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    Welcome to BlockPay - The New Payments Era

    BlockPay allows any merchant (retail, grocery chains, restaurants, vending machines, petrol stations, kiosks, etc.) to accept one or more digital currencies at zero cost!

    BlockPay is an easy, fast & cost-efficient platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus regular debit, credit, and gift cards.

    BlockPay runs standalone (App) or integrated (e.g. Odoo) with existing systems, and is available worldwide in 44 languages.

    With just a couple taps, the merchant provides the amount due to the customer. The customer uses their Wallet of choice to instantly pay via QR Code or NFC. BlockPay sends the eReceipt automatically to the customer's phone, along with any Loyalty Points earned.

    From customer to customer, just 8 seconds on average. Faster and safer than cash, it's another path to profits!

    4 Good reasons why you should use BlockPay in your business

    Did you know that the BlockPay point of sale systems add an extra layer of anonymity to Bitcoin users? Bitcoin payments to a BlockPay system are mixed, cross Blockchain and super hard to track!

    Read more about BlockPay and you will love it!

    • BlockPay is the first universal point of sale system, supporting all major digital currencies!
    • BlockPay works with all of your favorite Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin wallets
    • BlockPay supports +44 languages including Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic!
    • BlockPay has an automated reward and loyalty system in place
    • BlockPay stores the funds on the Graphene blockchain in segregated, decentralized merchant wallets, automated settlement coming to your bank
    • BlockPay is for free for merchants, no hidden fees - period!
    • BlockPay automatically protects merchant from digital currency volatility and protects their margins
    • BlockPay provides you with a detailed eReceipt for your account and tax reporting
    • BlockPay sends eReceipts (sent to customer as pdf via QR code or NFC)
    • BlockPay uses secure v10 QR Code technology

    BlockPay is 99% finished!

    We are now entering the closed alpha and started pilot projects with a few selected partners. We developed several options for our merchants so far and plan to offer merchants an easy plug & play integration into their ERP software and business routine. We are planning to raise additional funds for the continued development and additional integrations into the leading ERP & point of sale systems like Lightspeed, Erply, and Shopkeep.

    BlockPay will be soon downloadable by thousands of companies worldwide and rapidly grow in popularity and user adoption. The BlockPay team is negotiating with leading industry partners in the retail, grocery, petrol and restaurant industry to provide a fresh new payment experience through the exciting BlockPay network!

    Please follow us on social media for our latest developments and the official launch of BlockPay! Our Twitter and Facebook

    • Launching a Pre-ICO for BlockPay
    • Unite all crypto communities, we support your coin!! Merchants can even take Dogecoin!
    • Integrate BlockPay into OEM at manufacturers
    • Integrate BlockPay into leading ERP and point of sales systems
    • Introduce free API for developers and businesses
    • Introduce Merchant digital currency Debit/Credit cards to consume funds from Merchant digital wallet
    • Launch global withdraw network. Withdraw your funds via bank transfer or in cash worldwide

    BlockPay is developed by BitShares Munich and we are preparing the legal groundwork for a future crowd sale. We are tired to see so many great communities struggle to bring their solution to the market, failing to negotiate with retail stores to somehow accept their Peercoin or Litecoin as payments. We want to help all of you and provide every community access to the free BlockPay platform so that you will be able to pay in your favorite store with any crypto currency.

    a) For Merchants

    BlockPay is for free for all merchants. No merchant fees or monthly subscription.

    b) For Consumers

    Consumers pay the small network fee of 0.5% every time they use a BlockPay terminal and cover the currency exchange fees.

    Both fees (usually under 3 cents) is added to the requested payment.

    Ok so why should the consumer cover all the fees?
    • Earn additional loyalty and reward points with your favorite brands
    • Earn extra cash back or get discounts for paying with digital currencies
    • Pay with your favorite digital currency with every supporting merchant
    • Pay pseudo-anonymously at every supporting merchant, Digital currencies are harder to track
    • Paying digital is fast, easy and safe. No counterfeit, chargebacks or identity theft
    • Using digital currencies adds extra security to your shopping experience

    How much would you pay for higher security, privacy and anonymity? Send us feedback here : [email protected]

    BlockPay has been added as an additional payment option to over 60,000 businesses thanks to the Odoo ERP & point of sale systems. Every merchant will be able to accept any kind of digital money payments with a simple update! No new hardware required, no monthly fees or new subscriptions. Contact us if you want to learn more about Odoo and if you want to use Odoo ERP & POS in your business too!

    • Providing instant conversion in price stable Smartcoins (!) to protect merchants margin
    • No counterfeiters risks for merchants
    • No chargebacks or rolling reserves
    • Capturing and cataloguing valuable customer insights
    • Stealth transactions to protect your stores’ transaction history against competitors *
    • Total control over your private keys and passphrase in your BlockPay system

    We will add more currencies in the future. Contact us!

    • USD
    • CNY
    • EUR
    • CAD
    • ARS
    • BTC

    Don't see your favorite local currency listed? Contact us!

    You like our idea and you want to pay with your currencies at your favorite store?

    Join our global Ambassador program and promote BlockPay to your local communities. Reach out to businesses, stores, restaurants, hotels and support us to build a global network for digital payments.

    We are offering a unique sales commission for each BlockPay installation. Start earning money and promote BlockPay.

    Earn up to 15% in sales commision for each BlockPay installation. We share the transactions profits with you!!

    Please contact [email protected] to join the Ambassador program.

    BitShares Munich is a FinTech / Blockchain development company from Munich Germany. We are developing point-of-sale and mobile payment software based on modern Blockchain technologies. We are passionate Blockchain enthusiasts and want to provide easy to use software for everybody.

    Contact us for more information: [email protected]



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    Support email: [email protected] and ask for chris4210

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