Report on the Waltonchain Global Super Master Node Recruitment Program Launch Ceremony

  • On July 29, the official launch ceremony of the Waltonchain Global
    Super Master Node Recruitment Program was successfully held in Beijing.

    Monitor Chan delivering the opening speech

    Monitor Chan delivering the opening speech

    Waltonchain initiators, Mr. Do Sanghyuk (Korea) and Mr. Xu Fangcheng
    (China), Waltonchain CEO, Mr. Mo Bing and Waltonchain COO, Monitor Chan,
    Waltonchain CFO, Mr. Dai Minhua and other senior managers of
    Waltonchain, representatives of the outstanding Waltonchain child
    chains, Freyrchain and FashionET together with the ecosystem cooperation
    partners of Waltonchain, Quark Chain, ARP Protocol and eBTCbank,
    Waltonchain SMNs and supporters from all around the world attended the

    To enrich and improve the business ecology of Waltonchain, Waltonchain
    Foundation is aiming to recruit 99 Super Master Nodes worldwide to
    mobilize the global community for incubation and selection of
    high-quality child chains. Waltonchain Foundation invested 10 million
    WTC to establish Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Incubation Fund (WGEIF) to
    incubate 50 global high-quality child chains and provides 550,000 WTC
    to SMN references.

    Monitor Chan introducing the Waltonchain Global SMN Program

    Monitor Chan introducing the Waltonchain Global SMN Program

    In the process of constructing the global IoT ecology, each Waltonchain
    supporter from all around the world is important. Waltonchain launched
    the SMN Recruitment Program, where SMNs will help build the global child
    chain ecosystem and form a multi-chain cross-industry network. The
    cross-chain technology architecture can connect data and information of
    the parent chain and child chains to form a vast cross-industry
    blockchain ecosystem.

    Waltonchain COO, Monitor Chan gave a speech on the Waltonchain SMN
    Recruitment Program at the ceremony where he elaborated on SMN
    permissions, capabilities and qualification, SMN rewards and SMN
    reference reward mechanism. Monitor Chan indicated that so far, having
    the support of users all over the world, Waltonchain has had amazing
    progress. However, it is only a small step on Waltonchain’s long road
    towards the global ecosystem. At the ceremony, Waltonchain officially
    issued the ‘Certificate of Waltonchain Global Super Master Node’ to the
    1st and 2nd Waltonchain SMNs.

    Waltonchain team and SMN users

    Waltonchain team and SMN users

    As the host of Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Round Table, Waltonchain
    COO, Monitor Chan discussed the industry solution launch possibilities
    and the industry pain points to be addressed together with Freyrchain
    CEO, Ms. Kelly Zheng, FashionET CEO, Mr. Lin Feng, Quark Chain
    initiator, Mr. Hu Zhensheng and ARP Protocol CEO, Mr. Yao Shun.

    Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Round Table

    Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Round Table

    Waltonchain is attracting more mainstream public attention in both China
    and Korea, and will continue to accelerate the construction of the open
    and expansive child chain and cross-chain ecology. The concept of Value
    IoT is being recognized as a key to mainstream adoption of the
    blockchain technology, which will lead humanity to a reliable digital

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