ART Currency PoW/PoS

  • What is Artcurrency?

    Money for Art’s sake. Interest free loans to buy art.
    Instant approval, take your art home and pay for it later

    Art currency makes owning art immediate and affordable. Payments are spread over 10 equal monthly payments. After paying a 10% deposit, you can take your artwork home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months, interest free.

    Use the loan calculator to see how affordable Art Money makes buying art.

    With an Art Money loan, an artwork that costs  $1,250 is only  $125 a month over 10 payments (your first payment is your deposit). Use the Art Money calculator to find out how little your desired work would cost per month.

    Based on successful loan programs in the UK, the Netherlands and Tasmania, Art currency helps you enjoy art, support local artists and galleries and contributes to the long-term sustainability of World art and culture.

    Art currency ARTC spec:
    POW/POS based cryptocurrency
    POW block = 12000
    POW Reward = 1
    Premine = Loan system
    Total ARTC = 5.600.000
    Pool :
    Exchange =
    Wallet : Windows
    Wallet : Mac

    ARTC Road Map :
    - Build Market system of art
    - Build Gallery
    - Join into Art Auction

    Mining Pool

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