers.
    2022- Total integration of the platform with the IO and smart homes. Development of the Neuromarketing Solutions Package and market launch. Total immersion in the RV. - Development of an integrated system.

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