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    ArtifactChain is the next generation of digital asset bank who focused on the financial applications in the digital asset industry. We are a decentralized intelligent financial platform that can help users in the whole world issue, transact and manage their digital assets, in order to realize the global collaboration based on block chain network. We dedicated to solve these problems are revealed on the process of assets digitalization, for example: complexity of issuing digital asset, the loss of digital assets, limited capacity and high transaction cost on public chains, user privacy protection and authenticity and consistency of the on-chain assets digitalization. We hope Artifact Chain can be a commercial block chain which has unlimited capacity, nearly free, the ability to protect business secrets and can also connect different business and scenarios with the technology together to realize the efficient collaboration. Artifact Chain would like to accurately provide everyone with different kinds of financial service. Artifact Chain is born to build a new intelligent financial ecosystem, and will be the next generation of digital asset bank.

    Our team has a group of small partners from traditional financial industries such as SMBC, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Shinsei Bank, UFJ. We also have small partners from Kyoto University and University of Tokyo. We are all working together for a common goal, hoping that the Artifact Chain project will succeed, and we have made a great deal of efforts to be there. We have a lot of professional knowledge about financial engineering. In order to ensure the operation of the project, we have also recruited a number of small partners from abroad, someone PhD students who from the computer department of Berkeley and MIT. We believe that together, we can play a huge role in ensuring the smooth progress of our project.

    Token Infomation

    ArtifactChain' token now use the ERC223, named ArtifactCoin.

    Total Supply:2,000,000,000 3A
        Offical Hold: 20%
        Bounties: 10%
        Airdrop: 70%


    2018.8-9 Project start
        1.Release plans
        2.Release mainnet design and whitepaper
    2018.10-12 Project Development
        1.Token bounties
        2.Go to Exchanges
        3.Develop mainnet
    2019.1-6 Promotion
        1.Mainnet on line
        2.Token convert to mainnet coin
        3.Bank and goverment promotion
    2019.7- Sucess
        1.Access to other virtual currenties in mainnet,etc. BTC,ETH


    Airdrop 1 Rules
        1.Send 0 eth to contract address 0x602087baDCb6Ed10cc0dff3301b50D6f1993F3B3 use GasLimit 90000.
        2.The same address can only join once peer day.
      3.The gasprice determines how much you get. For example,when you use
    the 10GWEI gasprice,you can get 3000 tokens,100GWEI gasprice,you can get
    30000 tokens.
    Airdrop 2 Rules
        1.Limit 5000 fans
        2.Follow offical twitter
        3.Like and retweet this tweet
        4.Fill this Form
        5.you can get 1000 3A
    Airdrop 3 Rules
        We will send 1000 3A to more than 100,000 NANJCOIN holders.
    Airdrop 4 Rules
        Wait for our bounties.


    This donation is voluntary provide,if you want to help us ,We will use it
    for holding price.You can send the ether to contract address
    0x602087baDCb6Ed10cc0dff3301b50D6f1993F3B3, you will get ether*6000000
    tokens,the ether must >0.001. Thank you very much!




    White Paper (Japanes):http://3artifact.com/ArtifactC...



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