• This is a grandiose project that is rapidly developing, and has more than 150,000 participants Telegram (News)!

    Would need Tools: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

    1) Start the Ubex Telegram Bot - then click (Tasks).
    2) Join Ubex on Telegram (News).
    3) Join Ubex on Telegram (Community).
    4) Follow on Twitter and retweet recent message, and send your twitter username with '@' (example: @UserName).
    5) Like and share on Facebook, and send your facebook profile link.
    6) Subscribe to Ubex on YouTube, and send your channel link.
    7) Submit details to the bot. For every referral you will gain 250 UBEX tokens.

    Price/Token    $0.007
    Token type     ERC20
    Total supply     4,000,000,000

    For my referrals, great help: instruction low commission for withdrawal from the ETH wallet ERC20.

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