Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) - Setup and payment stepsfor the Lightning Network

  • On July 31, the BCD Lightning Network was launched. By deploying the Lightning Network, the BCD blockchain can now facilitate real-time transactions, making BCD ideal for both low and high frequency payments for any amount.


    Users can download the BCD Lightning Network via the BCD website


    Setup and payment steps for the Lightning Network are shown below.

    Generate a BCD node.

    Wait for synchronization to complete.

    Generate two Lightning Network nodes, assuming node1 and node2:

    Connect the two Lightning Network nodes:

    Build a new wallet address at node1.

    Send an amount of BCD to Node1's wallet address:


    The transaction will be confirmed:

    After confirmation of the transaction, establish a channel between the two nodes.   

    Query channel status and wait for confirmation.

    After 6 confirmations are received, the setup is successful.   

    Once the channel is established, Lightning payment can begin.

    For example: Node1 payments to node2,node2 initiates a check, and bolt11 is equivalent to a QR code.

    Node1 payment:

    Node2 query payment status if the payment is done:

    Node2 query balance

    Above is the Lightning payment through the command line.


    Paying Through the Merchant App

    Suppose that node1 is a merchant, the Merchant App is based on “charged”, and generate payment service on node1 charged:

    Generate the Merchant App nanotip at node1.   

    Enter in browser and initiate payment.

    Click Send tip

    You can now pay using Lightning Network (

    As of this writing, no Lightning Payment App is available, but payment can be facilitated through the command line at node2.

    After the payment is successful, nanotip will jump to the following page

    The above payment is based on the Lightning Network. If you want to withdraw BCD using the Lightning Network, complete the following steps:

    Close the channel between the two nodes:

    Confirm channel status and wait for transaction confirmation

    After the status ONCHAIN,

    Confirm assets.

    After the status ONCHAIN, withdraw BCD from node1 to your BCD wallet.

    Confirm wallet assets.

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