• Sign Up:

    1). Verify your mobile number and login.

    2). Answer all the questions correctly.
    Quiz Answers:
    1. All of the above.
    2. All of the above.

    3). Connect minimum 2 social account (Telegram, Github, Reddit, Twitter). You need to verify in the "Accounts".

    IOST is listed on Coinmarketcap and is traded on exchanges.

    Answer a short quiz you  will receive 100 IOST (This you do at the beginning of registration).
    See the "Quests" tab to earn more IOST.
    IOST is airdropping 100 IOST tokens to airdrop participants and 600 IOST for every referral.
    You will receive referral bonus and top referrer prizes within 5 days on your account.

  • 5. If you discover any foul play from the event, you can report it to support and we will reward the whistleblower with 5,000 - 50,000 IOST.

  • The speed is very large, probably up to 1 million users will be !!!

  • 1,043,800 Supporters from 148 Countries have joined the hub.

  • IOST Tokens - Traded on Exchange! Updates!

    For each successful invite, you can earn up to 240CP - 100CP after your invitee successfully passes the quiz and then 20CP for each additional social account your friend verifies (up to a max of 7).

    For new users: after successful sign up, each new user will receive 20 IOST.

    Additionally - for each social account verified the user will receive 5 IOST.

  • We are seeking Community Ambassadors to work with the IOST marketing and growth teams.

  • Attention: IOST will NEVER ask you to send us money.
    If something with the IOST name asks you to send it money on Telegram or Twitter, it is a SCAM! IOST will NEVER ask you to send us money and will NEVER ask for your private keys!

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