Pion Coin [PION] - X16r algo PoW, Masternodes, GPU Mining

  • Pion : Own your money
    Symbol :  PION
    Summary : 
    Pion is a new decentralized Peer to Peer cryptocurrency that is simple, fast, and secure. The system uses Proof of Work (Mining) utilizing X16R algorithm and Masternodes for a fair and efficient allotment/distribution of Pion coins. To keep the coin decentralized the mining will be limited to GPU’s only and will be ASIC resistant. Pion wants to remove barriers to entry by making it simple for people to acquire and transact coins on the Pion network. Pion makes it effortless for people from all walks of life to mine, earn, own, trade and transact using the Pion coin. 
    Features : 
    X16R algorithm, Private Send, Master Nodes, Proof of Work, Bitcoin Core 
    Specifications : 
    Algorithm : X16R
    Block time :  120 seconds
    Block Reward : 20 PION
    Bonus Rewards : 60,000 coins (100 coins for every 2190 blocks for five years)
    Reward Reduction : 15.904% reduction every year compounded
    Estimate Supply : 34,358,289 
    Masternode : 1000 coins
    Masternode Reward :  30% Block Reward Increasing to 50% Block Reward in 10 months
    Pre-mine : 3.63% 
    Planned Allocation : 
    Development / Infrastructure : 2.9>#br###Marketing / Bounties / Airdrops : 0.7>#br### 
    Pion team will not use pre-mine coins to setup any Masternode.  No founder rewards. 
    Pool : 
    ccminer  -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> c=PION -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://pool.pioncoin.org:3636  [-p <OPTIONS>]
    Miner :
    Works on ccminer recommend using Ravencoin miner

    Wallets :

    Link to GitHub to download the wallets. 

    Windows 64bit

     Windows 32bit 
    Mac Wallet


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