[Airdrop] [ICO] ZClassic Gold [ZCLG] - Freelancer you can earn ZCLG Tokens - The first future profitable Token Work & Earn

  • Project

    We would like to give all people around the world chance to get a fixed work and  for employers to find workers for their projects .


    Our Goal

    Our Goal is Fair and Safe

    It's to get many customers and users to our work space (Where they can find Work/Workers) and to get many traders to our ZCLG Token.

    How we started it

    We started our idea from when we have seen many people searching for online work, they have more free time next to their computer but a short time in real life.

    We studied about people needs and wishes and we have created a big work space (ZClassic Gold Freelancer) where people can work for money and find workers for their project.


    To give people an easy to use interface, many workers and works, fast and secure transactions, secured accounts, many crypto payment methods.



    Token name : ZClassic Gold
    Symbol : ZCLG
    Contract address : 0x68a4d625857bc803555914c3b6b4eaae1bb108d2
    Decimals : 8
    Total supply : 5,000,000 ZCLG


    From 10-15 August : 1ETH = 1000ZCLG + 50% Bonus

    From 15-20 August : 1ETH = 1000ZCLG + 30% Bonus

    From 20-27 August : 1ETH = 1000ZCLG + 10% Bonus

    Send ETH to this address : 0x1a888Db785f43222ee7Ad9774f9e94ba5574D666


    • 09 August 2018

      Token Launch

      In this day ZClassic Gold will be published. It's launch day.

    • 10 August 2018

      ICO Open

      ICO will be open to buy ZCLG Tokens (3Parts) [10-15 August], [15-20 August], [20-27 August] with [50% Bonus], [30% Bonus], [10% Bonus] when buying.

    • 13 August 2018

      White Paper

      Whitepaper will be released and open for download from our Website or Bitcointalk Thread or Twitter.

    • 20 August 2018


      We'll start to contact Exchanges to be listed directly after that The ICO finishes.

    • 27 August 2018

      ICO Closed

      ICO will be closed and no more buys and any other buy/sell will be in the market.

    • 1 September 2018


      We'll announce which exchanges we will be listed on, this announce will show the Exchanges that accepted us.

    • 05 September 2018

      ZCLG Freelancer

      ZClassic Gold Freelancer website will be released and available for use, registre and work.

    • 07 September 2018


      We'll send airdrop to people who registered with us. Why now ? Because ZCLG will be listed in exchanges from 1 To 10 September so better for us to work on the Token and when we finish all important work we can handle and send the airdrop.


    To receive airdrop you must follow rules :
    Don't register more than 1 time
    You must follow and retweet the pinned tweet in our Twitter
    Join our telegram groupe
    Fill in the form correctly

    WebForm : https://docs.google.com/forms/...


    Some of coming exchanges that we'll be listed on.

    White Paper: will be release in the 13 August





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