July Bitcoin Diamond Progress Report

  • Technical progress

    1.The Bitcoin Diamond development team has officially released BitcoinDiamond v1.0.0, deploying Lighting Network in the BCD testnet to ensure functionality. Users can now connect to public nodes to test Lightning Network functionality. Additionally, merchants can now use the Lightning Charge micropayment processing system to accept Lightning payments and access Lightning Apps (LApp).

    2.The Bitcoin Diamond development team has officially released BitcoinDiamond v1.1.0. This version supports both testnet and regtest modes, resolving issues with new node synchronization. The default block size has been raised to the maximum BCD block limit (8 to 32MB) and the Gitian compile failure has been repaired. BitcoinDiamond v1.2.0 is currently in development with new features including support for Bech32 addresses.

    3.Basic functions of BitcoinDiamond v1.2.0 are still being tested. Some code architecture has been adjusted and optimized to improve load speed, reduce page redrawing, and avoid duplicate rendering. The wallet core library will also include a new interface and new functions. Part of the security layer has been modified to provide more reliable encryption, improving wallet security.

    Marketing progress

    1.British exchange HITBTC has listed Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), supporting BTC-USDT trading pairs and BCD deposits. Since it began operating in 2013, HITBTC has emerged as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, hosting one seventh of the global trading volume.

    2.The listing of BCD on HITBTC attracted considerable media attention from global news sources including NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, and NEWSBTC.

    Korean exchange KAIREX officially began supporting BCD trading and hosted a giveaway event.

    3.On July 12, 2018, BCD was listed on the Xstar exchange, a “new generation” digital asset exchange created by early participants in blockchain industry.

    BCD formed a partnership with GSXchain, becoming the first “lucky treasure” on the GSXchain app: Blockcity. This will allow users to mine BCD from their mobile devices.

    4.BCD also established the partnership with Themis, which will allow BCD integration into numerous e-commerce and P2P shopping channels. Themis is known as the decentralized “Alipay” in the world of digital currencies, ensuring that mutual trustless entities can exchange assets in accordance with price agreements. The partnership will help BCD attract additional e-commerce providers and P2P retailers.

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