ACT Token (ACTT) (Giveaways) on WAVES Platform

  • What is ACT?: ACT is doing something with the intention of achieving a particular goal.

    Token (ACTT) is designed to implement WAVES blockchain-based token to
    execute a decentralized and perfect trading for investors in a digital
    currency. Project is a proposed system that uses WAVES blockchain core
    innovation including security and immutability. With ACT Token you will
    have access to marketplace to trade ACT Token for buy and sell.

    You can trade ACT Token with WAVES, BTC, ETH, USD, EURO. Start trading ACT Token now.

    Name: ACT Token
    Ticker: ACTT
    Total Supply: 100,000,000
    Decimal: 8
    Platform: WAVES

    We are giving out ACT Token worth 10$ to, participate in the giveaway , drop your wallet address here as a comment

    To get your wallet address
    Create an account here

     => then click on online client

    => now click create new account the choose your wallet avatar

    => now click continue

    => now choose your wallet account name you will like to use, now input a secure password to protect your account

    => now click continue

    now it will take you to a page where it will ask you to backup your
    seed  this seed word needs to be stored in a safe place  

    => now click backup now next page click I understand

    => this next page you will need to write down your seed word in a secure place

    => now click I have written down

    => next page is where you will confirm your seed word to login finally

    on this page you will need to select the seed word according to what
    you wrote down then you are done. After a successful login visit your
    portfolio  and click on waves there you will see your wallet address.
    That's it copy it and come back here to paste it to receive your free

    To Start Trading ACT Token Use This Link


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