• Introduction

    Blockchain technology opens many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries. For that reason, there is a lot of projects that are starting to use this new technology. However, not all of them are worth it. We have to read well what each project is dedicated to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified advisors, etc.

    As I said, this technology has gained popularity due to the hype about cryptocurrencies which has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrencies even without convincing fundamentals. This trend has emerged because new entrants have been agiler in adopting emerging technologies compared to incumbents who are hampered by legacy systems.

    Talking about today's topic, the current traditional education-employment system presents three main problems to be solved: High levels of unemployment and underemployment, the shortage of people with critical job skills and the changing nature of work require continuous improvement of qualifications. For this reason, I want to introduce you Expercoin Project, the new Protocol for AI-powered Learning Economies and Marketplaces that aims to solve all of these problems.


    Powered by Experfy at Harvard Innovation Lab, Expercoin (EXPR)(https://www.expercoin.com/) has been created to decentralize Experfy with the goal of allowing anyone to launch a new community with their own market instantly. Expercoin consists of a protocol layer and front-end applications for users to build highly flexible autonomous organizations known as Republics. These new decentralized markets empower communities and institutions with a ready-to-use solution that does not require knowledge of software development. A non-technical person or any organization can now launch a highly personalized Republic and start generating revenue.


    The vision of Expercoin Team is that anyone looking to make an impact in a particular area of expertise should be able to take advantage of a mature technology stack and launch a decentralized platform to reinvent both education and work for that specialization. Therefore, its main objective is to build one of the largest decentralized networks of markets in the world called Republics, with a charter to promote learning and create jobs for the digital economy. Taking advantage of Experfy's trusted infrastructure, anyone can create a specialized community with markets for training, appraisals, mentoring and jobs.

    How it works?

    The idea is that anyone can launch a Republic. Blockchain provides the backbone for the governance of the Republics, while they are operationalized through intelligent contracts, open protocols, APIs, front libraries, learning content and experts in the field.

    In this way, the intention that each Republic is highly specialized and that consists of six main characteristics represented in the following table:

    Learning MarketIt consists of a list of all the learning experiences designed for the Republic. Adaptive learning system powered by AI to teach courses, practical coding exercises and final projects.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-00-47.png
    Labor MarketPlatform for employers to publish and facilitate apprenticeships, internships, short-term contracts and full-time work requirements in the area of specialization of the Republic, which brings together companies with specific consulting needs and thousands of experts to provide services.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-02-27.png
    Mentorship MarketplaceMentors to help students and corporate employees on technical and non-technical issues ranging from code writing to expert advice.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-02-56.png
    Evaluation platformEvaluations to identify the lack of skills for a job or an area of expertise. Help employers select candidates during the recruitment process.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-03-47.png
    Corporate AcademyTeam and group interface for companies to understand employees' commitment to courses and completion rates.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-04-20.png
    Financial Aid MarketFinancial assistance between pairs offered through a market.Acrobat_2018-07-30_10-04-52.png



    To sum up, Experfy is an alternative method of employing talent in information science addressing the problem of finding first-class skills through a market for highly trained information science experts, which provides high-quality education to improve skills of the employees of the clients through an on-demand training platform that is gaining momentum.


    Experiefy Team plans to introduce a utility symbol called Expercoin (EXPR), conceived as a cryptocurrency that will account for all economic transactions within each Republic and the ecosystem in general, and that will serve as a basis for interoperability with other digital services built on the ecosystem. It is intended to be implemented in the public blockchain Ethereum using the ERC-20 token.

    It provides a wide range of functions necessary to create a decentralized economy that is not governed by any central authority. The goal is that Expercoin can allow voting, government, fraud adjudication, spam prevention, account verification and rewards, among others.

    Token details

    Token: EXPR
    Platform: Ethereum
    Type: ERC-20
    PreICO price: 0.020 USD = 1 EXPR
    Price in ICO: 0.025 USD = 1 EXPR
    Tokens for sale: 1,237,500,000

    Token DIstribution

    Bounty program

    The project gives the opportunity to earn Expercoin (EXPR) tokensperforming some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the Bitcointalk Webpage. Here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3563723.0) you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early EXPRcontributor and start acquiring tokens.

    Doesn't that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yjLTsnUEFKj70VXI1sp5LhdSlPwbptkd/view). You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group (https://t.me/Expercoin). I hope you liked the post and soon I'll send you new ones.


    MAR 2014Experfy launches. News stories in Techcrunch, Forbes, Mashable and others
    JUN 2015Experfy raises $1.5 million in seed round. News stories in Wall Street Journal, Xconomy and others
    OCT 2015Keurig Green Mountain joins Experfy Project Marketplace as a client
    MAR 2016Gulf Oil joins Experfy Project Marketplace as a client
    JUN 2016Macy's joins Experfy Project Marketplace
    JUL 2016Experfy launches Training Marketplace
    SEP 2016Experfy works with TATA as it's first training customer.
    NOV 2016Deloitte joins Experfy Project Marketplace.
    JAN 2017More interest generated from corporate clients and training delivered for organizations like Duracell and Federal Reserve.
    OCT 2017Launch of Corporate Training with assessment and dashboards to track employee progress. 
    Cigna signs contract to deploy Experfy Training Marketplace for corporate education in emerging technologies.
    JUL 2018Launch of a Mentorship Platform as a Minimum Viable Product
    FEB 2019Launch of protocol and APIs to automate creation of Republics
    JUL 2017Experfy selected by Massachusetts state to provide “white-label” training platform
    MAR 2018Expercoin announces plans for a token sale
    NOV 2018Launch of the first Expercoin Republic
    MAY 2019Launch of App Store to extend the Republic functionality



    Author Details

    Telegram username: @clauming

    BTT Profiel: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1870482

    Ethereum address: 0xC6AB45541006D53D31E25b41c7d245c5Ad99BF71

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