Status launches Spanish-language communities

  • StatusEspañol (@ethstatus_ES) on Twitter and Facebook now live

    Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of dedicated Spanish-language community pages on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the #Status Español public chat on Status Beta.

    At Status, our vision is a more open and equitable world. It’s a vision our founders Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts encoded into the name Status — State of Us — the idea that they were, essentially creating a community of people who shared the same vision, all driven by a singular guiding principle: Decentralization. With the launch of our Beta, we now offer anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection the ability to communicate, transact, and explore the decentralized Web. Ours in an Internet that’s truly free — and we’re just getting started.

    In the Hispanosphere — in places as far-flung as Catalonia and Venezuela — the appeal of decentralization is tangible. In fact, there’s already an active Spanish-language community speaking out about its importance, especially its potential to transform systems of governance. “Decentralization is pro-people, pro-community, pro-humanity,” said Status contributor, Eduardo Garza. “Truly, the people are you and me — we. It is all of us together.”

    “If we encode our values — freedom of expression, freedom from prying governments, freedom from Web 2.0 giants monetizing our data — into Web3, we will truly create a new age. In Spain and Mexico and all over the Spanish-speaking world, we are passionate about the potential Status and decentralization offers.”

    “Status represents something more than just a DApp,” said Status contributor Sebastian Delgado. “Especially in countries where there is less confidence about public and private institutions, I think Status and other DApps have a real opportunity to empower communities that have been oppressed by powerful interests for a very long time.”

    “I’m really proud to be contributing to the decentralization development efforts and helping developers worldwide,” said Richard Ramos. Richard and other Status contributors like Euge Ortiz share a big vision for Status. “Status offers key functional benefits through our decentralized chat, wallet, and browser,” said Euge Ortiz. “But the really appealing part of Status — and what I believe will drive mass adoption — is a radical restoration of trust. In many parts of the world, even in leading democracies, there has been an erosion of trust in governments and big, centralized technology companies like Google and Facebook. I share the vision for a true StateOfUs.”

    Recently, we’ve seen amazing enthusiasm for decentralization at events such as ETH Buenos Aires and educational conferences at universities throughout Latin America. At Status, we want to contribute to the groundswell of energy in the Spanish-speaking community by providing a place for people to connect and continue moving the conversations about decentralization forward.

    What will you contribute?

    Please join us on Twitter or Facebook. Or join the #Status Español public chat on Status Beta. Available on iOS and Android. Also check out our website

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