EtherCC [ETCC] - Ethash | PoW | Masternodes | Zero Premine

  • Specification:

    Coin Name: EtherCC

    Coin symbol: ETCC

    Block reward (total): 8

    Total supply: 252 288 000 (limited, 10 year)

    Block reward (miner): 4

    Block reward (masternodes): 2.4

    Block reward (devs fund): 1.6

    Algo: Ethash (PoW)

    Blockchain: own

    Masternodes: yes (limited, 10)

    Premine: no

    Block time AVG: 10 sec

    - Payment and investment tool.

    - Income from Crypto-Court activity.

    - Fast and low fee transaction.

    - High level of network protection.

    - Protection against short bursts of

    network hashrate.

    - Smart contract supported.

    - Transparent monetary policy.

    - High level of data protection.


    Requist from Pool

    ETCC Monetary Policy



    Q3 2018 Airdrop for TCC holders.

    - Q4 2018 Exchange listing.

    - Q3 2018 Public mining srarts.

    - Q3 2018 Masternodes release.

    P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing

    - Request for listing can be submitted by developers, investors and miners.

    - Select tariff, set base unit price in ETH or BTC, set trading pair,  specify the min. and max. value.

    - Usually listing process takes place within 48 hours. For investors and miners - 72 hours.

    - Cryptocurrency must have available explorer.

    - Crypto-Court may refuse to listing crypto currency without explaining the reasons.






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