Betting on Overwatch—What Makes It Stand Out

  • Just a year after its launch, Overwatch took over the industry of both esports tournaments and esports betting. This is due to all the unique qualities Blizzard Entertainment has in store for the players, viewers, and gamblers patronizing the game; not to mention the addition of Bitcoins in online betting. Up until now, Overwatch is still growing in prominence. It has absolutely shattered the records it set last year.

    Betting on Overwatch is as exciting as playing the game itself. The new characters and updates make a big difference in the game mode and the actual rules in betting. Here is a list of reasons Betting on Overwatch is unlike other esports markets.


    Overwatch is a game mix between the two popular competitive gaming genres: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MoBA) and First Person Shooter (FPS). All the matches are played team versus team which consist of only 6 players. One team is attacking and the other one is defending, or vice versa. A team can win each map or round by completing one, two, or all objectives (depending on which map is played). There are a number of maps per competition and round, each map differs a little bit in objectives


    According to critics and analysts, the popularity of Overwatch League (OWL) has something to do with its structure. Tournaments like League of Legend Championships and Dota 2’s The International follows a ranking system—with major and minor tournaments to determine the power rankings for the teams each season. Some participants receive direct invites. This a bit problematic for viewers who want to follow the favorite teams and track the rankings for each event. The OWL, fortunately, has a different structure than the others. The OWL have competitions for the best teams from all regions in an arena weekly. Instead of invites and qualifiers, it follows the same tournament structure of North American traditional sports using a fixed, state-based team format. This is much more simpler and effective as the teams are backed up by their major cities, making it easier to count the favorites and the number of supporters when Betting on Overwatch.


    The quality of the Overwatch video game can be thanked for this public reception. It offers the most diverse list of characters, as well as the most life-like graphics for each hero. Many say that it’s like a breath of fresh air compared to LoL, DotA 2, and CS:GO.

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