Steem Release Equality Wallet v 0.19.11

  • Witness nodes are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 0.19.11 if running 0.19.10.


    0.19.11 may need reindexing when upgrading from 0.19.10 due to how a bug fix in 0.19.10 was implemented.


    This is a soft fork bug fix release.

    Bug Fixes

    There was a bug in how witness nodes were heuristically calculating the block size when generating a block that could lead a node to produce a block that was too large. (#2632)

    Authority membership size was not being enforced and is now checked.

    Fixed a bug in the logging config that could inadvertently lead to the data dir being wiped. Also added a more generic log-appender option that can specify a either a file or a stream in the same option (#2614)

    The write processing thread was started to early in the steemd startup process which lead to nodes being pegged at 200% CPU during reindex. Reindex was not parallelized and one core was busy waiting. This thread will now start at the correct time and reindex will only consume the needed 100% CPU. (#2613)

    Source Code:

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