Zichain (ZCN) ​ Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP)


    Zichain (www.zichain.io) takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and
    institutional investors, combining best practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies. Zichain is currently
    focused on the development of four key products:
    • The unique and convenient platform for asset managers who wish to launch their own white label funds;
    • Index funds based on a family of our cryptocurrency indexes;
    • The new infrastructure for the collection and analysis of industry news and market data;
    • The exchange platform supporting fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions

    Zichain - Blockchain asset management ecosystem



    Each product works independently, but together they form a single entry point into the world of crypto asset management:

    Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP)

    • The platform for creating customized investment funds in just one click, offering the fully automated infrastructure:
    decentralized storage of assets, investment policy statement verification, fees accounting and withdrawal, and financial
    reporting. An important feature is the ability to manage fund assets using convenient trading infrastructure that allows
    to trade on most exchanges through one terminal.
    • Aimed at cryptocurrency asset managers and investors.
    • Was developed to address a number of current industry problems through one offering: to provide fully automated,
    convenient, and reliable infrastructure for crypto investment and to offer a safe platform for alternative investment
    • Current development status – minimum viable product (MVP)

    Platform features for investors:
    • Wide range of strategies
    • Secure storage
    • Minimized counterparty risk
    • Transparent portfolio management
    • Automated investment policy statement

    Platform features for asset managers:
    • Turnkey solution offering fund infrastructure management
    • Legal framework
    • Low customer acquisition costs
    • Tokenization
    • Automated fee calculation and withdrawal
    • KYC/AML


    • The first range of cryptocurrency index funds which offer simple and transparent access to a rapidly growing class
    of digital assets.
    • Relies upon five major indices, giving the investors an opportunity to choose the appropriate risk-return profile, sector
    exposure and degree of diversification.
    • Automated structure within each fund means that any investor can have an up-to-date portfolio of the most significant
    cryptocurrencies, with minimal commission.
    • Aimed at medium- and long-term investors.
    • Current development status – launch of tokenized index funds in Q2 2018.

    TheIndex.Fund Advantages:
    • A single entrance point to the cryptocurrency market – one token represents the portfolio.
    • Variety of customized index funds – from straightforward large-cap strategies to specific industry exposure.
    • Lower expenses – cost effective operations, order execution, and rebalancing.
    • Safe asset storage – custody and cybersecurity.

    The Index Family:
    • Blue Coins index is the vanguard of the crypto economy, it includes the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
    • Second Tier index index is a more aggressive bet on the market growth, it includes the 20 largest cryptocurrencies by
    market capitalization, except for those included in the Blue Coins index.
    • Currencies index includes only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that primarily act as
    a means of payment.
    • Services index tracks the dynamics of only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that power
    different products and services in numerous sectors.
    • Platforms index includes only those of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that are necessary to
    provide different infrastructure solutions.


    • Multilingual news and market data provider and marketplace for BAMP and TheIndex.Fund.
    • Features indexes, graphs, calculator, crypto-wiki and news aggregator.
    • Gives investors an opportunity to obtain accessible, comprehensive and latest information on cryptocurrencies,
    as well as on existing and forthcoming industry projects.
    • The functionality and volume of the displayed information can be adapted for each user.
    • Aimed at general public and users of BAMP and TheIndex.Fund products.
    • Current development status – beta-version.

    Key Features:

    • Crypto-wiki – a clear description of popular cryptocurrencies (more than 100) and blockchain projects.
    • Relevant news, based on which the user can make strategic investment decisions. The list of news and sources can
    be filtered and tailored by the user.
    • A marketplace for asset management companies, providing the description of their investment strategies and overview
    of their competitiveness, and allowing for the purchase of an investment product with a single click.
    • A convenient investment calculator, which allows the user to analyze and compare the results of investing in the
    company’s indices or cryptocurrencies.


    • Crypto-broker offering the simple purchase of digital currency.
    • Supports USD and EUR deposits and withdrawals.
    • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

    • Aimed at cryptocurrency traders, miners, and institutional investors.

    • Current development status – launching beta in Q3 2018.

    Key Features:
    • Cutting edge technology to offer the best rates and provide asset security.
    • Convenient user interface lets you buy cryptocurrency with no hassle.
    • Variety of liquidity pools to exchange large transactions seamlessly.
    • Wide choice of payment methods.



    The development of the company’s products will be focused in the following areas:
    • IT Infrastructure – building scalable system architecture;
    • Product Development – automation of TheIndex.Fund trading operations, extension of BAMP and CryptoEYE
    implementation of advanced smart routing algorithms for ZiChange transactions, development of the decentralized
    access to assets;
    • Marketing and PR – a widespread promotion of our products in order to take a significant share of the market with
    low competition and shift to the stage of organic growth;
    • Hiring of talented employees, building partnerships with best counterparties, and creating teams to localize products
    in 15 languages;
    • Legal support – fund securitization in order to allow access for investors from any country, security tokens registration,
    and licensing of investment activities in major and most important jurisdictions;
    • Cybersecurity – developing an architecture to secure users’ funds and data in possibly the most reliable way

    Zichain is planning to invest about US$25 millon into the development and implementation of its three product lines within
    the next three years. Zichain is aiming to hold a private sale event in Q2 2018 and is currently considering a range of investment
    options to implement its business development strategy.



    1. Leading market position: Zichain’s aim is to build one of the largest investment platforms by assets under management
    in the cryptocurrency industry, becoming the number one choice for investors and managers over the next 5 years.
    The company also envisages to become one of the key players among digital index funds and cryptocurrency information
    2. At the forefront of the industry development:
    • BAMP foresees the future requirements of the cryptocurrency market. It provides a unique and convenient
    technical solution for creating and managing investment funds whilst meeting all the conventional standards
    of traditional finance.
    • TheIndex.Fund will be instrumental in the development of passive investment strategies for long-term investors.
    Zichain chose the best practices in the traditional world of finance and created a family of indices that divided
    the crypto-ecosystem into parts, but together formed a single whole.
    • CryptoEYE will help investors and managers to better understand information in the complex and unstructured
    world of cryptocurrency assets. It will also be used as an advertising platform or entry point for users interested
    in the investment products of Zichain and other managers. This multilingual news and market data provider
    will address the existing concerns of the market players and will benefit the entire crypto investment community.
    • ZiChange will become a fundamental bridge between the traditional financial and blockchain/crypto worlds.
    The exchange services will help retail and institutional investors to enter the cryptocurrency market seamlessly,
    low-cost, and with minimal counterparty risk.
    3. Enormous market potential: with the current cryptocurrency capitalization of US$350 billion, the company estimates
    the potential size of crypto asset management industry at about US$75 billion. Index funds have been the fastest growing
    asset management segment in the world over the last 20 years, and Zichain is confident that this trend can be successfully
    replicated in the world of cryptocurrencies.
    4. Bringing safety and transparency to a chaotic world of cryptocurrency: Zichain is dedicated to developing a range
    of products and services which will make the crypto asset management industry safe, transparent, and easy to navigate.

    Zichain Tokenomics

    Zitoken (ZCN) is the ERC20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. Zitoken is a payment token, so customers can
    purchase our services with ZCN as well as with any other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Such
    services include:
    ● Blockchain Asset Management Platform:
    full access to platform services
    ● CryptoEYE: marketplace and access to analytics
    ● TheIndex.Fund: investing in the range of
    cryptocurrency indexes
    ● ZiChange: exchanging digital assets for fiat

    Zichain is able to generate sustainable revenue stream under current market conditions. Our first products
    ( ZiChange and TheIndex.Fund) will be launched in Q3 2018 – this milestone is expected to become the start of
    Zitoken widespread use. During the early stage of project development, high demand for tokens will be
    provided by Zichain buyback policy. Exactly 50% of the revenue of Zichain will be reserved to repurchase ZCN
    on cryptocurrency exchanges on a weekly basis.
    Zitoken acts as an internal currency fuelling the ecosystem of our products. Paying with Zitoken, our clients
    receive a 30% discount on all Zichain services. Additionally, Zitoken can be used for purchasing different
    products or services of our partners and receiving special offers. The more acceptable token gets, the greater
    value ZCN brings to token holders.
    The successful launch of Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) and CryptoEYE might improve the
    asset management infrastructure and let us reap immense benefits of tokenization of traditional assets. The
    effect of tokenization is estimated at $1.5* trln by 2023 with Zichain having a significant market share. In this
    case, the value of Zitoken is expected to be perfectly correlated with volume of assets on BAMP platform,
    showing a clear upward price dynamic.

    Token Distribution

    During the Token Generation Event (TGE), we plan to issue no more than 703,125,000 tokens, of which up to
    450,000,000 can be sold to investors.

    If all 450,000,000 tokens are sold,
    additional 253,125,000 tokens will be
    issued, of which:
    ● 147,656,250 tokens (21% of the total
    ZCN supply) will belong to the project
    ● 70,312,500 tokens (10%) will be
    forwarded to the Advisory Board.
    ● 14,062,500 tokens (2%) will be a
    reward for participating in the Bounty
    ● 14,062,500 tokens (2%) will be a
    reward for participating in the Referral
    ● 7,031,250 tokens (1%) will be
    distributed through Airdrop
    Team tokens will be locked up for 24 months. There is a possibility for 25% of the tokens to be unlocked,
    provided that the price of a token grows 3 times compared to the last sales price at the TGE. An additional 25%
    of tokens can be unlocked in case a token price is 5 times higher than the last sales price at the TGE.
    If the fundraising goal is reached before the end of the TGE, the unallocated tokens will be burned.






    telegram (News):https://t.me/Zichain_News

    telegram (EN):https://t.me/Zichain_EN




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